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christmas in boquete

Panamanians love to party and celebrate life.  November and December especially are filled with many parades.  Christmas would not be complete without many lights and more parades. Even government offices have Christmas trees and decorations.

When you move to Panama, you’ll make new friends who will become your new family.  You will still have traditional celebrations like BBQ on Memorial Day weekend, turkey and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Many of the local restaurants serve special meals to celebrate North American holidays and Panamanian holidays too.  Some restaurants shut down to the public during holidays so they can have a special party with free food for the “regular” customers/family.   In Panama, you get to celebrate all your usual holidays AND all the Panamanian holidays too!

Read what Ellen Bailey has to say about holidays in Panama. Ellen came on a Panama Relocation Tour with her husband and son several years ago. They moved to Panama when her son, Pryce, was 11 years old.

Holidays in Panama by Ellen Bailey

ellen bailey

Now that the hustle and bustle of the Holidays are over, I finally have the time to reflect on how truly amazing they were! Since moving to Panama, one of the many questions I am asked is, “Don’t you miss your family and friends during Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, birthdays, etc.?” Truthfully, this was one of the many subjects that came up when my family and I were considering moving to another country.

Like many families, though, when the matriarch and/or patriarch passes away, the entire family dynamic shifts and every individual “unit” starts celebrating holidays a little differently as well as creating their own new traditions.  My family is no different as my husband and I have lost both of our parents:  Thanksgiving/Christmas of 2015 was our first without any of them and our first being outside of the U.S.  As most “firsts” are, after the passing of loved ones, it was extremely hard.

We were living in a resort area of Panama and there were very few people who lived there full time. Although we made some amazing friends, we spent that first Christmas alone – just my husband, 12-year-old son, and myself.   Right after Christmas, we made the decision to move to another part of Panama where there were more children and a lot of activities for all of us.  In January of 2016, we moved to Boquete where we currently live, and oh what a difference a year, and the new location has made!

Christmas in Panama

This Holiday season was so very different from last year! The quaint little town we live in was decorated so beautifully especially the town square which had many trees and a multitude of lights! The friends we have made here made it especially wonderful as they have now become our family! My son turned 13 on December 23, so we had one of the first birthday parties he has ever really had, aside from the family dinners with cake and ice cream, and one other nightmare party at Chuck E. Cheese when he was 4! Having a birthday so close to Christmas always meant, at least in the States, that no one was ever in town for his birthday or they were at their own family parties.  This year, we had it at a local restaurant in Boquete called Black & White where the owners have become like family to us! We celebrated with a karaoke party with almost 20 people from 5 different countries!

Dinner with Friends in Boquete

Christmas Eve dinner was spent with our neighbors and friends at a neighbor’s house and Christmas dinner was at the house of the owner of the company where my husband works followed by a huge Christmas parade through the town!  New Year’s Eve was very eventful, too!! We rang in the New Year at the same restaurant where we had my son’s party.  All of the owner’s family was there and we were treated just like we were one of them! At midnight we toasted with champagne and shot fireworks with the rest of Panama! New Year’s Day, which is also my birthday, was celebrated with a delicious dinner with our neighbors and friends!

I have always heard that you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family! Until we moved to Panama, I believed that to be true.

Now, though, the friends we have chosen have become our family.  Because of all of them, our holidays, special events, and even our day-to-day life have been made so much better!

Yes, I still miss my family, especially my parents, but these amazing people remind me I’m not alone.  They have become our surrogate moms, dads,  abuelas/abuelos (grandparents), sisters, aunts.  I am truly grateful to have each and every one of them in my life!

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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