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Why You Should NOT Go on a Real Estate Tour in Panama

Every month I get emails and calls from developers and real estate sales people asking me to bring my tour group to their “project”.  They offer me a 10 to 25% commission if any of my tour clients buy.    I politely decline.

First of all, I think it is a huge conflict of interest for a tour operator to accept a commission or kickback.  Not selling anything during the tours is the only way I can honestly tell you the truth about various areas in Panama.  For example, there are many areas in the Azuero Peninsula where there are severe water problems – like no water!  If I were dishonest or getting paid commission, I would perhaps not mention that to you then show you properties in those areas anyway in hopes that you would buy property so I could get a commission.  That’s UNETHICAL.  I don’t do business that way!

condo gorgona panama

But sadly, that is exactly what some new real estate tours are doing.  They offer  5-day or 7-day real estate tours to show you one property after another.. conveniently leaving out any “bad stuff” in hopes that you will buy so they can make a commission.  They charge less for their tours because they are counting on their high-pressure sales tactics convincing you to buy one, maybe two, properties (hurry before the prices go up next month).  With their low tour prices, they will actually lose money on the tour if you don’t buy so you can understand why they really need you to buy houses or lots during the tour.  They need those commissions to help pay for the tour costs and hopefully make a profit.  To make matters worse, the prices they quote for properties are often higher than normal.  Then they can tell you if you buy this weekend, we can give you a $20,000 discount.  The reality is the $20,000 discount price is a high retail price.  It’s a game the real estate tour people play.  It is dangerous for your pocketbook and your retirement.

Secondly, I think it is a H-U-G-E mistake to buy anything in Panama until you have lived here for at least 12 months.  So, I encourage everyone on my tours to RENT first.  Do not rush into buying anything.  There are a lot of reasons for this.  One is that you really would not know what a “good” price is for a property until you’ve been here for a while.   Because there is no active MLS (multiple listing service), the only way to know a good price from a high price is to talk to a LOT of people to find out what properties have sold for in a certain area.  You should never rely on information from one source and certainly not from people who will make a commission or profit if you buy.  The other is that, until you have lived in an area for a while you just don’t know if it is right for you.  You also need to experience both the rainy and the dry season in the area you are interested in.  The two seasons can be dramatically different!

Here’s a perfect example of why it is so important to NOT buy until you have been here for a while.  Steve and Maria came on my tour about 6 years ago.  They really liked Los Molinas, a nice gated community about 20 minutes South of Boquete at an elevation of 1800 feet.   It has nice single-family homes and condos overlooking a beautiful canyon.  Luckily, they took my advice during the tour and rented there for 6 months.  It is a good thing because they both discovered that it was just too hot for them at that lower elevation.   Then they rented a house in Jaramillo Arriba (up high). another suburb of Boquete which is at a 5,000 foot elevation.  Steve loved the weather there but Maria thought it was too cold.  So, now they are at their third rental house in Santa Lucia, (another suburb of Boquete) which is at about 3,800 feet.  So far, so good.  They both like the neighborhood and the weather.  Santa Lucia is only 2 miles to downtown Boquete which is a big plus too.

Las Olas Condos Panama

Steve and Ellen moved to Playa Blanca, near Coronado, with their 11 year old son.  But after a few months of $350 electric bills and no kids around for their son to play with, they realized they needed to move to a different area.  The heat and humidity of living near the beach was not what they expected.  Now they live in an area where they don’t even need an air conditioner so their electric bill is 90% less and there are plenty of other children around.

Jim and Nancy rented a condo with a beautiful ocean view.  Luckily they signed a short term lease like I advise during the tours.  After living in the condo for a month they discovered two things which made them so glad they did not buy.  First, there was very little ocean breeze so it was always hot and muggy unless they spent $300 a month to run the air conditioner.  But to make matters even worse, they discovered that more than half of the condos where rentals.  They never knew who was going to be living next to them and most tenants who came for a few nights were interested in partying.  It was like living in a hotel!

Just imagine if they had gone on one of those real estate tours!  They could have been pressured in to buying a house or condo that just did not have the weather that made them feel comfortable.

In Panama, you can drive just 30 minutes and experience completely different weather including the temperature, the amount of rain, the amount of sunshine, wind, cloud cover, views, and other factors.  Even for investment purposes, it is not a good idea to rush in to buying anything in Panama.

view from Carla black Panama

It’s easy to buy, but it could take years to sell.  So you need to make absolutely sure you love the area where you have chosen to relocate to and that you like living in Panama, before you make a buying decision.  Rent first!.

