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Our 6-day Panama Relocation Tours are a great way to get a thorough overview of the most popular places to live in Panama and learn all the things you need to know to have a smooth relocation.

But if you’ve already done a lot of research and have a “shortlist” of places you are considering relocating to, our Private Tours may be better for you.  A Private Tour is a 2-3 day tour in a specific town/area.  A Private Tour is fully customized to do and see the things you are most interested in.  And, a Private Tour will only have you or your family and the Private Tour Guide.

A Private Tour is also ideal for

Those who do not want to take a group tour

Our group tours are sold out on the days you want

Fully customized tour based on your needs

Prefers to focus on specific areas versus all of Panama

A Private Tour Guide will share their knowledge and passion in the town where they live.  They understand the local customs, neighborhoods, shopping places, pros and cons, and more.  They have the local experience, relationships, and knowledge, allowing them to provide a worry-free, life-enriching experience.  Most of the Private Tour Guides are bi-lingual.  The Private Tour Guides were selected because of their knowledge about life in Panama and the specific area you are interested in.  Your Private Tour Guide will give you the “inside scoop” about the town you are most interested in relocating to.  Because of their expertise, you’ll leave the Private Tour with a deeper understanding of what life is like in the town you explore.  Yes, you’ll see the REAL Panama without sugar-coating.

BASIC PRIVATE TOUR COSTS:  $200-$300 per day with a 2-day minimum (price depends on itinerary). The price is per couple or 1-2 people in the same room.
DATES:  You decide!  It’s completely customized to your schedule!

ALL-INCLUSIVE VIP PRIVATE TOUR: $500-$600 per day with a 2-day minimum (price depends on itinerary and hotel) The price is per couple or 1-2 people in the same room.
DATES:  You decide!  It’s completely customized to your schedule!


A Basic Private Tour does not include hotels but your Private Tour Guide can make recommendations for you to fit your budget and needs. They will meet you at your hotel to start your Private Tour.  A Basic Private Tour includes transportation during your tour, making arrangements for you to see and do the things you want to accomplish, see rentals that fit your budget, and lunch.  They will share their wealth of information about living in the area.

The All-Inclusive VIP Private Tour includes pick-up at the nearest airport or bus station the day before your tour begins, hotel during your tour, three meals a day plus snacks, transportation during your tour, making arrangements for you to see and do the things you want to accomplish, and see rentals that fit your budget.  They will share their wealth of information about living in the area.

You may want to do a two-day Private Tour in one area, then do a two-day Private Tour in a different area to see how they compare.


The Private Tour Guides are experts about the town where they live.  But they are not relocation experts.  So, to learn all the things you need to know to relocate to Panama, you’ll need the Online Panama Relocation Guide.  It contains detailed information about relocating to Panama. The Online Guide has the same information that you’d get from a 6-day Panama Relocation Tour, including important contacts for which immigration lawyer to use, honest real estate agents, how to bring pets into Panama, where to buy health insurance, and so many other things you’ll need to know to have a smooth move to Panama.  You’ll also get access to our exclusive private forum where you can interact and ask questions of people who have already moved to the area you are interested in.

FIRST, you will need to purchase the Online Panama Relocation Guide HERE.  The cost is $595.  You’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to all Private Tour Guides’ names and contact information when you purchase the Online Panama Relocation Guide.   We also included a photo of your Private Tour Guide and a brief Bio so you can get to know your Guide.

SECOND, you will need to contact the Private Tour Guide by email, phone or Whatsapp to confirm the dates you want to take a tour.  Your Private Tour will ask several questions about what you’d like to accomplish during your Private Tour.  Tell your Private Tour Guide where you want to go and what you’d like to accomplish, then we’ll help formulate a custom tour to fit your exact needs.  Of course, they’ll be glad to make suggestions too!  Private tours are usually from 9 am to 4 pm, but we can adjust the time to fit your schedule. The Private Tour Guides will make sure you have an amazing experience. Your Private Tour Guide will customize the tour to exactly what you want to see, do, and learn!

