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Required to Visit Panama: Health Affidavit Form


Panama Relocation Tours does NOT offer support with filling out Panama’s Health Affidavit Form. Please do not contact us for assistance with this form. Everything we know about the form is included in this post.

If you have questions or experience problems while completing the form, please contact your airline to ask for assistance with filling out the form.

When Panama re-opened its borders to visitors, Safety Guidelines for Your Next Trip to Panama was published on Panama’s official tourism website. This is required reading for anyone who plans to travel to Panama.

In the “Prior to Traveling” section of that page, they list a number of requirements to enter Panama. One of the requirements states:

ALL travelers are required to present their completed Electronic Health Affidavit (in physical or digital form) to their airline or carrier BEFORE boarding to Panama.

We’ve heard from many customers who have had problems filling out the form, so I tried filling it out and documented my experience.

This is what worked for me…


Don’t fill out the form too early. We recommend completing it when your arrival time in Panama is less than 72 hours away. Non-COVID-vaccinated travelers should fill it out after receiving a negative COVID test result if possible.

The form must be completed separately by each adult. It can not be completed one per family. Underage / minor family members can be added to an adult’s form.

If you complete the form and then some information changes (new travel date, flight number, etc), complete the form again.

If you have received a COVID vaccine and / or a negative COVID test, you will need to upload it into this form. They must be in a format that can be uploaded – like a PDF, JPG, etc. You may need to scan these into your computer or take a photo with your phone and email the photo to yourself.

Step 1 – Use Google Chrome on a laptop or desktop

I completed the form on my laptop. We’ve heard that the form works better on Firefox but, for me, it worked on Google Chrome. It may work on other browsers or devices. I don’t know because I didn’t try that.

Step 2 – Disable any extensions that block ads, tracking, or JavaScript

One thing I had to do was temporarily disable my ad & tracking blockers. I have both the uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger extensions installed and they seemed to cause problems during this process. Once I disabled them some of the problems disappeared. If you don’t know what these are, you probably don’t need to do anything.

Step 3 – Do not use a Yahoo email address

After completing the form, you’ll be emailed a QR code that you need to keep on hand while entering Panama. We’ve received reports that this email never gets delivered to Yahoo email addresses. When I completed the form, I used a Gmail address. If you do not receive the QR code within a few minutes, try completing the form again using a different email address.

Step 4 – Open the form and change it to English

In a new browser tab, open the digital affidavit form:

In the top right corner click on “EN”. This will change the site from Spanish to English. After changing the site to English, I found that some, but not all, of the site actually used English. Some text was still in Spanish.

Click EN in the top right
Click EN in the top right to set the site to English.

IMPORTANT: Your web browser may ask you if you want to translate the page to English. Do not do that. If your browser does the translation, it will cause problems. Use the method I described above.

Step 5 – Fill Out the Form

Most of the form is self-explanatory. Here are some tips for sections that some people have problems with:

Country you visited before traveling to Panama

The list of countries is in Spanish. If you are traveling from the United States, choose Estados Unidos.

Travel Information

Under Means of Transport, select Plane.

After you do that, you will see Compania de vuelo. This is asking who your airline is. Make sure to complete this section. The form indicates it is not required, but it actually is required.

Date of Entry to Panama: Use the format mm/dd/yyyy. If you have problems entering the date, look for a calendar icon on the right side of the field, click it, then use the date selector. The calendar icon appears in some but not all web browsers. For me, the calendar icon looked like this:

As an example, the completed section looks like this.

Personal Information

  • Are you a resident of Panama: Most likely you should select No
  • Name(s): Enter your first name only
  • Surname(s): Enter your last name only
  • Type of Travel Document: Select Passport
  • Identification document: Enter your passport number
  • Birthdate: Use the format mm/dd/yyyy
  • Nationality & Country of Residence: The list of countries is in Spanish. For the United States, choose Estados Unidos
  • Telephone: Use the dropdown to select your country. The list of countries is in Enligh. For United States, choose United States. Enter your phone number using only numbers, no dashes or spaces.

COVID Test Information

This section is mostly self-explanatory.

If you do not answer the “Negative Test Results” section or if you answer No, you will see a section that says:

Usted debe hacerse una prueba COVID a su llegada al aeropuerto. En caso de positivo, seleccione:

This is letting you know that if you do not have a negative COVID test upon arrival in Panama, you will be required to take a COVID test at the airport. If you test positive, you will be required to quarantine for 14 days.

The form asks: Where will you stay during quarantine (14 days):

Our tour customers and most other people should answer State Hotel here. You can only stay at an Arranged Hotel if you already have a reservation at one of the approved hotels before you arrive in Panama.

Unless you know you will test positive upon arrival in Panama, it’s unlikely you will already have a reservation at one of the approved hotels.

Temporal Address

This section is asking where you will be staying in Panama. For example, if you are staying at a hotel you would enter the information for the hotel here. If you are staying in multiple locations you might want to enter the one you will be spending the most time at.

If you don’t know this information, you should contact the place where you will be staying and ask them.

