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Living in Panama

grocery shopping in panama
August 3, 2021
Grocery Shopping in Panama
Watch this video to learn about grocery shopping in Panama. Anything you need is available in Panama but you may need to drive to a larger town to...
pros and cons of living inan expat community in panama
July 16, 2021
Pros and Cons of Living in an Expat Community
CALL REPLAY: There are pros and cons of living in a Panama community that has a lot of expats.
the best place to live in panama
July 1, 2021
REPLAY: How to Find the Best Place to Live in Panama
Replay of a conference call discussing the four things to consider to help you determine the best place to live in Panama.
retire in panama conference call
June 24, 2021
REPLAY: Retire in Panama Q & A June 2021
Listen to the replay of the Retire in Panama Q & A Conference call from June 2021. Learn how to move to Panama.
beat inflation retire in panama
June 24, 2021
Beat Inflation: Retire in Panama
Learn how you can beat inflation by retiring in Panama where the cost of living is so much more affordable and you can even earn 3% on a savings...
move to volcan panama
June 21, 2021
Learn the EASY Way to Move to Volcan Panama
John and Victoria talk about the exciting move from Michigan to Volcan Panama. They took a Private Tour in Boquete and Volcan to help them decide which town...
retire in chapala panama
June 2, 2021
Military Retirees Moved to Chapala Panama 15 Years Ago
Fred and Linda, both retire military, talk about moving to Chapala Panama 15 years ago. Learn about the veteran medical benefits in Panama and more.
getting covid in Panama
May 30, 2021
Getting Covid in Panama
My personal experience being in the hospital with Covid and pneumonia in Panama. I was at Hospital Chiriqui, a private hospital.
other visa options in Panama
May 30, 2021
Other Panama Permanent Residency Visa Options
Learn about some of the other visa options you have for getting permanent residency in Panama.