Here’s what Sean had to say about his Private Tour in the Azuero:

My Private Tour Guides spent two full days showing me around the entire Las Tablas and Chitre areas. We visited at least 10 rentals on several beaches, including Playa Uverito, Playa Estero, and Pedasi. Having lived in the area for many years, they are both very knowledgeable about day to day needs of ex-pats looking to move to the area. We went to supermarkets, barbers, pharmacies, food stands, and our Private Tour Guide took the time to find my car rental place and talk with them about a problem with my rental. My Tour Guide took me to buy some pants when it got too hot in my long jeans, and they were very inexpensive. My Private Tour Guides answered all my questions about the area, rentals, internet service upgrades, and even met a few ex-pats along the way. Lunch was delightful at a small but very clean Panamanian restaurant in Pedasi. Contacting them was very easy and friendly on WhatsApp; they even booked my bed and breakfast for three nights before I arrived. After touring with them, I feel confident that I will move there when my time in Boquete is completed and start a new adventure on the beach! I would highly recommend them to any Panama Relocation Tours members if they are in the Las Tablas / Chitre areas.

The Complete Panama Relocation GuideWe have Private Tour Guides for:

Panama City

Coronado area including Gorgona, Chame, San Carlos, Santa Clara, and Rio Hato

El Valle

Azuero including Chitre, Las Tablas, Pedasi, and all beach areas near these towns

David (and the beach areas to the east or west of David)



Bocas del Toro

Panama Gorgona Bahia


To help you decide which area is best for you, read the article, The Best Places to Retire in Panama (good for non-retirees too!)


boquete panama


During your Private Tour, your Guide can arrange for:

see rentals within your budget

meet honest real estate agents/property managers

see a variety of different neighborhoods

discuss the town’s pros and cons

shopping and restaurant options

meet a doctor and check med availability at a pharmacy

have lunch or dinner with expats

entertainment or tourists excursions

a private meeting with an immigration lawyer

plus whatever else you would like to do or see

panama rental gorgona


Between the Private Tour and the information in the Online Panama Relocation Guide, you will come away with the knowledge you need to relocate confidentially and seamlessly to Panama.

You get Ongoing Support before, during, and after moving to Panama!  With the Online Panama Relocation Guide, you’ll get exclusive lifetime access to our private community where we are readily available to answer your questions and help you have a smooth move to Panama.


To get the most out of your Private Tour, it’s important to clearly communicate with your Private Tour Guide what you want to see and do. If you want to see rentals, define the maximum price and what features the house/condo needs to have. Understand that what you are looking for may not be available in certain areas. For example, if you want a $1000 a month 3-bedroom 2-bath house with a pool facing the ocean, that is not going to happen in Panama City or Coronado. But there are other areas where that property is available.

If you want to meet with your immigration attorney during your Private Tour, be sure to let your Private Tour Guide know so they can add that to your customized itinerary.

In addition, tell your private tour guide what you are NOT interested in seeing. By clearly communicating what you do and do not want to see or learn about, your Private Tour Guide can create the ideal itinerary. Of course, your Private Tour Guide can make suggestions too.

To get the best experience during your Private Tour, only pick a Private Tour Guide from our list in the area you are interested in. For example, if you want to learn about living in Panama City and see rentals in Panama City, you should only pick a Private Tour Guide from our Panama City list. If you want to learn about living in Volcan and see rentals in Volcan, you should only pick a Private Tour Guide from the Volcan list.

LISTEN TO THIS SHORT AUDIO — Jim and Marilyn talk about their experience on a Private Tour in the Azuero

These Private Tours are available on a first-come, first-served basis. In some towns, we have multiple Private Tour Guides. But in some areas, we only have one expert Private Tour Guide.

get started

Order Online Guide Then Book a Private Tour

BOOK EARLY to make sure you get the dates you need for a Private Tour. These Private Tours will fill up fast!  Sign up early to secure your dates.

Buy the Online Panama Relocation Guide to get INSTANT ACCESS to the Private Tour Guide information.

This is what Ken and Linda Miller had to say about their Private Tour:

Our private tour with Penny was perfect for us because of her vast knowledge of Panama and other Latin American countries and culture.
Her ability to adapt to our schedule, introduction to other ex-pats, neighborhoods, maintaining a cheerful disposition, and insight really helped us make an informed choice.
The only drawback was that I think our two-day tour was too short to meet with doctors, open a bank account due to rule changes, and find a rental. But, that can happen on a
limited budget. However, we saw enough to come right back!

Thank you so much for offering this more affordable option.