Going on a real estate tour is one way to see only hand-selected parts of Panama where the tour operator is getting paid a commission.  Sure, you will see some of Panama, but you certainly won’t learn everything you need to know about relocating or retiring in Panama.  And I assure you that you will get the sugar-coated version about life in Panama on a real estate tour, not the REALITY version of what life is really like in Panama.

During a Panama Relocation Tour, we do show you a few rentals each day.  If you’re considering moving to Panama, you’ll want to see what the housing is like in a variety of different prices.  But there is absolutely no real estate sales.

My job during the Panama Relocation Tour is to educate you about how to relocate to Panama with ease, to tell you all the things that will keep you out of trouble and help you avoid costly mistakes (like buying real estate too soon).  Once you know exactly what to expect about relocating to Panama, it takes the fear of moving to Panama away.  Plus, you have access to me even after the tour to ask questions or get help with whatever you need.   During the tours, you won’t get the sugar-coated version of what life is like in Panama.  I won’t leave out the bad stuff (and there is bad stuff).  And I don’t have anything to sell.

It is impossible for you to make an informed decision about retiring or relocating to Panama unless you learn about the good and the bad and the darn frustrating aspects of living in a foreign country.


You can discover Panama up close and personal during a 6-day all inclusive Panama Relocation Tour. You pay one flat fee for 6 days of seeing the real Panama, not slide shows. You’ll travel in a new extra comfortable bus throughout Panama. We keep the tour size small so everyone gets personal attention. While we are traveling from one location to another, I’ll be conducting a rolling conference to teach you what you need to know to relocate. What’s included? All ground transportation, all hotels, all meals, and a Copa flight back to Panama city. Plus you’ll learn everything you need to know to successfully relocate to Panama.

You’ll get to actually see Gorgona, Coronado, San Carlos, Santa Clara, El Valle, Chitre, Las Tablas, Santiago, Las Lajas Beach, David, Boquete, Volcancito, Volcan, Bambito and Cerro Punta. Plus we will travel though a lot of other towns. No slide shows. No photoshop pictures. You get to really see Panama.

You’ll meet expats in each area. They will discuss what their life is like in Panama. I don’t screen what they will say except “no sales pitches please”. No sugar coating. You’ll hear the truth.. both the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. You’ll learn the pros and cons of living in each area. That’s not all…. you’ll also meet with Panamanians to hear what they think about expats living in their country and how you can make friends and “fit in” quickly.

Since 2010, we’ve been offering Panama Relocation Tours. We’ve completed 122 relocation tours and helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.  We’re known throughout Panama as the “Retire in Panama Experts”!   Read what some have to say about Panama Relocation Tours and Jackie Lange, it’s founder:

It’s Not a Tour, It’s an Adventure! said Bob and Sally Lewis from my January 2015 tour.
They added … Besides all the great info you are going to get, you see so much of the country, will make some wonderful friends, that you will want to sell your house as soon as you get back home, like my wife Sally and I are going to do!! Jackie does incredible things to personalize the tour, like having a freshly baked Birthday Cake at dinner on my wife’s Birthday!! You don’t spend money on this tour, you INVEST it!!

You’ll learn about budgets in each area of Panama. Some areas are more expensive than others. Some areas are incredible bargains. Each areas has it’s pros and cons which we will discuss during the tour.

Jacqui is renting a one-bedroom house for $600 a month in Las Tablas. She is 5 minutes to the Pacific Ocean. Las Tablas has just about anything you’d need but Chitre is only 30 minutes away and it has even more shopping options. Chitre also has movie theaters and bowling alleys.

Doug is renting a 2 bedroom 2 bath with spectacular views in Boquete for $600. He has a 1/2 acre lot with coffee plants, bananas, avacados and oranges.

Colin and Sue are renting a 2-bedroom 2-bath in Cerro Punta for $400. The views are incredible (see photo below). You will get to see the many of these rental properties. No slideshows. You get to walk through the house and the yard and talk to the expat tenants. There are pros and cons to living in each area. You’ll learn exactly what they are so you can make an informed decision about where to relocate to in Panama (if you decide Panama is right for you).

Soup and Sue Campbell

YES, you will get to see real estate during the Panama Relocation Tour! You’ll see condos for rent near Coronado. You’ll get to visit expats in their homes, find out what they paid for rent, and learn about their experiences living in Panama.    We will see rentals in various areas ( but there is no commission being paid for any real estate).  We will even visit the furnished house I rented for $600 a month when I moved to Panama which now rents for $695. Sometimes we look at a property or two in Volcan too.  As we drive through or past various neighborhoods, I will tell you what homes cost and what they rent for so you’ll have a general idea of prices in Panama.  The information I provide is based on talking to a LOT of expats in that area.

