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The mural in the featured image is a painting on a wall in Boquete.  The painting is a good way to describe the people who come on the Panama Relocation Tours – people from all over the world, all different age groups, and from many different backgrounds who all have one thing in common… they are considering moving to Panama.  By the end of day one our tour group “bonds”.  Everyone has a great time meeting each other and sharing their reasons for moving offshore.

Everyone on the tour said they thought the tour was the best way to explore Panama – especially for their first visit.  Someone else is doing the driving, finding hotels, places to eat and making arrangements to meet with expats all over the country – all while learning about what is required to move and live in Panama.     Panama Relocation Tours takes care of everything so you can relax and learn about living in Panama

We had a big group, 18 people, for the March 2014 tour.  Luckily, we had already switched to the bigger bus to it was a comfortable tour for everyone.  Normally we don’t allow more than 12 people on the tour… 14 maximum.  Eighteen people is really too many and so we will not be doing tours with that many people again.  We prefer smaller groups and so do the restaurants!

The Panama Relocation Tours start in Panama City.  Our first stop is usually Coronado but many of our previous tour guests have been disappointed in Coronado so we checked out Gorgona this time.  Gorgona is only a few minutes east of Coronado and it has more affordable prices in both single family homes and condos.  Here are a few photos from our tour in Gorgona

Pool Area at Gorgona Condo

Gorgona Condo
Looking at Condo in Gorgona
Gorgona Condo View
View from Condo in Gorgona


Panama Relocaton Tours March 2014
Panama Relocation Tours March 2014 Group

Panama Relocation Tours is a moving classroom.  While we are traveling from one location to the next we provide information about the various visa options available, how to get a criminal history report, affordable health insurance, moving pets to Panama, moving your household goods to Panama in a container ( or why you might not want to), tips for finding the best rentals or houses for sale, how to buy a car in Panama, and much more…..

In most of the towns we visit, we meet with expats who live there.  These are expats who do NOT have something to sell, they just share their experiences about moving and living in Panama.  The whole group was invited to a visit an expat couple at their home in Valle Escondido.

Visit Expsts in Valle Escondido
Visit Expats in Valle Escondido

Meals are always a fun time for the group to relax and get to know each other.

Pina Colada in Santiago

Dinner in Boquete


We Reserved the Whole Restaurant
We Reserved the Whole Restaurant

While driving along the road, we saw a lot of big trees with pink flowers and covered with this strange looking pods…. a CASHEW!




Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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  1. Suzi says

    I have been to Panama twice on 10-14 day stays, checking out possible retirement possibilities.
    I am profoundly deaf and now use a hearing service dog to help me with daily activities. This is a highly trained dog, not a pet, and I require his assistance and am never more than a few feet from him. As such I am wondering if it is possible for him to accompany me on he relocation tour? He recently accompanied me to Mexico, so he is acquainted with airline and bus and taxi travel. My vet will also attest to his behavior and training if necessary. Could you advise if this is a possibility. In the US I am protected by the ADA, but well aware it will be different outside of our
    borders,, so I am looking to you for assistance. Thank you in advance.
    Suzi Brown and “Jeff”

    • Panama Relocation Tours says

      Sorry we cannot allow dogs on the tour and none of the hotels where we stay allow dogs.

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