No Warts Allowed With Some Writing Gigs

Article Writing Portable IncomeIn my book, Fund Your Freedom Oveseas, I discuss how you can write about your experiences living overseas then sell your articles to international publications to make $25 to $100 per article.  It would take a lot of writing to completely support your lifestyle; so if that’s your plan it may not work.  But you certainly can make extra money if just 2 or 3 of your articles are accepted each month.

You should know that if some publications accept your article they will not allow you to sell it to anyone else or publish it anywhere else.  Internet Lawyer Mike Young suggests that you sell your articles with “restrictive rights” so you can sell the article to multiple publishers.  When you sell your article you are actually selling the right to publish your article, not the article itself.  There are different rights that you can sell.  See THIS article for more details about the various publishing rights.

However… I was recently talking to a lady in Panama who had attended a Writer’s Camp with a popular international company.  She paid a lot of money for the seminar.  Then when she submitted articles to the same company they rejected them saying they were not positive enough.  They told her she needed to remove anything negative (the truth) then put a more positive spin on the whole article.

Needless to say, this was shocking to her because she wanted to write what life is REALLY like in Panama… warts and all… and not paint an unrealistic fairy tale with embellishments and inflated numbers.


She’s not the only one.  Article rejection because they were not “positive enough” has happened to several other people in Panama.  Realistic does not count.

Obviously my article  13 Things the Offshore Gurus Will Never Tell You would never see the light of day if that article were submitted to any of the international publications.

Have you ever wondered why some international publications only have positive articles?  Now you know why!

Unfortunately, when the international publications only publishing positive articles it does not give you the information you need to make a life changing decision to move overseas.  You need to know the TRUTH about living overseas. For me personally the positives far outweigh the negatives.  But there are negatives.  You can read about some of them when you read 13 Things the Offshore Gurus Will Not Tell You  Some people can live with the negatives but some people cannot.

If you hope to create a portable income by writing articles, and you want to tell the truth,  you will probably do better to write the articles on your own blog/website.  You will feel better knowing you are providing accurate information which YOU control.    After you build up a following on your web site you will be able to sell advertising on the site or add affiliate products which pay a commission.  I make $729 in the last 30 days with the affiliate products in my RESOURCE section and I never had to buy a product, ship anything, or talk to a customer.

There is plenty of other money making writing opportunities.  Instead of submitting your articles to international publications, see the writing gigs available at freelance web sites like or   Anyone who has a web site it always looking for new content.  The writing you do may not be about your adventures overseas but there are other ways to turn your writing skills in to income.

Take time to read Fund Your Freedom Overseas to learn more ways you can make money overseas.  It’s a free book.  Just enter your name and email on the right side of this page to get instant access to the updated book.

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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  1. Glen Aldridge says

    After reading publications from a well known International Travel emails I wrote into them asking if they had actually visited the places since my experience was completely askew from what they were telling their readers. One or two differences of opinion I could swallow but all four places? Of course their primary goal is to sell & make money so of course the truth will be down played.

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