Fund Your Freedom Workshop – Replay

Learn how to start an online business in Panama or anywhere!

If you can’t stand the thought of another cold winter, or the blistering heat in the summer (and high utility bills which go with them) then set your sights on Panama where the weather is great all year long.

If your retirement income is years down the road, these online businesses may bridge the gap to fund your freedom!

If you’re worried that your retirement income may not be enough, these online business ideas could be the solution (without getting a job)!

If you’d just like something fun to do (that makes extra income) when you retire in Panama, these online business ideas are sure to please!

Learn how you can live better for less… while running an online business from your home in Panama!

Many of these online business ideas have $0 start-up costs. We have nothing to sell about starting an online business. The information is free. You do not need a work permit to run these online businesses from Panama. After the Workshop, you’ll be excited to start an online business too.

I started my first online business in 1992 and have created several online businesses since then. So, the information I will be sharing is from personal experience, not theory!

The Fund Your Freedom Overseas Workshop will be full of ideas to help you make money when you move to Panama. You can even get started before you move to Panama! Create multiple streams of income by implementing 1, 2, or even 3 ideas from the Fund Your Freedom Overseas Workshop.

Watch the replay of the Fund Your Freedom Workshop to learn creative ways to make make money with an online business when you move to Panama… or even before you move to Panama.

You’ll learn:

1. How to convert an existing business or job into an online business that you can run from anywhere. In these crazy times, it’s more important than ever to be able to move anywhere in the world and have a portable business that can go where ever you go. With a laptop and an internet connection, you can be in business!

2. You’ve spent a lifetime gaining knowledge and learning skills that others would gladly pay to learn. You can share your knowledge in an eBook that you sell on Amazon. It’s easier than you think! You can be a published author in one day! Learn about selling eBooks and paperback books at KDP Amazon.

3. A freelancer is a person who offers their services to other people. You’re not an employee. You can pick and choose which online jobs you want to take. There are currently more than one million freelance jobs available on freelance websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, and many other freelance websites.

4. Domain name flipping is a way to make money when you’re sleeping. You buy a domain name then put it on an auction website to sell it. Not all domain names sell but some domain names get into a bidding war because so many people want it.

5. You can sell products on Amazon too. Amazon Seller Central has a lot of free training about picking the right products and how to advertise them. You can find products to sell at Alibaba or search for local manufacturers. It’s a good idea to Private Label your products so they are exclusive to your brand.

6. Affiliate marketing is another way you can have an online business. Many companies offer a commission if you sell their products.

7. Monetize Youtube! Honestly, this is something that I have never done but I know others who make a good living with their YouTube videos. Learn about the Youtube Partner Program.


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Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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  1. Pawan Gupta says

    Jackie, your story is so inspiring and your generosity in sharing ideas is simply amazing!

    I published a [print] book through Amazon that I use as handouts for my workshop. I have been “thinking” of writing a second edition and creating an eBook version as well. This video has motivated me to get started on it and also given me ideas for online businesses especially, when we move to Panama. Thank you.

    • Jackie Lange says

      Thanks! I’m glad the Fund Your Freedom Workshop was inspiring. You should definitely do a second edition of your book that you can release on Amazon as a Kindle book and a paperback book (print on demand).

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