See what Queen has to say about the Online Panama Relocation Guide and her Private Tour

Panama Expat Services!  When you decide to move to Panama, we’ll be your “go-to” person to help you with everything you need to be done, like getting a driver’s license, getting a cell phone, setting up utilities, transportation needs, and more.  You’ll have an instant resource in Panama plus access to our private community.


expat couple in PanamaNot Employees:  The Private Tour Guides are NOT Panama Relocation Tour employees. They are independent contractors. You will pay for them directly. Panama Relocation Tours does not get a commission on any of the Private Tours. Panama Relocation Tours will not be involved in coordinating your Private Tour.

COVID Rules: You will be required to provide a negative Covid test (PCR or Antigen) that is not more than 48 hours old to get into Panama.  If your test is older than 48 hours old, you may be required to get retested at Tocumen International Airport for $50.  Check with your airline for their requirements for getting on the flight.  Panama requires that you wear a mask when you are in public or going into stores. Covid rules could change with short notice.  We’ll keep you updated on Facebook and by email, but you should also check with your airlines and the Panama Embassy.

Self-Guided Tour: The Online Panama Relocation Guide also contains information about how to do a self-guided tour too.

Refund Policy:  You will pay cash to your Private Tour Guide when your tour begins.  If you need to cancel, notify your guide as soon as possible, ideally 30 days in advance.  They may, or may not, be willing to reschedule you.  There are no refunds for the Online Panama Relocation Guide.

 Watch this video of Carolyn talking about her experience with the Online Panama Relocation Guide and her Private Tour


Live a stress-free life in PanamaCan you add a 3rd or 4th person?
You’ll need to ask your Private Tour Guide if they can accommodate additional family members on your Private Tour and what the fee would be, if any.

Can you book hotels for us?
Yes, your Private Tour Guide can book hotels or bed and breakfast rooms for you.  The cost of the hotel rooms is not included in your Basic Private Tour. All-Inclusive Private Tours include your hotel accommodations and three meals a day.

Panama Relocation Tours does not help with hotel reservations for Private Tours, but you can see recommendations for hotels in the self-guided tour section in the Online Panama Relocation Guide.

Do you offer airport pick up?
In some areas, yes, your Basic Private Tour Guide can offer airport pick up for an additional fee.  The All-Inclusive Private Tours include airport pick up at the nearest airport or bus depot pick up.

Can we add extra days to see more at the end of our Private Tour?
Your Private Tour Guide will likely have another tour scheduled immediately after your tour.  If that is the case, they cannot add days to your tour.  When you call or email to book your Private Tour, discuss with your Private Tour guide what you’d like to accomplish during your tour so they can make a recommendation of how many days you will need for your Private Tour.

How do I pay for my Private Tour Guide?
You will pay cash to your Private Tour Guide on the first day of your tour.


Boquete Private Tour:

I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation for the 2 days of touring with Maury . Her positive attitude and passion for her country clearing comes through. She made sure we did every single thing on my wish list and more. The flexibility and professionalism was truly outstanding. Her knowledge of the areas regarding history was very interesting. She pointed out the good and the bad honestly, which I truly appreciated. My plan is to call on her again for more touring and learning. Thank you for having such a wonderful guide available to help make a smooth transition to live in Panama. Muchas Gracias!  Linda R

Boquete Private Tour
I had Penny as my private tour guide from December 4-6,2020. Little did I realize that not only was Penny a tour guide par excellence but that she assisted me with many details I could not have done for myself due to arriving in Panama with severe back pain. She showed me around David, assisted my with getting a Panama phone number, took me in and around various areas and neighborhoods in Boquete, in restaurants and grocery stores. She took me to a golf course near and far from Boquete. She helped me the very first night when I was unable to get into my Air BNB and made arrangements for me to stay at her house. She made an appointment for me with a chiropractor who resolved the cause of the back problem and then took me to the clinic to get a prescription for medication for the back pain and then to the pharmacy. Due to her knowing so many people she helped me find an apt through word of mouth on the 2nd day of the tour. I would not have been able to go around with a realtor following the tour. I am very grateful that I had Penny as my tour guide and would highly recommend her. She is not only very knowledgeable about all things Panama and Boquete but she is a very kind and caring person who went above and beyond what was expected. Dee

