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playa uverito panamaThere’s a phrase that is used often in Panama, TIP.

TIP stands for “This Is Panama!”    Anytime things don’t go as planned, you’ll hear people says it’s a TIP!

A “TIP” is exactly what happened on Saturday when we had our weekly “Expats in Panama” conference call to interview Phil and Gloria who live next to the beach in Playa Uverito near Las Tablas. (See their views and some of Phil’s artwork in the photo to the right)   On Saturday they had a big storm then lost their electricity.  If you don’t have electricity in Panama you also lose your internet connection on your computer.  So, they were not able to call in for the conference call. TIP!

Instead, I switched gears real fast and turned the call, with 263 people on the line, into a Q & A Conference Call.  Listen to the replay below.

I’ve rescheduled Phil and Gloria for June 6th at 5pm Central.

On Saturday, May 30th, I’ll interview a man who has lived in Panama City for about 16 years.  The call starts at 5pm Central.

It’s a big decision to relocate to Panama.  We know you have SO MANY questions and that could never be answered during a one hour conference call.  The two best ways to get answers to ALL your questions, even the questions you don’t know that you need to ask, are with our new online Complete Panama Relocation Guide or a 6-day 7-night all-inclusive Panama Relocation Tour.  We’ve been helping people relocate to Panama since 2010 and have become the Retire in Panama Experts.  We have the experience you can trust and need when making a decision to relocate to Panama.

Unfortunately the Panama Relocation Tours are sold out through May 2021 so the best thing you can do to learn about relocating to Panama is get our new online Complete Panama Relocation Guide.  The Guide has all the information that you’d learn on a Panama Relocation Tour to make your relocate and transition to living in Panama easy.   The Guide even includes our recommendations for reliable immigration lawyers, honest real estate agents/property managers, where to buy health insurance, how to get your pets in to Panama, how to buy a car and much much more. The Guide will definitely help you avoid costly mistakes.   Plus The Guide comes with our ongoing support to answer your questions and help you relocate to Panama.

Panama Relocation GuideAfter reviewing all the information in The Guide, we still recommend that you visit Panama before you make a final decision to relocate to Panama. The Guide contains details about the best places to live including the pros and cons of each to help you decide which area is best for you.  As much as I love living in Panama, I know it’s not right for everyone.

This is what Christopher had to say about The Complete Panama Relocation Guide and the support he has received:  ” I am more than pleased with your Guide. I can hardly stop reading it! And you do have a fantastic company with great family members running it! Thank you for all your help up to this point and I’m sure it’s just the beginning!

Vee wrote, “Jackie and team deliver accurate, current information in a well-organized manner. I now have the information that I need to make a decision on moving to Panama. But don’t take my word for it – go see for yourself! Ciao!


Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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  1. Debbie says

    Hi Jackie, in a recent Q&A you mentioned if a bank is busy, a Senior Citizen can go to the front of the line. This must have stuck in my head (can’t imagine this happening in the USA)…..the other day while we were driving to the vet, out of the corner of my eye I saw a sign “We love our Seniors”. I thought of the Panama bank thing & said “Oh how nice, they are getting like Panama and appreciate their Senior Citizens”. My husband laughed & said “the sign under it said “Congrats Class of 2020”. Didn’t you see the school in the background?”….LOL I guess I was having a Senior Moment!!! (Returning to the back of the line!)
    Thanx for another great Q&A. I honestly learn something new with each call.
    Just bought your online guide today. WOW what a wealth of information! Looking forward to some quiet days to dive deeper into it!

    • Jackie Lange says

      Thanks Debbi! There is actually a special line at the bank for Jubilados (seniors). In Panama, seniors are treated with respect. THANKS for purchasing the online Guide!

  2. roger moroney says

    Very informative as usual.

    • Jackie Lange says

      Thanks Roger. We’re so glad you enjoyed the Q & A Conference Call.

  3. Mike Ruddy says

    Hi Jackie,

    Sorry that Phil & Gloria were unable to make this weeks call but the Q&A session was great and much appreciated. Look forward to hearing from them in June.

    So I’m signed up for the June tour in 2021 and very much look forward to coming to Panama.
    However with the delay in tours due to COVID19 I’m assuming that all future tours will be pushed back based on the amount of time that your tours have been out of commission? If so, what do you expect that amount of “push back” time will be ?

    If I were to decide to forgo waiting the additional time and come earlier on my own once entry into Panama is once again allowed,would it be possible to apply the $500 deposit I recently put down for the June 21 trip to be used towards the purchase of your Panama Relocation guide and come on my own?

    While I would still love & plan to take the tour next year as I think it would not only be extremely informative but fun also, I just want to explore all of my options.

    Many thanks Jackie !


    • Jackie Lange says

      Hi Mike. We’re glad you enjoyed the Q & A conference call on Saturday. Be sure to tune in every Saturday for our expats in Panama interviews.

      The dates that we have for the tours are SET. We have all hotels reserved and restaurants reserved. But, we cannot do tours again until the borders open up and the hotels and restaurants open up. If the border is not open when a tour is scheduled, then we are forced to cancel the tour. Most people rebook for a tour later but some people don’t want to wait so they purchase our new online Complete Panama Relocation Guide which has all the information you’d get during a tour but in an online platform that includes written materials, videos and audios. It even includes our rolodex of trusted contacts like reliable immigration lawyers, honest real estate agents/property managers, where to buy health insurance, international movers, etc etc etc. If you want to come to Panama earlier than your scheduled tour, I would recommend getting the Online Complete Panama Relocation Guide. See details at

  4. Mike Ruddy says

    Thanks for the prompt response Jackie.

    So just to be clear at this point assuming the Panamanian economy reopens as expected and no further shutdown occur then the tour that I am signed up for in June of 21 should occur as scheduled…. is that correct ?


    • Jackie Lange says

      Yes, the June 2021 tour will happen as scheduled so long as there are no additional quarantines.

  5. Kellie says

    Hi Jackie
    We were originally set to take your tour in April but were able to reschedule for the October 30th tour. Our move date to Panama is February 1, 2021. Do you think that will give us enough time to get the paperwork done? We don’t want to come back to the states After February 1. We also have two dogs and know it will be more involved with them as far as fitting everything into a specific timeline.

    Thanks so much for all you do. We have been following you for years and look forward to meeting you in person.

    • Jackie Lange says

      HI Kellie. Taking the tour in October will give you plenty of time get get everything ready for a move in February 2021. During the tour, you’ll learn how to FAST TRACK everything that you need to do so that you could actually move to Panama even sooner if you wanted to.

      Thanks for following us for a long time. I sincerely look forward to meeting you too!

  6. Vanessa R Cook says

    Good Day Jackie!
    Hope you and yours are well during this crazy time in our ever changing world!!

    I have been enjoying your calls and email information for the last few weeks and will be locking into a 2021 tour very shortly… Wanted to ask 1 question before confirming—once the deposit is made can it be refunded/reallocated if something unexpected comes up? I have an elderly Mother and wanted to make sure if something were to happen with her would we be able to reschedule…?

    Looking forward to getting more and more info from you communications!
    Take care, stay safe and be well!!

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