You’ll get to see the beaches, the towns, and the mountains. We’ll visit a farmer’s market so you can see the variety of fruits and vegetables available.

Farmer's Market in Panama

We’ll stay at a first class all-inclusive resort next to the Pacific Ocean the first day of the tour.  The second night we stay at a funky multi-colored hotel that everyone says is their favorite place.   It has a pool with a waterfall.  And then we spend three nights at a hotel in Boquete which is next to a river.  The fresh air and sounds of the river will lull you to sleep.

Panama Relocation Tours Bijao

You’ll see some amazing sunsets over the ocean or the mountains. And you’ll probably see more stars in Panama than you have ever seen before.

Sunset in Panama

We’ll visit grocery stores. You get to walk the aisles to see if your favorite products are available. You can compare prices of imported vs. local products. Yes we have Butterball Turkey in Panama. You won’t hear this at the international conferences but the truth is that some grocery stores are terrible. Luckily there is almost always a great grocery store close by through.

Grocery Store in Panama

We’ll visit department stores so you can see the great bargains which are available in Panama. You’ll also see electronic stores and furniture stores so you can compare prices and help you decide what to bring to Panama and what to just buy here.

You’ll even have time to visit with a doctor or take a tour of a hospital. We think you’ll be surprised at how the doctors in Panama really put the “care” back into health care! .

Punta Pacifica Hospital

Get the real scoop on health insurance options. Or why you may want to self-insure because medical care is so affordable. Discover why you could pay 50% more if you use an insurance broker instead of going direct.  You’ll get information about the international health insurance I $2100 a year for.. and I’m covered in the US, Panama, or anywhere in the world.

Learn how to bring your pet in to Panama. There’s a process but it is well worth it to bring your furry family members. My cat moved to Panama with me. She traveled In-Cabin. She loves living in Panama as much as I do!

Bring Pets to Panama

We’ll eat at upscale restaurants but also have lunch at some $4 a meal restaurants with excellent food. This is the REAL Panama which you won’t find on luxury real estate buying tours.   There will always be vegetarian or gluten free selections too.

Panama Relocation Tours Coronado

You’ll learn the easiest way to buy a car in Panama and why it is better if you do not ship a car to Panama.

Experience the real Panama! You never know what you might see when you are traveling through Panama. During one tour there was a truck with an elephant in the back. It was headed to a circus. Sometimes a parade breaks out. You will certainly see trucks full of bananas or plantains. Or sacks of 100 oranges for $4

Panama Parade

You will meet with a Panama attorney to learn about your visa options, buying real estate and setting up a business in Panama. This is NOT the kind of attorney who does the seminar circuits and charges twice as much because she has to pay a commission to the real estate tour operators. Oh no! You’ll meet an attorney who has one focus only… to make sure you get your visa quickly and at the best price in Panama and that you don’t make any mistakes when renting or buying a property in Panama. (Yes, the real estate tour operators get commissions from multiple sources.. and all at your expense by charging you more!)

Discover the real Panama! You’ll see beautiful flowers and lush green trees everywhere we go. But to be honest, you’ll also see some areas that have trash alongside the road. You may smell some septic tanks that need to be cleaned out. You’ll see people riding horses next to the highway and probably see some roosters too. And there will be dogs walking around like the own the town. This is the real Panama!

Panama Flowers

You’ll get to touch, feel, smell, hear, and experience the real Panama up close and personal. During the 6-day all inclusive tour, you’ll travel 1200 kilometers (745 miles) to discover which part of Panama could be your new home. Leave the driving to my professional driver who knows every square inch of Panama.

We’ll look at some real estate in each areas but, unlike those real estate tours, we stress that you should NOT buy anything until you’ve been living in Panama at least 6 months… 12 months is even better. We don’t try to sell you anything. But we know you want to see what houses and condos look like in various price points so we visit some properties.

You’ll learn the 4 most important questions you need to ask before you rent any property.

Whew! It sounds like a lot already but I actually cover even more. You’ll learn how to fund your freedom overseas without getting a job. And much more…..

The 6-day all inclusive Panama Relocation Tour is the best way to get a “feel” for Panama, learn how to relocate, explore a variety of area, and discover if Panama is right for you. You’ll feel safe with my professional bi-lingual driver, English speaking tour guide, and being with a group of people who are also considering relocating to Panama.