Note: If you are joining us for a group tour of Panama, we will email you before your tour and let you know what to enter here.

Customs Declaration

This section is optional. If you have something to declare, you can do that when you actually enter Panama. An example of something you would need to declare is if you are traveling with more than the equivalent of $10,000 USD in cash.


Before you click the Send button, print this page if possible. The instructions state that a physical copy of the form will be accepted. If you print the completed form, you will have a physical copy. Print the page and bring it with you to Panama.

Step 6 – Submit the form

Click the Send button.

After you do that, you will see a page saying that you registered successfully. It also contains a QR code.

Print this page and bring it with you to Panama.

Step 7 – Check Your Email for the QR Code

After you complete the form, you will be sent a confirmation email with a file containing a QR code. You may be required to show this QR code at the airport so it’s important that you find it.

If you weren’t able to print the QR code, you can use this one on your device to enter Panama.

We’ve received reports that some people are asked to present the QR code before boarding their flight to Panama, others are asked for it after they arrive in Panama, and others are never asked for it! Make sure to keep it on hand just in case. You may even want to take a screenshot of it on your phone so you can access it even if you don’t have a cell phone signal.

For me, the email arrived immediately. If you can’t find it, check your spam or junk mail folder. The email came from and had the subject line “Codigo QR”.

So, that’s it! Just make sure to have the QR code available during your entire journey to Panama.

Dustin Lange

Dustin Lange is the Director of Marketing at Panama Relocation Tours.

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  1. Marne Coggan says

    Wow. REALLY helpful. Many thanks for this!!!!

  2. Mariana says

    Great article. Detailed translations are very helpful.
    Like everything Panama Relocation Tours does- provide useful information

  3. Mark Wheatley says

    Really appreciated, Jackie! This would be extremely stressful to have to attempt in the airport or worse yet, on the plane! I have confirmed that it all works, but I did not use any of the English options.

    • Jackie Lange says

      We recommend that you complete the Digital Affidavit Form at least 3-4 days before your trip to Panama.

  4. Cynthia Stroup Standridge says

    You are a great resource, thanks so much for everything you do!

  5. Sabine Ryder says

    What an exceptionally fantastic article! Totally reducing most of the stress for those of us who will still have to jump through all the hoops. THANK YOU! You really are the best!

  6. Gleb says

    I filled the form yesterday and when i trying to login – this website consistently fails with some technical error… Anyone was able to login after creating account?

    • Dustin Lange says

      I covered that issue in this post. I was able to just ignore the error message and continue to fill out the form.

  7. Julie says

    Thank you so much! I was about to give up

  8. Josivan says

    Thank you, do i need to fill the form for transit?
    i am going to stay in the airport for 58 minutes.

    • Jackie Lange says

      You’ll need to ask the airlines if the form is required if you are leaving Panama 58 minutes after you arrive.

  9. Cynthia Johnson says

    created an account. Signed out. Now I can’t log back in. Error message ‘incorrect user or password’. I tried several times. Now what?

    • Dustin Lange says

      Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer for you. We have no control over this form or how it works. Our only recommendation is to try again. Perhaps with a different device, web browser, and / or email address.

  10. Anita Seifert says

    March 7, 2021

    A friend is returning to Panama next week. Does she need to fill out this digital form? She is a Panamanian citizen.

    I am planning to return to Panama in April… will I still need to fill out this digital form? I have a cedula.

    Are COVID-19 tests still required for entry? Thx.


    Thanks Dustin. Having your article/directions open in another window made the process much easier. Thanks for paving the way for us.

  12. craig burzych says

    I have to edit my form/information. how do you do this??

    • Jackie Lange says

      sorry, we have no information about how to update the digital affidavit form.

  13. Mark says

    I am entering my date of entry as 07/06/2021 but it won’t accept it. I’ve tried all combinations. Any suggestions?

    • Dustin Lange says

      Try a different browser and / or device. If you have software or an extension installed that blocks ads, tracking, or JavaScript – disable it.

  14. Raina says

    Trying everything and the form still won’t “SEND” but no fields are red or empty either…

    • Dustin Lange says

      Try a different browser and / or device. If you have software or an extension installed that blocks ads, tracking, or JavaScript – disable it.

  15. Lee says

    Strong work Dustin, Jackie, and the rest of the PRT Team….

    • Dustin Lange says

      Thanks, Lee!

  16. Janet says

    Dustin, thank you for the details, always needed and so appreciated!!!

  17. Billie Pendledton says

    Greetings – I was just on the site trying to complete the Health Affadavit Form to enter Panama. I leave in a few days. however, when I got to the first question “what country did you last visit” I could not find United States.
    Anyone have any help or info about that?

    • Dustin Lange says

      This was already covered in my post. I recommend carefully reading the post. The list of countries is in Spanish. If you are traveling from the United States, choose Estados Unidos.

  18. Gerhard says

    Good job…I just got my QR Code and I tried to read it. My camera couldn’t read it. Does it only work with a special scanner?

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