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Potrerillos Panama
January 12, 2022
Panama’s Best Kept Secret – Potrerillos
Sue and Ed moved to Potrerillos Panama in 2010. In this video, they talk about what their life is like in Potrerillos.
the most important information about moving to panama
January 9, 2022
5 IMPORTANT Things to Consider Before You Move to Panama
Do you dream of living in a mountain town in Panama where you don’t need an air conditioner or a heater, or perhaps sipping on an umbrella drink while...
Panama expat james kent
January 8, 2022
Two Years After Moving to Panama
James moved to Panama two years ago as a single man. See how his life has changed - he's in a band and met the love of his...
why move to panama ain 2022
January 2, 2022
Livestream: Why Move to Panama in 2022
Watch the replay of the January 1, 2022 Livestream about all the reasons why you should consider a move to Panama in 2022.
8 bizarre news years traiditons in panama
December 26, 2021
8 Bizarre New Years Eve Traditions in Panama
Panamanians have some unusual traditions for end of the year celebrations. They also love fireworks.
panama relocation tours review
December 22, 2021
Chris and Joanne are Ready to Move to Panama!
Chris and Joanne talk about their experience with Panama Relocation Tours and their visit to Panama. They are ready to move to Panama!
Krstl three years after moving to Panama
December 14, 2021
Panama is Better than Krstl Ever Imagined
Krstl moved to Panama 3.5 years ago. Her life in Panama is better than she ever imagined with a thriving business and a new love in her life....
amazing adventure in Panama
November 30, 2021
An Amazing New Lifestyle In Panama
Orit and Jeff talk about their new amazing adventure and stress-free lifestyle in Panama. They are healthier and happier in Panama.
dolega panama is affordable
November 21, 2021
Dolega Panama – What It’s Really Like
Watch this video of three expats talk about living in affordable Dolega Panama which is halfway between David and Boquete.