UBER is in Panama City Panama

Today I went to Riba Smith grocery store in Panama City to get things for the goody bags for the tour which starts Saturday.  After shopping, I waited and waited …in the heat…for a taxi.  When I told them I wanted to go to El Cangrejo most said no because it was not close by.  They did not want to go that far.

While I was at the grocery store I ran in to Craig, the owner and chef at Mango restaurant in Boquete Panama.  He came outside and had a ride in a few minutes because he had the UBER app on his phone!

So, what is Uber?

UberUber is evolving the way the world moves and eliminating the need to use a taxi service.  Uber seamlessly connects riders to drivers through an app on your andriod or iPhone.

To use the free service, you will need to download the app.  Go to your app store, search for Uber, then click install.  It’s free.   You will be required to enter your name, email, phone, and a credit card which will be used to pay for your uber rides.

To get a ride from where you are to where you want to go, just click on the Uber app on your phone a few minutes… yes minutes.. before you are ready to be picked up.

Next, tap to set your pickup location.  When you do this, you can instantly see how many drivers are close to your location. ( in the photo, see that there are 6 drivers near your location)

Request your ride and a driver will accept.  Enter the address or name of your destination.
After pickup, we show the driver where you’re going……and Uber will show you the route and ETA.

Fare Estimate

Find out roughly what your trip will cost before you request. Just set your pickup location, enter a destination, and tap Fare Quote — the app will calculate an approximate amount based on the expected time and distance, so there are never any surprises on your receipt.


Wherever you are around the world, Uber is committed to connecting you to the safest ride on the road. That means setting the strictest safety standards possible, then working hard to improve them every day. The specifics vary depending on what local governments allow, but within each city we operate, we aim to go above and beyond local requirements to ensure your comfort and security – what we’re doing in the US is an example of our standards around the world.

Each driver and their car are carefully screened for your safety too.

In addition, for your safety no cash changes hands.  When you set up your Uber account, you will enter a credit card.  When you arrive at your destination, your credit card will automatically be charged then you will be emailed a receipt.  Uber pays your driver!

There is no haggling over price. No “gringo” pricing!  You know in advance what the charge will be so you can accept or decline the fare.

Before you arrive in Panama City, download the Uber app from your app store on your smart phone then get registered.  It only takes 2 minutes.    Uber makes it much easier and faster to get around Panama City.

Traffic is crazy in Panama City.  Instead of renting a car to get around, or waiting and waiting for a taxi, it makes much more sense to use Uber to get around.

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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  1. Guillermo Bremner says

    Interested in driving for UBER in Panama city, Panama. Unable to talk to someone. Wonder if you are serving this country.

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