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Moving to Panama is a big decision.  When you take a Panama Relocation Tour, you’ll learn all the things you need to know to make a smooth and affordable transition.

But we know it also helps to get answers to some of your questions before you even come on a Panama Relocation Tour.  Since 2010, we have hosted monthly LIVE Conference Calls to share information and answer your questions.  Sometimes the calls are a Q & A Call and sometimes we interview an expat who lives in Panama.

LISTEN TO THE REPLAY OF recordings of previous calls HERE.

We are currently doing YouTube live streams instead of conference calls. You can watch the previous live streams on our YouTube channel.

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DON’T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT!  This is what some folks who came on a tour or bought the Online Panama Relocation Guide have to say:

My husband and I had scheduled two tours with Panama Relocation Tours but due to COVID they were both canceled. We had no issues receiving our full refund and decided to go ahead and purchase the online relocation guide, which has been so helpful. Everything you could possibly want or need to know about relocating to Panama is in there. Jackie Lange and team are extremely responsive and helpful! We feel truly blessed to have crossed paths with PRT.  Kellie Stewart September 2020

Jackie Lange’s Panama Relocation Tour is an astoundingly well-organized, information-packed, and exceptionally useful way to learn whether Panama can work for you as an ex-pat destination. We were on the April 2019 tour. It was one of the most enjoyable and mind-opening vacations we’ve ever taken!

Be prepared — this tour is a non-stop immersion course about thriving in Panama. Jackie’s encyclopedic knowledge, wealth of personal contacts and many, many years of on-the-ground experience is laid out for you in riveting detail. You’ll learn all of the details and tricks that are key to making your move to and your life in Panama work out as you’ve dreamed. You’ll be fully informed about common ex-pat problems, pitfalls, and misconceptions, and you’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to avoid, minimize or embrace them. And you’ll get a book filled with every useful morsel, so you need never worry about taking notes. Perhaps most important, Jackie teaches and models a focused but laid-back mindset that is essential to ex-pat success.

The tour includes everything — rooms, meals, transportation, and of course Jackie’s amazing information. And from start to finish, it’s a consummately professional operation. As soon as you sign up for a tour, you’ll experience Melissa Lange’s (Jackie’s daughter) mastery of travel minutiae. You’ll get a series of emails describing every aspect of your tour, including the specifics of your hotel arrangements, airport pickups, and suggested packing lists. On arrival in Panama, you’ll be delighted by the charming, personal attention of Jackie’s English-speaking drivers.

On the tour, a comfortable, air-conditioned bus becomes your moving classroom. As you drive through a good fraction of Panama, Jackie will deliver her engaging, free-wheeling lectures from the front of the bus. From sandy beaches to verdant mountains, you’ll experience the full gamut of Panama’s climate, meet residents, and explore typical rental units. Unlike real estate sales trips, Jackie’s tour lays out in detail everything you need to fully consider before buying property in Panama. Her repeated mantra — rent first!

Besides Jackie and her endless knowledge, it’s the people you’ll encounter that makes this such an enjoyable and worthwhile trip. You’ll meet many ex-pat residents at lunches and dinners. The breadth and detail of their personal experiences provide wide-ranging and endlessly fascinating perspectives on life in Panama. Plus, you’ll love the delightful company of your fellow tour-attendees. We finished the tour with a couple of dozen new close friends!

If you want a tour of available Panama real estate, this is not the tour for you. But if you are considering whether Panama can work for you as an ex-pat destination, this certainly is the tour for you. If you are sure about Panama, but not sure where or how to make the move, this absolutely is the tour for you. And if you want to see a lot of Panama but aren’t even considering an ex-pat move, this will be an amazing vacation that really will get you thinking.

—Marne Coggan & Debbie Friedenberg
Sonoma County, California
April 2019 Tour

Jackie delivers an emotional connection to Panama that is unparalleled.

Our pre-tour experience of Jackie, Melissa, and Dustin re-defined “customer service” in a way we have not seen in the United States. Thorough and rapid responses to our questions coupled with a superb organizational aptitude characterize the PRT team. Logistical excellence and deep knowledge of Panamanian culture, economy, customs, language and social norms are the hallmark of Jackie and her professional team. The care and feeding of everyone on tour exceeded our expectations because of Jackie’s consummate commitment to deliver a complete Panama experience. Attention to detail, and unlimited patience are natural aspects of Jackie’s personality that impart caring and empathy for all because of her absolute passion for Panama and her love of life and the vitality that this country exudes.

We quickly formed emotional connections with our fellow “kindred spirit” tour mates and the Expats who joined us for meals further cemented our relationship to this wonderful country abundant with natural beauty and life that only Mother Nature can deliver. Jackie’s knowledge and drive for maximum value in all things economic make Panama an irresistible choice for our retirement because we can’t live as well for less in the beauty of this wonderful burgeoning seat of life. The local residents of Boquete were warm and welcoming, helpful without obligation, with useful and friendly offerings that astounded us “Gringos”.
If you cherish friendship, honesty in communication, and sincerity of feelings accompanied by a passion for life and abundance, then book your Panama Relocation Tour today. Let your soul fly and dance with the Spirit of Panama as you are cradled in the arms of a warm and welcoming Nature that graciously delivers Happiness and “Tranquilo”. I wish we had taken the PRT sooner!

Joe K.
June 2019 PRT


Panama Relocation Tours attracts a diverse and compatible tour group. It was truly pleasant experience. Our group had a wide mix of nationalities, countries, and backgrounds — USA, Canada, Spain, France, Great Britain, Thailand, South Africa – with everyone focused on looking at alternative living options and opportunities. Backgrounds ranged from blue collar to business owners, real estate, hi-tech backgrounds plus a couple of authors. Conversation was always lively and very interesting. A number of memorable friendships were made on Jackie’s clean and comfortable big bus all while absorbing the scenic diversity and micro climates of Panama. Highly recommended Panama Relocation Tours.

Panama Relocation Tours exceeded my expectations in every way. Once a couple of hours outside the Panama City area, the bus tour is a much easier way to see a diverse range of smaller communities. Along the way, there was ample time to absorb and discuss the latest Panamanian laws as they apply to each person’s individual needs. Everything you need to know before making a decision about moving to Panama such as kinds of visas, immigration laws, work opportunities, cost of living, rental housing, banking relations, shipping laws, contacts, and much more. Rarely does one get the opportunity to learn about foreign customs and laws as they affect major life decisions. Kudos to Jackie Lange’s vast knowledge of Panama.

Simone Stephens
May 31st, 2019 Tour