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Why do people move to a different country? Is it because of comfort? Financial security? A sense of fulfillment?

Several articles I’ve read suggest that migration is brought about by four factors: economic, social, political, and environmental. A person may want to move because of a new job or a career opportunity. He may find the weather in one place better and safer than in the country where he currently resides. Or a certain place may offer economic and political stability, two important factors to consider when considering relocating.

Some are concerned about an economic collapse and/or increased violence in their home country, so they are looking for a safer place to live with less drama. Panama certainly offers a safer place to live than many areas in the world.

Many people who come on the Panama Relocation Tours are looking for more affordable health insurance and health care which are both readily available in Panama.   Health insurance costs and deductibles have gone through the roof in the United States and many other countries.  In Panama, you can see a doctor for $2 to $20 with no insurance.

Whatever a person’s reason for moving, I think it all boils down to the fact that he/she wants something better! That dream of a better life prompts people to pack their bags and move permanently to a country that can help them realize their dreams.

Panama is a place that offers wonderful, amazing opportunities for people who wish to migrate. It fulfills many needs and wants that people usually have. The people who come on a Panama Relocation Tour often tell me they’ve found what they’ve always been looking for in Panama.

Let me tell you the top reasons why many people choose to migrate. Ironically, these are the same reasons why Panama has become the retirement destination of choice or the second home of many people from all walks of life.

  • Economic concern – It isn’t surprising anymore to talk with someone and discover that his reason for moving would be an economic concern. Not all of us are born in an economically stable country. Many people are trapped in a place where they constantly worry about losing their jobs and being unable to provide food for their families. Many people migrate to escape poverty and violence, to take advantage of a career opportunity, to seek better and improved healthcare, and most importantly, to have a financially secure future. An economically stable country like Panama can provide all of these.

According to Wikipedia, Panama has the second largest economy in Central America; hence, many people move to Panama because it is economically stable. Panama has fresh food 365 days a year without the need for importation. Food includes fish caught from 2 oceans. About 25% of the country’s income comes from the Panama Canal.  Panama has many other sources of income, including the second largest free trade zone in the world, exports, a large copper mine, the largest ship registry, and more.  It is perfectly safe to say that Panama has a very strong economy.

Because of its economic stability, Panama takes pride in its high-quality yet affordable healthcare, low cost of living, the best retiree discounts available in the world, and many more perks. The crime rate is low in Panama. Moving to Panama means you can maintain a quality life or achieve an even better lifestyle because it offers modern conveniences at inexpensive prices. Many of us who have made the move to Panama love the fact that it is easy to meet one’s needs and still have money left over for some of life’s luxuries. A nice meal out for two would cost less than $20. You can buy fresh produce for $5 a bag. Have a haircut, visit a doctor, watch a movie, go to the spa- trust me, these things are all super affordable when you live in Panama. The country uses the US dollar currency and has a history of low inflation.

  • Social culture – Social acceptance is another key factor for moving. This includes a nourishing social environment for children as well as escaping a place that is constantly afflicted by war, religious or racial tension, and violence. People have that inherent desire to be accepted and live harmoniously with others. Panamanians are an innately friendly group of people, and they treat foreigners with respect. Panama also has a large community of expats. It is easy to start a new life in Panama because making new friends won’t be a problem. I have come to know many expats and locals alike and consider these people as my friends for life.
  • Politics – People have no desire to live in a place that experiences constant chaos in the political arena. People want freedom of speech and the freedom of choice. Since the US invasion of Panama in 1989 to dispose of then-dictator Manuel Noriega, the country has experienced peaceful transitions of power over the years. It currently has a representative democratic form of government where national elections occur every five years. Panama has favorable trade relations with many countries.
  • Environmental concern – Some places are affected by typhoons, hurricanes, and other natural disasters every year. These are hazards that people, and even their government, have no control over. While disaster response measures may be present in some countries, people get tired of moving out of their homes for safety. You cannot blame them. It is never easy to be stressed out every time it rains or be overcome with worry when there’s an impending storm.  Panama does not have typhoons, hurricanes, or other natural disasters that plague other countries.

In Texas, where I came from, the summers were so hot it was uncomfortable to go outside.  The winter months were cold and icy.  Both extreme temperatures made it necessary to run an air conditioner or heater most of the year, which is expensive.  And I could rarely have my windows open for fresh air. Now, where I live in Panama, I don’t need an air conditioner, and I can have my windows and doors open all year.  My last electric bill in Panama was $20.57.

boquete panama
Boquete Panama

Panama’s perfect weather was a determining factor for me.  I live in the mountains where it is Spring like weather all year.  There is no snow or ice in Panama, which I just love. I don’t need to shovel my driveway or be bothered by winter preparedness measures. Panama also doesn’t experience typhoons, tornadoes, hurricanes, and tsunamis.  There are no active volcanoes in Panama.  Though it rains in Panama, the country does not experience much flooding. I particularly love Boquete, Panama’s spring-like weather all year – the kind of weather that suits me best.

