Panama Relocation Tours Visits Las Lajas Beach Resort

Las Lajas Beach Resort is one of our favorite stops during the Panama Relocation Tours™.  We sometimes spend the night at the resort, or we just stop by for a long leisurely lunch and some relaxing time.   It is one of the unspoiled beaches in Panama where you can walk along the sandy Pacific Ocean beaches that stretches for many kilometers in either direction.   Our tour group enjoys the warm inviting tropical waters or relaxing below palm trees gently swaying in the tropical breezes while sipping on an umbrella drink.

Las Lajas Beach Resort
View from Las Lajas Beach Resort

Just a 1/2 kilometer down the street from Las Lajas Beach resort, is a small housing development with about 20 ocean front homes and some condos at affordable prices

Las Lajas Beach
Oceanfront House at Las Lajas


Las Lajas Beach
Ocean Front House at Las Lajas Beach


The town of Las Lajas, less than 10 minutes away,  does have stores where you can buy basic groceries and beer or wine.

Neighboring Boca Chica has beautiful views but no beach to walk on and no ocean front homes.  Land in Boca Chica is considerably more expensive than Las Las too.

Bocan Chica
View at Boca Chica

See the map below for the location of Las Lajas which is directly on the Pacific Ocean compared to Boca Chica on the Chiriqui Gulf.  They are both about an hour to David (DAA VEED), the closest town for shopping and an airport which can get you to Panama City in less than an hour.

Las Lajas Beach Resort is about an hour from my house in Boquete.   It’s an easy drive to go to Las Lajas for lunch or to spend the weekend.

If you’re looking for affordable ocean front living and don’t mind driving an hour to buy groceries and other things… and don’t mind seclusion…Las Lajas is an area you should check out.  This area is much more affordable than the Coronado area which is about 6 hours east.  But Coronado has more shopping options and more expats.  Las Lajas is also much more affordable than any ocean front areas in the Azuero Pensinsula.  There are always trade-offs in Panama!


Map Chiriqui Gulf Panama
Map of the Chiriqui Gulf in Panama


Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.