What’s The Customer Service Like in Panama?

You may have heard that customer service is not so good in Panama.  I’ve actually had great experience with customer service.  But, it’s because I read a lot about Latin culture to know what to expect and not expect.  Some examples, if you go to a restaurant they usually will not bring your check until you ask for it.  If you’re in a department store, a sales clerk will follow you around.  He/she is not watching you to see if you’re going to steal anything; they are actually waiting for you to ask for help so they can come over to assist you.  They just do things a little differently in Panama.

Chuck Kent came on my tour several years ago.  He wrote me today to share a customer service experience he had.  I knew you’d enjoy reading about it so I got permission to share.

Chuck wrotePlease share, without sharing, I would not be here today. Your Tour and your Group of Associates have helped us immensely. As you already know I am not easily impressed but I must say you have done a very impressive job with and through Panama Relocation Tours.  Thank you.

I want to add some positive feed back on service in Panama.

I had a problem with water pooling close to the road. The City admitted it was their problem and they would fix it. That was last year. So after we purchased the house, we had too transfer the billing to our name. While there we asked when they would be around to fix the water leak. Well don’t they show up early the next day with a work crew. They dug down and found a broken sewer pipe. Not surprising seeing the house was built in 1939. (see 360 view of the house below)

They worked on trying to clear the house line to the main line at the street, after about 4 hours they approached me and said the damage was not worth fixing. I could make due until they hook up the new sewer lines just installed through out the City or I they could connect me the next day.

Remember I am responsible for the line from the house to the main line on the street. I am thinking in thousands of dollars. They told me I could have it done privately or I can pay them too do it. I thought about it for one second and decided they should do it. This way any problems are their responsibility. I don’t have too deal with them blaming my contractor if something goes wrong. I asked them for a quote. I fixed my self a stiff drink in preparation for the news. 

1 Backhoe
1 Backhoe Operator
1 Backhoe Manager
1 Chainsaw and Operator.
3 Labours
1 Supervisor
1 Manager
5 hours labour to complete.
I had too supply the the hardware.
4 inch pipe approx 60 feet and all the couplings.
$63.00 with tax. I ask for my Jubilado Discount for household goods and got it.
I am now hooked too the new sewer system. 1 less chore to do later.
Happy campers in Puerto Armuelles
Chuck & Mary

See a 360 view of the house Chuck and Mary purchased in Puerto Armuelles which is on the far western side of Panama, close to the Costa Rica border.


Chuck says, It is 1260 Sq Foot raised Tropical Style, 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathrooms. Lower section is open air to help with air circulation and cooling. We have Air Conditioners but have not needed to use them. We sit on 2 one acre lots, with approximately 25 to 30 mature Fruit Trees. I can’t say how much we paid for this, but let’s put it this way I couldn’t put a down payment on the condo we live in, in Toronto for the price of this Property.”

Puerto has a population of about 25,000 and has some of the best beaches in Panama.   It has a hospital, grocery stores, and some restaurants.  It’s also one of the most affordable beach towns in Panama.

Previously, Chiquita Banana was in full operation there but they left in early 2000 over labor disputes.  Since then, Puerto has gone in to disrepair.  It’s a very Panamanian town. There are very few expats.

Recently, Del Monte signed a 10 year agreement to start up banana operations in the Puerto area again and they have committed to spending $100 million dollars in Puerto Armuelles over the next ten years.  So, things are looking up for Puerto!

After the Panama Relocation Tours we make arrangements for those who are interested to meet with people who live in Puerto who know the area very well.   There are a lot of hidden gems that very few people even know about there.  We’ll show you where they are!

Join us for a Panama Relocation Tour to learn about many other hidden gems throughout Panama!

See this video that some tourist took of a drive through Puerto Armuelles


Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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