Moving to Panama is a big decision. It is important for you to have all the information you need before you decide to relocate. (and certainly before you buy anything) It’s also important to learn the good as well as the not so good before you pull the trigger and decide to move. I honestly think the only way you can discover Panama is to travel around the country. You can’t sit in a conference room in Panama City to learn what life is like living in Panama. You need to see the various areas for yourself. You need to talk to people who live there. And you need to explore the housing options and prices.  And you certainly don’t want to just see one real estate project after another with high pressure sales tactics around every corner.


Panama Relocation Guide

We know that some people would rather explore Panama on their own and not with a group.  So, we created the Online Panama Relocation Guide.  It has all the same information that you’d get during a tour, including our rolodex of reliable (and affordable) immigration lawyers, honest real estate agents and property managers, how to get your pets in to Panama, how to save 40% when you buy health insurance in Panama, and much more.

The Online Panama Relocation Guide will soon include some suggested itineraries so you can do a self-guided tour and know where to stay, what restaurants to check out, where the expat hang outs are, and learn where to go shopping.  The Online Panama Relocation Guide has information about honest (no high-pressure) property managers in each area of Panama who can show you some rental houses.   The Online Guide has information about the best places to live including budgets too!

If you have any questions about the Panama Relocation Tours, please email us.

Here’s what some of Panama Relocation Tours previous tour clients have to say…


I usually don’t write reviews; however, I find that reviewing the Panama Relocation Tour was imperative if it would help others who may be contemplating a move there. Firstly, I would like to applaud the great folks of Panama Relocation Tours who arrange such a great service to those of us who are seeking to change a major part of our existence….where we might live overseas!

This tour is well done and very organized. They left nothing half-done, and from the time of my arrival to the time of my departure, all components of the trip ran like a well oiled machine! The tour takes you all across the country, in an effort to accommodate the pet peeves of various personalities-you know, the “some like it hot, and some like it cool” folks!

While the owner Jackie Lange was not able to conduct our tour due to family reasons, I want to offer kudos to our tour hosts Ellen and Elaine, who were phenomenal. However, I still hope to meet “the famous” Jackie in Panama one day, and pick her brain about her experiences. She has the right folks working with her that kept the drum beating, without clients feeling that they had missed out on a full complete substantive tour. I feel my tour most definitely, was of the same caliber and high standard of the ones I watched others rave about.

When the world gets back to some normalcy, I urge and even implore anyone who may be thinking of moving to Panama to take this tour!

P.S. I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to Dustin & Melissa, who were fantastic in the initial administrative portion of the tour-great job! A big fist bump to Jorge the driver, who can drive a bus like no other. We always arrived safely at our destination, for him always being a kind face, and assisting with whatever he could to make the experience a more rewarding one.

Jackie Dacus
March 2020 Tour


Buenas! I took the Panama Relocation Tour from 9/27 – 10/4 and wow, what an experience. Jackie and her team are professional, pleasant, very thoughtful, and incredibly knowledgeable. I’ve been researching Panama and had a good bit of information from different sources, including the PRT website, emails, conference calls and YouTube channel, as well as various expat groups on Facebook and the internet. With all of this I still wanted to talk with a few people to ask questions and hear their experiences of Panama, and see the Country for myself. The Panama Relocation Tour provided all of that and more. Jackie provides detailed information both verbally and in writing, answers every single question or refers you to a resource if she doesn’t know, and shares her contacts within Panama for legal advice, banking, real estate, etc. And with all of this there is no selling at all. None. I never felt any pressure to use the specific people that Jackie mentions, or buy at the businesses that she pointed out.

Another valuable aspect of the tour was the sense of community that I felt with the other participants. I started the tour on Friday 9/27 not knowing a soul, and finished on Friday, 10/4 having had a conversation, a cup of coffee or a glass of wine (or 3 – ha!) with nearly everyone on the tour. It was a fairly large group so that was pretty cool. This sense of community extended to the expats that have already moved to Panama. We had lunch or dinner with several expats and I had a chance to chat one-on-one and exchange information with a few of them. Everyone we met was super helpful and open to answering our questions.

Ultimately, the most important thing that I wanted from the tour was an experience of Panama in person. The tour did not disappoint. We visited areas from the swanky, to boho, to majestic, to regular neighborhoods. Beaches, rivers, mountains with incredible trees, green rolling hills and cozy-looking valleys. So much beauty in or around every area. There was balance, so we also visited supermarkets, malls, pharmacies and even a weekly farmer’s market to see what normal prices and selections are like. We experienced various microclimates from the summery heat of Panama City to the delicious coolness of Boquete.