Since Panama has great weather, they grow their own crops all year and do not need to import many foods. Food is sold inexpensively because of this. Panamanians and expats here have access to the freshest fruits and vegetables year round, grown by local farmers. I, for one, love Panama’s mangoes, pineapples, and coffee. They’re the best!

Panama also has rainforests home to thousands of species, some of which are unique to the country. There are a lot of activities in store for outdoor enthusiasts. One can go anytime to the beach or go hiking, kayaking, swimming, and much more. And, of course, Panama’s natural beauty is just amazing!

living in coronado
Coronado Panama

When people move to a different country, it is usually brought about by a combination of the factors I just mentioned. Some might even have a special reason, like finding a soulmate or wanting to settle down with someone. Others may want to reunite with a loved one or family member. Some may simply want an escape. It is safe to say that people want that chance for a better life. A better prospect. An improvement of their current state. I believe that Panama is the best option. It offers perfect weather, a healthy social culture, economic and political stability, and natural beauty that is uniquely Panama.  It offers wonderful opportunities for people who want something better for themselves.

Panama Relocation Guide

Yet again, Panama is not for everyone. Don’t take my word for it, you need to discover Panama yourself. Take time to visit and explore the country, walk on its streets, taste its food, experience the weather, and chat with the local Panamanians and expats who call Panama home. Panama may just be what you’re looking for, to get a taste of a better life.

If you’re serious about relocating to a better life in Panama, there are certain things you will need to know to have a smooth transition to life in Panama.  You can get INSTANT ACCESS to our Online Panama Relocation Guide to get details about getting a visa, finding the best place to live, getting your fur babies into Panama, how to save 40% of the cost of health insurance, and much more.  Plus, you’ll get our list of reliable and honest immigration lawyers, property managers/real estate agents, international movers, and other contacts you will need when relocating to Panama.

See details about the Online Panama Relocation Guide HERE

You don’t have to explore Panama alone!  Since 2010, Panama Relocation Tours has been helping people discover if Panama is the right place to relocate.  During our 6-day, 7-night all-inclusive tour, you’ll see the most popular areas, meet with expats, learn about visa options, see rentals, and see how you can live better for less in Panama.  All-inclusive means that it includes airport pick up when you arrive in Panama, all hotels during the tour, all meals, ground transportation throughout Panama, a domestic flight back to Panama City, PLUS all the information you need to know to relocate to Panama the easy way!  Our tours sell out months in advance.  See more details and what dates are available HERE.

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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  1. Charles Harrison says

    By all inclusive, what exactly does the tour include or exclude ?

    • Panama Relocation Tours says

      During the tour, it includes all hotels, all meals and beverages (except alcohol), all ground transportation, an in-country flight back to Panama City, plus all the information you will get during the tour. You will also get a book with all the information already typed up so you don’t have to take notes all day. You can see details about the information at

      In addition, no matter when you arrive, our driver will pick you up at Tocumen and take you to a hotel in Panama City.

      After the tour, it includes a driver picking you up at the hotel in Boquete then taking you to the airport in David, if you are flying out of David.

      • Charles Harrison says

        So, whete do we initially go if arriving outside of Panama ? – I apologize im just trying to understand the arrangements.

        • Panama Relocation Tours says

          You’d fly in to Tocumen International Airport in Panama City, code is PTY

  2. Gilbert Anctil says

    Jackie excellent article on ”Searching for a better life”. It is always a pleasure to read your Blog. Panama is on my radar … coming soon. I’ll keep you in the know.

  3. Louis Lapointe says

    How accepted are the gays and lesbians in Panama? Are you aware of any gay association?

    • Jackie Lange says

      Gays and lesbians are accepted in Panama if they are nice people Panama is very accepting of everyone so long as they are nice. I’m not aware of any gay organizations but you could probably find some on Facebook. This video is of a gay guy who came on a Panama Relocation Tour then relocated to Boquete where there are not many gays. He talks about the challenges of being gay in Panama.

  4. Overcomer Hor says

    Hello, Jackie: I have been searching for a retirement place that will provide a climate of allergy free during Spring and arthritis free during Winter; since Boquete only has two seasons (dry & wet) yet spring temperatures all year round, I wonder Boquete, Panama will fit my need, because I have both health issues. Appreciate your reply!

    • Jackie Lange says

      Some people with arthritis find that the cooler weather and rainy season irritate their condition. So they move to the Azuero Peninsula, between Chitre and Las Tablas. It has less rain than other parts of Panama and warmer weather than Boquete. With your health conditions, you should consider the Azuero.

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