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Volcan Panama

retire in Volcan Panama
April 9, 2021
Moved from Hong Kong to Retire in Panama
VIDEO: Laurie and Tony talk about moving from Hong Kong to Volcan Panama to retire. Volcan is an affordable mountain town in Panama.
affordable volcan panama
March 7, 2021
VIDEO: Affordable Volcan Panama
Denise and Keith talk about moving to and living in Volcan Panama. Volcan is more affordable than other mountain towns in Panama.
living in a panama paradise 30 years
July 20, 2020
VIDEO: Living in a Panama Paradise for Thirty Years
Carla Black moved to Panama thirty years ago. She lives about 10 minutes outside of Volcan on a property that is adorned with beautiful flowers and amazing views! In...
ben and kama volcan panama
July 1, 2020
VIDEO: Living in Volcan Panama With Six Kids!
Check out our newest video of Ben and Kama who moved from Texas to VOLCAN Panama with their 5 (now 6) children! There are many families with children in...
whats it like to live in volcan panama
April 26, 2020
What’s It Like to Live Near Volcan Panama?
Every Saturday during the pandemic, I will interview people who live in Panama so you can learn about their experiences living in Panama.   On Saturday, April 25th, I interviewed...
Panama City Panama
February 17, 2015
Best Places to Retire in Panama
Did you know that Panama is the only country where you can watch the Pacific sunrise and the Atlantic sunset? In fact, it is the only country that separates...