Replay: Renting in Coronado vs Pedasi

Listen to the replay of the conference call with Bob who recently moved from Pedasi to Coronado.

What if you found the perfect rental house at an amazing price BUT the furniture was not so good and it did not have hot water at any of the faucets?

Would you pass or would you correct the problems even though it’s a rental?

When you move to Panama, if you wait to find the perfect rental at the perfect price, you may have to wait a long time. But, if you’re willing to make a few modifications, you could get an amazing property.

That’s what Bob did!

Bob recently moved from Pedasi to Coronado and found the amazing house shown in the photo above. But the living room furniture was terrible, and the house had no hot water. It also did not have a washer and dryer. It’s common for beach houses not to have a water heater in Panama, but it’s an easy and affordable fix if the plumbing is already in place.

The furnished three-bedroom main house plus a furnished two-bedroom casita (a small house) on 1/4 acre loaded with fruit trees was only $700 plus utilities. It is a perfect location in Coronado where you can walk to restaurants and grocery stores.

Listen to the conference call’s replay with Bob talking about how he added a water heater to the house and bought new living room furniture to personalize the house. He changed a few things to make the house much more comfortable!

When you rent a house in Panama, to get a great house at a great price, you may need to be willing to make some modifications at your own expense too.

During this conference call, Bob also compares living in Pedasi to living in Coronado.

Coronado is a beach town that is about 1 1/2 hours to Panama City. It has all the amenities you could possibly need including shopping, amazing restaurants, a hospital, doctors, dentists, a thriving ex-pat community, a lot of social activities and so much more.

Rentals are a bit more in Coronado than other areas but you have so many more amenities too! There are always tradeoffs in Panama! Coronado has fiber optics so internet speeds are much higher than in some other beach communities. The property managers we work with can help you find incredible deals like this one!

Bob’s yard

Come see how you can live BETTER for LESS in Panama!

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Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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