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Panama Covid Update September 28, 2021

In Panama, the number of new cases of Covid continues to go down. This week, Panama has been averaging less than 274 new cases per day and most of those are people with mild symptoms who are able to stay home. On September 27th, there were only 179 new cases as you can see from the graph below.

Panama is doing better than most other countries in the fight against Covid! The United States has even reduced Panama to Level 3 because Panama is doing so well.

It’s a great time to visit Panama!

In Panama, everyone wears a mask in public. Restaurants, stores, and businesses are open. Some areas have a curfew from 1 am to 4 am to curtail parties. See the entry requirements below.

Vaccines are voluntary in Panama. The Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines are available, even for tourists.

Yesterday, September 27th, you can see from the chart below that there were only 179 new Covid cases in the whole country.

You can see in the chart below that in Panama, there are only 234 people in the hospital with Covid, 53 in ICU, and 137 in a Covid hotel.

The following map shows where the majority of Covid cases have been, and currently are – in Panama City and west of Panama City (Panama Oeste).


Panama requires everyone entering Panama to fill out an Electronic Health Affidavit. You can see the Affidavit HERE. Note, you can switch to English by clicking on EN at the upper right.

Vaccinated travellers are required to upload their vaccination card. The vaccines scheme needs to have been completed at least 14 days prior to coming to Panama. Panama does not require vaccinated travellers to present a negative Covid test.

Unvaccinated travellers are required to upload proof of a negative Covid Angtigen or PCR test that is not more than 72 hours old when you plan to arrive. If it’s not possible to get a Covid test before you arrive in Panama, you can get tested at Tocumen International Airport.

We highly recommend that you get a Covid test prior to coming to Panama, even if you are vaccinated. Here’s why:

For our last tour, a fully vaccinated couple tested positive at the airport just before boarding their flight to come to Panama for their tour. If they tested positive in Panama, they would be required to quarantine, at their own expense, at a Covid hotel for 14 days. This is also why we recommend that you get travel insurance.

This month, a fully vaccinated (including a booster) lady who came to explore Panama for a Private Tour, tested positive when she got the Covid test to go back to the United States. She had to quarantine at a Covid hotel in Panama, at her expense, for 14 days.

Every week, I hear about fully vaccinated people getting Covid.

We’re Not Taking Any Chances! Your Safety is Our #1 Priority!

Because there are so many break-through cases of fully vaccinated people getting (and spreading) Covid, we require everyone coming on a Panama Relocation Tour to present a negative Covid test prior to boarding the tour bus, even if you’ve been vaccinated. This is to give you peace of mind. It protects you, other tour guests, our tour guides, and the communities we visit. The hotel where we stay in Panama City prior to the tour can make arrangements for a lab to come to the hotel for your Covid test if you do not have one that is less than 72-hours old when the tour begins.

During a Panama Relocation Tour, we observe all MINSA safety requirements including wearing a mask while on the bus. The tour bus is thoroughly disinfected with a special anti-viral Covid treatment twice a day.

This is what Chris Lee posted on TripAdvisor after his tour last week:

This tour is a MUST DO! Jackie is the real deal. As soon as we met her we could tell of her compassion for all to experience all of that Panama can offer those that are long over due for a better way of life. Her, and her other Tour Host and Hostess were so informative. The flow of the tour was well organized and accommodated everyone’s needs. Even though this was a scouting mission for our next home, it seem more like a high end vacation. From the bus to the hotels the accommodations were impeccable. We HIGHLY recommend the as we call it, The PRT. Thanks Jackie, Jorge, Steve and Ellen, Jorge #2

Will You Have to Quarantine in Panama?

Panama requires non-vaccinated travellers who have been in a High-Risk country within the last 15 days to quarantine at an approved hotel for 72 hours after arriving in Panama. See the list of hotels here. Prices start at about $85/night.

High-Risk Countries are: United States, Cuba, Guatemala, Costa Rica, French Guyana, the United Kingdom, Greece, Georgia, Estonia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Azerbaijan, Israel, Malaysia, Mongolia, South Africa, Guinea Bissau, Tunisia and Fiji.

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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