How to Find the Perfect Place to Live in Panama – Livestream Replay

John and Donna had to move three times to find their “sweet spot” in Panama. Be prepared that you may need to do this too.

Some people move to one area to discover exactly what they are looking for, but most people have to move 2-3-4 times to find the perfect place to live in Panama.

Even after living in Panama for four or five years, you may decide that you want to explore a different area in Panama.

Watch the interview with John and Donna to hear their advice about finding your “sweet spot” in Panama. Also, learn what not to do!

You may find that the town you “thought” would be your perfect place despite years of research is not a good fit. Luckily, you’re not locked into one area; you can move to a different area in Panama.

Weather will be a big factor in deciding where to move to. Remember that it is 90F at the coast, and the temperature drops 4F for every 1000′ increase in elevation. You may discover that one area is too cold, too hot, too rainy, etc so you’ll need to move to a different elevation.

Some areas in Panama get a lot more rain than others.

Some areas in Panama have many more amenities than others.

We recommend that you make a list of the things you “must-have” when you move to Panama, then find the town/area that has those things. Some towns will have everything on your list, and some towns will not have most of the things on your list.

If you have existing health problems, you’ll want to consider living in a town that has a hospital. Some towns in Panama do not have a hospital, so you have to travel 30-90 minutes to get to a hospital. Find out of Panama has the medications you take and what they will cost before moving to Panama. See this list of the 50 most commonly prescribed medications and what they cost in Panama.

The Complete Panama Relocation Guide has information to help you decide where to live in Panama. It also contains information all the other information you’ll need to know to have a smooth, hassle-free move to Panama. You’ll get our directory of reliable and honest recommendations for immigration lawyers, real estate agents, insurance brokers, car brokers, banks, etc.

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Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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