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About Us

Hello and Welcome to Panama Relocation Tours

I’m Jackie Lange owner of Panama Relocation Tours™ in Panama. I’ve lived in 4 countries, visited 26 countries, and moved 22 times so I know a lot about relocating…..even relocating overseas.

Here’s the story about how I accidentally started Panama Relocation Tours:

My husband and I decided we wanted to leave the heat of Texas and move to a different country. We were looking for spring-like weather where we’d never need air conditioning or a heater again. We were also looking for a more stable economy and government than the United States.

After two years of research and visiting many different countries we finally visited Panama. We flew into Tocumen International Airport in Panama City, then got a taxi to Albrook Airport to fly to David which is on the Western side of Panama. In David, we rented a car with the plan to take 14 days to drive back to Panama City and visit several towns along the way.

We spent time in Volcan, Bambito, Cerro Punta, Boquete, David, Santa Clara, San Carlos, Coronado, and El Valle.

We fell in love with Boquete as soon as we saw it. Boquete is a small town (about 25,000 people) in a valley that is completely surrounded by mountains. Everyone was very friendly and there were many expats from many different countries. The natural beauty was just breath-taking. The air was fresh and the weather was like springtime… year-round. We decided this paradise was where we would move to.

Boquete Panama
Boquete Panama

When we returned to Texas, I told all my real estate investor friends about Panama, the hidden gem. (I’ve been an investor since 1992 and do online training for real estate investors) Several of my investor friends said they would like to go with me when I visited Panama again. They didn’t want to come to a foreign country alone. Within a few weeks, I had 8 real estate investor friends who wanted to come and see Panama so I rented a bus and driver to take us around Panama.

By the way, I got into real estate investing after being a stay-at-home Mom for 12 years. I was unemployable after being out of the workforce for so long. But I was able to teach myself ways to make money with real estate which did not require much cash or risks. These same techniques work in Panama too!

There were 8 people on the first tour in 2010. Soon other people were calling asking about getting on my Panama Tours. So, the Panama Relocation Tour Company was born.

Our objective with all tours is to show you what life would “really” be like living in Panama. You won’t get the rose-colored glasses tour. Instead, you’ll see the real Panama. And you’ll get to meet with many ex-pats to get their viewpoint too. You’ll learn all the things you need to do to make a smooth transition when relocating to Panama.

Panama has so much opportunity for people of all ages. You’ll learn all about the various visa opportunities during the tour.

Panama Relocation Tours attracts people from all over the world, in all age groups, not just retirees.

Melissa Relaxing
Melissa at Las Lajas Beach Panama

Panama Relocation Tours ™ does NOT sell real estate. In fact, I advise everyone on the tours to not buy a home until they have rented for at least 6-12 months. That gives you time to know if Panama is right for you and to decide which area you like best.

When I moved to Panama, I rented for more than a year before I bought a house. I was in no hurry to buy because I was paying $600 per month for a fully furnished house on several acres with spectacular views. When you see my views you’ll understand why I LOVE living in Panama.

When you call to get information about a tour or the Online Panama Relocation Guide, you’ll probably talk to my daughter Melissa. She lives in Austin, Texas now; but lived in Panama in 2013 and spends a lot of time in Panama every year.

dustin and mariana panama relocation tours

Panama Relocation Tours is a family business.

My son, Dustin, manages the website and online marketing. He will help coordinate your trip to Panama and makes sure all hotels and restaurants are reserved for the tour. Dustin is the most organized person I know and helps keep the tours running smoothly. He may respond to your email inquires about a specific tour.

Mariana is my beautiful daughter-in-law. She also helps with marketing. You may have seen her in some of your YouTube videos.

It’s a TEAM EFFORT to put on a successful Panama Relocation Tour! Hundreds of hours go into each tour before it even begins!

We also recruited excellent tour guides who help with the tours. They have all lived in Panama for a long time like Ellen and Steve (picture below). After coming on a Panama Relocation Tours six years ago, they moved to a beach community near Coronado. But after 6 months they decided the heat and humidity were not for them so they moved to Boquete with their son. They are a fantastic addition to the Panama Relocation Tours team!

If you’re going to relocate to Panama, we think it is important that you meet Panamanians! We’re joined every day during the tour by a 51-year-old Panamanian, Jorge, who was born and raised in Panama. He’s been working with Panama Relocation Tours for 9 years. He’s the most professional and dependable driver in Panama! He loves visiting with you and answering your questions. Jorge will share his tips about what you need to do to be well respected by Panamanians and what you should not do. He’s part of the family too!

jorge panama relocation tours

So, combined, Jorge and I have more than 68 YEARS of experience living and working in Panama!

During every tour, we will meet with expats for lunch and/or dinner in Panama City, Coronado, Santa Clara, Chitre or Las Tablas, Las Lajas, Boquete, Volcan, and other places too. Meeting people in many different areas will help you make an informed decision about where to live.

If you ask 100 expats what they think about living in Panama, you will get 100 different answers. Most will say they LOVE living in Panama. I sure do!!!!

Instead of sitting in a classroom at a fancy hotel in Panama City, we provide a real “boots on the ground” tour from one end of Panama to the other so you can see THE REAL Panama. We feel that Panama Relocation Tours is the best way you can really make an intelligent decision about relocating to Panama.

Alternately, you can go on a Private Tour or a Self-Guided Tour of the area(s) you are most interested in. But, it’s definitely important for you to see Panama before you make a decision to relocate. As much as we love living in Panama, we know it’s not right for everyone.

Our May 2021 tour was our 136th Panama Relocation Tours. We have the experience you can trust… and need.. to make a life-changing decision to relocate to Panama. We know exactly what information you need to know to make a smooth and affordable relocation to Panama!  We have hundreds of 5-star reviews from previous tour clients on our website, on Facebook, and on YouTube.

Come on an all-inclusive 7-night 6-day Panama Relocation Tour to discover if Panama is right for you or get the Online Panama Relocation Guide to get the same information online so you can learn at your own pace.

We really look forward to helping you relocate to beautiful Panama.

– Jackie Lange

P.S.  You probably have a lot of questions before you make the decision to come on a tour or buy the Online Guide.

Please email us or call +1 972-496-4500

P.S. Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain