REPLAY: 15 Ways You Can Live Better In Panama

Living in Panama is an amazing experience for most people. The slower paced lifestyle, spectacular scenery, and amazing weather are just what they needed.

The lower costs of living makes it possible for some to retire early! Some areas of Panama are just as expensive as where you live now but there are many places in Panama where you can live better for less.. much less! Many foreign retirees are living in Panama on just their Social Security or pension.

Just yesterday a friend told me when she moved to Panama a few years ago, she was on medications for depression, anxiety, and high blood pressure. But since moving to Panama, she has been able to get off all those medications. That’s what Panama can do for you!

Listen to the replay of the Saturday, August 7th, conference call to learn how you can live better in Panama too!

Because Panama is only 9 degrees from the equator, the temperature is the same all year. That means Panama can grow food 365 days a year. Fruits and vegetables are abundantly available and very affordable.

Panama get fresh fish from two oceans so it’s very affordable too! Of course, there are also chickens and cows in Panama.

Panama’s a small country but packed with so much to see and do. You can live in Panama City, by the ocean, or in the mountains. It’s just a short drive to get to a completely different environment in Panama. It’s common for people who live in Panama City to visit the beaches on the weekends. Or for people who live at the beach to visit the mountains for a day or a weekend. Everything is so close it’s easy to have a stay-cation in Panama!

Because of Panama’s orientation, there is no threat of hurricanes. It does get storms once in while but you don’t need to worry about your house being destroyed by a hurricane.

Quality and affordable healthcare are a big plus for Panama too! It’s about $15 to see a doctor at his office. If you go to a public hospital, it’s only $2 to see a doctor. Affordable health insurance is available in Panama if you don’t have preexisting conditions.

Many medications are more affordable in Panama and do not even require a prescription.

Listen to the replay of the conference call to learn other ways you can live BETTER in Panama.

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Live a stress-free life in Panama

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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  1. Barbara Gehrke-Haan says

    Dear Jackie, I’m in Panama City right now and just got my temporary ID I m already getting a pension but being in my 60ies I d still like to work. I m sociologist and communication trainer coming from Germany. In point if the weather I d like to look at the mountains or Las Tablas and Pedasi – can I book a private tour without buying the guide because I already had my lawyer given me some details – pls can get back to me? Thanks a lot in advance and my best regards, Barbara

    • Jackie Lange says

      Barbara, there is a lot more that you need to know about relocating to Panama, then just how to get a visa. We cover all those things in the Online Guide to help you avoid costly mistakes. The private tour guides are listed in the Online Guide. We do have private tours for Las Tablas and Pedasi. And we have private tour guides for the Boquere area.

  2. Thomas Erickson says

    Hi Jackie. Interested Boquete only. Retired 68 and 70 for wife. NOT interested in 365 days/year living in Panama. Possibly total 5 mo/year in Panama as I have family and a new baby grandchild in the US. We dont want to sweat our butts off living on a beach and big city life like Panama City would be poison to us.Hopefully hospital Mae Lewis in David will take our Tricare for life and me being a 40% DAV. WE know healthcare costs are low anyway. Love the possible Pensionado Resident Visa program. If we like Boquete we will do this.Have read a lot and seen pictures of Boquete. It seems perfect for us.Planning or flight from Atlanta Ga asap when the CV19 lets up some. US embassy says dont go to Panama right now. Planning on getting our booster vaccine shot before getting on a plan. Is Panama open now for visits to tourists? Do you have tours just in Boguete and the sites near it? Thanks Tom

  3. GW says

    Hey Jackie ..nice page .. I’ve been SS starts in a few days . I too am 62 now ..but still like to work a Job. Are there jobs for older English speaking people? .. does it require Work permit ?

  4. alice coppers says

    Is the Covid vax required by panama?

    • Jackie Lange says

      Alice, the covid vax is not required to come to panama or to live in Panama

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