Learn a Lot and Have Fun During Panama Relocation Tours

Panama Relocation Tours is a rolling conference or seminar.  Most of the time while the bus is moving we’re teaching you about all the things you need to know to relocate to Panama with the least amount of stress and frustration. 

When you learn exactly what to expect, it makes the move so much easier.  You learn about the various visa options, how to find a rental property, where to get affordable health care, how to bring your pet with you to Panama, how to get mail, how to buy a car, and much much more.  There is plenty of time for questions too.  A recent tour guest, Tom Simonson made this comment:

I had a great time.  You have a really great itinerary that lets us all learn as we go and your on-bus discussions with the tour book reference makes it easy to absorb. I can not imagine how anyone could learn as much as we did and really understand Panama as we do now, doing it on their own. And the luxury and comfort of your new bus made this rolling seminar a really great value.  Thanks again
Tom Simonson – February 2015 Tour

You’ll learn what it cost to live in various areas, what it costs for cell phone service, getting laundry done, a maid or gardener, haircuts, property taxes, car insurance, and so much more. 

If you’re moving to Panama on a fixed income, this is really important information to help you decide if Panama will work for you. Of course, some areas of Panama are much more affordable than others, so there is usually a place in Panama that will fit your budget and have the things you need in your life.

You’ll travel from Panama City all the way west to Chiriqui province during our 6-day all-inclusive Panama Relocation Tour.

Instead of sitting in a conference room full of people, you get to ride in a comfortable bus (with reclining seats) and actually SEE Panama.  You get to visit the most popular ex-pat destinations and visit with ex-pats who live there.

Panama Relocation Tours Bus
Inside the Panama Relocation Tours Bus
Panama City Panama

We really encourage everyone to rent for at least 6-12 months before you make a buying decision but I also know that you want to see what property looks like in Panama so we visit some condos and some houses too.  Rents are so affordable in Panama, it may make more sense to just rent…period!  You’ll have much more flexibility to move.  During the tour, there will be absolutely no sales pitches or any attempt to pressure you to buy or rent anything.

Condo in Gorgona Panama
Rental in Boquete Panama
Valle Escondido Panama

When we stop for lunch or dinner we meet with ex-pats who live in the area so you can learn from them too.  Jacqui lives in Las Tablas in an $80 a month rental with her two dogs.  She tells us about life in the Azuero.

Jacqui in Las Tablas

David Van Harn lives in Boquete.  He moved to Panama when he turned 70 and realized that he could no longer afford to live in the United States.  He is happy as a lark in Panama, has plenty of friends, and his social calendar is always full.

David Talk at Big Daddy’s

We also check out grocery stores and department stores so you can walk the aisles to see if they have the things you will need to thrive overseas.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Produce Selection at Romero Grocery Store
Romero Grocery Store Panama

But it’s not all work and no play!

There is also plenty of time for the group to relax by the pools, visit with each other, catch up on emails, go to a local casino, or just take in amazing Panama.

Relaxing in Santiago aftet PanamaRelocationTours.com

You’ll get to see what the food is like in Panama.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find really good food at really affordable prices.  All meals are included in your tour of course.  See the photo of the $6 fish dinner below. Yummy!

$6 meal in Panama

When we’re out driving around in Panama, you just never know what you might see.  We saw a cow tied up alongside the road munching on the lush green grass.  Horses or bulls in the back of a truck.  During one tour we saw an elephant and some camels in the back on a truck.. they were on the way to a circus.

In January a lot of cars were stopped on the highway.  We thought there was a big accident but they were actually stopped to help a 3-toed sloth get across the PanAmerican Highway.  Last week I even saw a coati in Boquete.

cow in Panama
Coati in Panama
Toucan in Panama

And the flowers!  All year long in Panama you’ll see beautiful flowers!

Flowers in Boquete

If you are considering relocating to Panama, I really encourage you to get out there and SEE Panama.  You simply cannot experience Panama by sitting in a conference room in Panama City. 

To see the real Panama and learn everything you need to know to successfully relocate, join us for an all-inclusive 6-day 7-night Panama Relocation Tour OR take a customized Private Tour of Panama. A tour is an investment in your future.

Come see how you can live BETTER for LESS in Panama!

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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  1. Blane Roy says

    MY wife and I are I interested in possibly moving to Panama. I am a 52 year old disabled veteran and my wife is 49. I was stationed in Panama in the early 80’s briefly and loved it.

    • Panama Relocation Tours says

      Come on down! You’ll see that Panama has changed a LOT! We’d love to show you the new and improved Panama during a Panama Relocation Tour.

  2. James Crowe says

    Hi Jackie & friends;
    I have been following all your posts and others. I feel I’m getting by far the best info from you.

    When I can get things in place and I can get out of here I most definitely will be scheduling a tour with you so as to see just where I’d prefer to relocate in Panama. Although I’m favoring the Azuero Peninsula around Las Tablas for now, I’d like to see other areas as well.

    When I go I want to be in the position to experience it all but I will need to set up a bank account there and start transferring money in. I would be renting wherever I wind up until I can find the right piece of land with acreage so I can build a nice hacienda.
    I would like to know what types of business ventures the government looks favorably on for taxes. Such as farming or growing teak etc. Is there any incentives for generating electricity? Having employees? I know that the government is in favor of tourism and gives tax breaks on properties for this.

    Only being allowed to stay for 90 days, How would one go about setting up a bank account (savings and checking and debit). If an application is made would that pose the 90 day and out because as I understand it takes 3 to 4 months minimum for the type of visa I’d need. Be it Friendly Nations or investor? I would be coming with family members as well, would they be part of the corporation that we have to form?

    I can live Canada now with a negative Covid test but to come back I’d need to be Jab’d which is not something we will not submit to.

    Just trying to find out as much as possible in planning.

    Thank You for your time

    James P. Crowe
    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

    • Jackie Lange says

      Canadian tourists can stay in Panama for 180 days. You would not be able to open a bank account unless you get a visa. Most banks can open an account in 24-48 hours.

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