Coronado Private Tour
Carlos helped us a lot and even booked our hotel in San Carlos on the beach. He picked us up at Tocumen Airport (17 November 2020) and brought us to the Hotel in San Carlos. The price for this ride was $ 90 which is very reasonable for a 2 hour ride. The next day he and his girlfriend Louisa picked us up at the hotel at 9:00 am. They were always wearing their masks just like us and that made us feel very safe. They showed us the beach area from Rio Hato to Nueva Gorgona and visited beautiful apartments. We have visited the fish market, shops, restaurants, etc. We had lunch in a very nice restaurant in Coronado. We drove past the hospital. They told us how to go by bus. They knew we were also going to Panama City. Louise made a video on how to load a card to use on the bus and metro. We found this very thoughtful and easy. They still had a card that they no longer used and we got it from them. It was a very exciting day and we saw and learned a lot. The day after they took us to our hotel in Panama City. $ 90 and we thought it was worth it. They also provided a lot of information along the way. We really enjoyed this day. Thank you very much Carlos and Louise.
Abraham and Cornelia (from the Neatherlands)

I just finished the most incredible week in Panama which I owe to my fantastic guide
Carlos.  It isn’t possible to express all that Carlos offered in this short review, but I will do my best! He is not only one of the kindest people I have met, but he also went above and beyond for me on this trip. His prices are super reasonable for the service he provides. He picked me up from the city and took me to my hotel in San Carlos showing me all around the Coronado area. Carlos and his lovely girlfriend LuLa arranged everything! From different house showings, touring me around all the local areas and shops, taking me to the different international schools, anything I would need to know while living there, even helping me go to a local doctor to find out if I can have my insulin shipped to Coronado. They always included a delicious lunch at a local restaurant and even took me to El Valle for a beautiful morning hike down to a waterfall. They are truly special people providing a wonderful service tailored specifically to you and your individual needs! I set up my entire move and am now ready to move a few months from now thanks to them. I feel blessed I was guided their way. Carlos helped me make this transition happen in a stress-free way. I highly recommend using him as your guide if you are interested in moving to the Coronado area . You will be very happy you did 🙌  Jenine

Volcan Private Tour
We have arrived safely in Volcan, Panama. We are currently touring the area with Jorge. He is a gem! We have accomplished so much in the last two days. We have opened a bank account, gone grocery shopping, have gone to a pharmacy and checked medications availability and cost, got a Panama phone number, and have secured a short term rental. He has been extremely helpful in every process and we have truly enjoyed the pleasure of his company.

Our private guided tour with Jorge has been invaluable. We decided to spend a 3rd day with him. He is taking us to the Friday market where we will meet other expats and view all the products. He is taking us to open a mail service, and an internet/satellite provider. He has even contacted a doctor for us to meet later in the day. He has listened to all our interests and hobbies and suggested we take a drive to Rio Sereno where we can view the area for bicycle riding in the hills. Diane F.

Panama City Private Tour

Our tour guide was for 2 days in Panama city and surroundings. We had upfront already very intensive contact with our guide via WhatsApp, phone and email. We were very specific in what we wanted to do and see. Our tour guide has fulfilled all our wishes. On the first day he picked us up at our hotel right on time. We first went to see apartments in the area that we wanted to see. He had made an appointment with a real estate agent. She had listened very carefully to our tour guide about our wishes and we visited beautiful apartments exactly on the spot we prefer. We went to a golf course where we also viewed an apartment. We drove to a nice restaurant in Veracruz to have lunch with a view of the ocean and all the ships that were there. Our tour guide helped us very well with opening a bank account. We met an attorney to initiate our Pensionada visas. He also wrote a letter for Banistmo bank with which we could open a bank account very easily. At Banistmo Bank, it was quite easy to open a bank account with the letter from the attorney. We could never have done this without our tour guide’s help. We don’t speak Spanish yet 🙂🙂. We also visited the multiplaza shopping center. We went to Casco Viego and had lunch there. After lunch back to the hotel via the Amador Causeway. Our tour guide was very helpful and we could ask him anything. He looked for a solution for everything. A week later, after doing the tours with him, we called for help. We wanted to pick up our bank cards so we could use them immediately. (No Spanish so help was very welcome here) We also contacted our attorney a second time with the help of our tour guide. He was great all the time. We are still in touch with our tour guide and look forward to meet him again on our next visit in March 2021. We can wholeheartedly recommend a Private Tour. Bram and Corrie (from the Netherlands)

Come see how you can LIVE BETTER for LESS in Panama. Join us for a Private Panama Relocation tour.