I would definitely recommend the Panama Relocation Tour. Jackie and team deliver accurate, current information in a well-organized manner. I now have the information that I need to make a decision on moving to Panama. But don’t take my word for it – go see for yourself! Ciao!

Vee Fergie
September 2019 Tour

 WATCH VIDEO of John and Donna from the December 2019 Tour

Barbara and Merl Will-Wallace

There are a lot of seminars and tours you can take on living in Panama, but my wife, Barbara, and I feel that Jackie Lange’s ‘Panama Relocation Tour’ is by far the best bet for your money. The main reason we feel this way is not just the tour. For the year following our tour we continued to bombard Jackie with a series of questions and inquiries. Jackie always responded with the answers we needed, even when we were asking almost the same question over and over. Her contacts that she provides during the tour are also great resources, ready and willing to help.

Barbara and I are now living in Boquete, Panama and settling into the expat life in our new home. I don’t know if we would have made it this soon, or if the transition had been as smooth without Jackie’s ongoing help and support. The sign of a great tour is not just what you get on the tour, but the support after. Jackie’s ongoing email updates are also continuing to help us make ongoing decisions in Panama, like what to do next about healthcare. Thank you Jackie for all your help.Merl & Barbara Will-Wallace
April 2014 tour participants


I took the January 2016 relocation tour.  First off, Jackie and her daughter have a well-oiled system that manages all the arrangements so you may relax and enjoy the trip,  start to finish.  Accommodations are great, the tour bus is very comfortable, the food is awesome, and on top of that, you have Jackie giving you all the information you need to make a move to Panama.  And even if Jackie is not able to answer a question for you, she surely knows someone that can.  Her knowledge about Panama and finances is extraordinary!!  To this day, I am still in contact with her on a regular basis asking questions and she is always getting back to me right away with the answers I need.  Even if you decide Panama is not for you, the tour is an eye-opener about Panama, lots of fun, and you get to meet people from all over the world.  Highly recommended!!
Laura Kasparian
January 2016 Tour


I’ve been to Panama three times prior to this tour, but I saw and learned more on the Panama Relocation Tour than my previous trips combined!  Jackie and Melissa (stateside) run a well organized, on-time tour, and Jackie provides real insight into the good and bad points about individual areas.  Not only does she run a hugely informative tour, but Jackie goes much further—she takes great care of her people (past and present tour attendees), and she is a superb role model for how a good expat should behave and live in Panama.  She’s the best!Richard B.
Dec. 2015 Tour


About a year ago I found an article about retiring in Panama, I sent the article to my sister because she was based there many years ago and always had good things to say about the country. I just figured she would want to read about retiring there since she loved it so but then I went back and read the article again. The benefits offered under this Pensionado Visa was something I couldn’t overlook. I started searching to find out more about Panama when I came across Panama Relocation Tours. I started reading the testimonies and looking at videos and was convinced this tour was for me. I told my sister about it and she was on board. After almost year wait, I finally got my turn to experience what a lot of people were talking and writing positively about. I was on the #117 tour which occurred in January and what an awesome experience it was for me as I never been to Panama. I can say this “on my own I would have been clueless of all that’s involved in making Panama my new home”. The tour met my expectations and more because now I have the tools and awareness to make solid decisions.

Jackie the tour host and her assistant Ellen were the best! They were able to answer all the questions asked and made me feel comfortable through the whole tour. I would recommend this tour to anyone thinking about moving to Panama it was a wise investment for me that will pay off. Jackie and Ellen will give you their undivided attention and share their knowledge of the country they call home.

The booklet that is given out on the first day of the tour is now my guide that will assist in making my transition smooth. Jackie also shares valuable tips and information that you will only get if you take the tour. I’m so appreciative that I was able to tour this beautiful country with such wonderful hosts.

Thanks Jackie and Ellen!!

Toni Lee

January 2020 Tour

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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    what tours do you have for Septermber 2019?

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      HI Richard. Thanks for your interest in Panama Relocation Tours. Unfortunately, our September tours are already sold out. The next available tour is November 1st. See all the tour dates at

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      Thanks for your interest in Panama Relocation Tours. The 6-day 7-night ALL-inclusive Panama Relocation Tour is $2400 for one person in a private room or $4000 for two people in a room. It includes all hotels, all meals, ground transportation in our super comfortable bus, a domestic flight back to Panama City PLUS all the information you need to know to make a hassle-free stress-free relocation to Panama. You can see more details at

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    I am a single retired nurse in USA. I am considering Panama because I want to swim year round. Garden year round and enjoy a slower pace than America.

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      Jan, you can do all those things in Panama and it is definitely a much slower pace of life if you stay ot of Panama City

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