Having Surgery in Panama

Having surgery anywhere is a scary situation. But having surgery in a foreign country can add anxiety UNLESS you’re in Panama where health care is excellent! Watch this video to learn from three people who share their experiences of having surgery in Panama.

Here’s another surgery experience after a major accident, shared with permission by Kathy Osterman Rose:

I had a really bad bike accident on Lucero Rd coming down towards the Wilson Bridge on Feb 20, 2022. I have really no memory of it but fortunately, I wasn’t alone and apparently, several people stopped.

I was unconscious and transported via ambulance to Mae Lewis. They determined I broke 2 ribs and lacerated my liver. Multiple contusions and abrasions as you might imagine – my right eye was swollen shut (yes, I was wearing a helmet.)

They took X-rays and ultrasounds of everything: head, neck, abdomen, chest, wrists ++.

Long story short, I was transferred the next day to Hospital Chiriqui for surgery on my liver which was bleeding and my hemoglobin was dropping precipitously. Two units of blood, 5 hours of surgery, multiple specialists that all spoke English, and 4 nights in the hospital. $19,000 well spent, no insurance.

I was going to volunteer to speak during the live stream but since I don’t remember much due to a head injury I didn’t. I just want to add my name to those who have had excellent medical care here in Panama. As a retired ER nurse, I was happy to be so pleased. And yes, Phil (her husband) was in the ambulance with me and stayed with me in our room. They were awesome!


The hospitals and doctors in Panama are excellent. Many doctors speak English and where trained in North America.

When you retire in Panama, you will get quality healthcare. In Panama, doctors put the CARE back into healthcare.

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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