Beware of Imitations

If you thinking about signing up for Panama Relocation Tour make sure you are getting information and a phone number from our website.  Call 972-496-4500 or email us.

Otherwise, it is not MY company. Beware of the imitators.

I tell you this because

This is my 4th year doing all-inclusive tours in Panama.  As you can see from our website there are many photos of our tour groups and many testimonials from customers who said the tour exceeded their expectations. These are real photos taken during tours (not photoshopped) and real testimonials from people who have been on my tour.

When people sign up for our tours we deliver!  

More proof….

Richard Detrich often joins me on the tours and has written about the tours on his blog at

Bob Adams of usually meets with the group and my tour company is the only one he endorses because he knows I deliver what I promise and we do not sell real estate or have any other financial arrangement with the places we go during the tour or the people we meet with the tour.

I tell you this because…

Unfortunately, last October a travel agent out of Arizona started advertising ‘Panama Relocation Tours’ on her website and all over the internet.  She is also working with a guy in Panama to do marketing for her and a guy in Canada to do marketing for her.  They both have Panama Relocation Tours on their websites, social media sites, and other places online.

They are all using MY tour company name, Panama Relocation Tours in their marketing.

They have even used my video testimonials and my tour pictures on their website.

I have contacted these imitators many times to ask them to stop using my tour company name to promote their tours.  Finally, after no results, I had my attorney in the USA and in Panama send them a Cease and Desist Notice.

But they have not backed down. In the last couple of weeks, I discovered why…

Last week I got a call from two couples demanding a refund for the tour they never got. I had never heard of the people before.
They did not sign up for MY tour.

Panama Escape Artist told me about another guy who had the same problem, he signed up for a tour but a week before the tour was told it was postponed because not enough people signed up.

Today, I learned that a couple came into Explora Ya in Boquete complaining that they paid thousands of dollars for Panama Relocation Tours but a week before the tour were told that the tour was postponed because not enough people signed up.  Since they already had their airplane tickets, they came to Panama anyway.  They, like many others, paid for a tour they did not receive and never got a refund for.

Needless to say, this was NOT MY Panama Relocation Tours.!  

I would never do that to anyone. And I have never, ever canceled a tour because not enough people were signed up.

There is no telling how many people have been hurt by this unscrupulous travel agent from Arizona and her marketing partners.   Plus this travel agent is doing “tours” in Belize and Costa Rica too so her scam may extend way beyond Panama.

I need to figure out how to stop them before more people are hurt and my excellent reputation is damaged.  That is one reason for this post.

Many expats, and would-be expats, have a tendency to think they can trust people from their home country more.   That is not necessarily so in Panama or other countries.  Trust but verify before you do business with anyone. Con artists come and go in Panama too.

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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