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I Highly Recommend Panama Relocation Tours
Apr 2023 • Solo
I highly recommend the Panama Relocation Tour if you are thinking about relocating to Panama. You get so much information about all the aspects of moving – visa requirements, health care, insurance, relocating with a pet – you have a question, they can answer it! We saw rental properties, we got time to visit stores, the hospital and pharmacies. It was very informative. I was on the tour solo but there were a handful of us traveling by ourselves so it was easy to have someone to talk to and eat meals with during the tour. I won’t lie – it was a LOT of time on the bus but well worth it – we saw a lot of different places and was super helpful as you think about where you might want to start your Panama adventure. And, you get access to a community of people that have been on previous tours and some have relocated – there is nothing this community can’t answer. Our guides – Jay and Debby – were fantastic! Highly recommend!
Mel’s review posted on TripAdvisor in April 2023

Since going on the relocation tour in January 2020 I have been working my plan to get there to Panama. Finally, my time has come as I just retired and put the retainer down on your recommended attorney. Now I’m working towards the next chapter in my life.

I wanted you to know that I have been following your guidance since the tour and truly appreciate all the information you have given. One of my main concerns was insurance because I’m 62 years old. After watching the video with you and Greg I quickly signed up to at least have emergency insurance. The process was easy, and I feel good about at least having this under my belt.

I also want to thank you for the recent video on obtaining South Dakota Residency. This was another big choice for me as I was trying to see how I could not pay state taxes. I recently made the trip there and became a resident of South Dakota in one day. The process was smooth and talking with Lynne made all this much easier.

Thanks again!


June 2021 Panama Relocation Tour


Now that I have gotten the chance to settle down in Boquete, I just want to send a few words about our tour guides. I came on the tour with them in March and found them to be knowledgeable and friendly, and a terrific base of support. The most important thing to say about them is ABOVE AND BEYOND! Unfortunately I had to leave the tour early due to health reasons and Ellen and Steve personally took it upon themselves to get me to Panama City to fly back to the US. They lent me their own personal money to pay for the bus ride to Panama City until Dave could get to an ATM to pay them back. Ellen spent time with Dave on her own phone to get my airline ticket changed. I wanted so much to hear what else they had to say on the tour. Dave was able to continue the tour and experienced the full breadth of their knowledge. Jackie and the tour guides were able to think on their toes to manage the situation and my confidence in them was well-placed. Because of their compassion, resourcefulness, and patience, I made it to my old home in the US and now my new home in Panama! They treated me like a person with needs and never like a stranger. Jackie and the tour guides are the kind of people I would choose as good friends. I can’t say enough nice things about them! I can never thank them enough for what they did for me, customer or friend. Thank you both for everything! They definitely reflect positively upon Panama Relocation Tours. Thank you to Panama Relocation Tours for arranging this amazing experience!

James Orr and David Bottisti
March 2021 Panama Relocation Tour


I just returned from the April 23 tour (and slept 11 hours). I would travel anywhere, anytime with them. We were happy to restore our tour guide’s faith in humanity!  The tour gave me exactly what I wanted: an overview of the country. Were I to move, I would choose Boquete.  The only regret that I have is that I would have liked more free time. I realize that was not the point of the tour, nor would it be easy to program. However, I wish I could have wandered through some of the Boquete neighborhoods in addition to seeing units. I could have skipped the cloud tour to do this, but I did not know this at the time. I would need a solo visit to Boquete in the future. All in all, this was a fabulous tour and I applaud you for creating and organizing it. Thanks very much!
Warren R. Johnson
April 2021 Panama Relocation Tour


This was not a normal boring production/ manufacturing plant tour I am used to.
This tour was just the opposite, due to our tour guides being exceptional in the following areas:

• Directing, sharing facts and information, and keeping us entertained throughout the tour.
• Commanding attention despite the inevitable distraction of surrounding sights and sounds.
• Remembering names and faces – addressed everyone by name and everyone felt valued and not just another tip at the end of the tour.
• Both added zest, making it their own, and both took us on a journey through storytelling.
• They gave us something to remember/pass on to our friends for years to come – they’re both keepers.
• What a sense of humor!!!!- we certainly did not sit through dry, boring, humorless fact filled days – and surely did not turn to our phones for amusement. On the other hand, they made us laugh out loud and showed us a good time.
• It is one thing to make guests laugh, and another to laugh with them. They were likeable and personable and lit up Panama and made every guest feel like the most important person in the group.
• They showed genuine interest and always listened intently.
• All 19 of us arrived with our own cultural expectations, social norms, and special needs – they answered anything thrown their way.
• Both reinforced Panama Relocation Tour’s core values
• They are both destination experts, know relevant facts, figures, and tips better than Google.
• Both have a heart for serving others, making new connections, and getting involved in the community and being orderly, efficient, and dependable.
• They handled things professionally as they came – through our own fault Susan and I did not book a room at the Marriott for our last evening. However as soon as the Marriott’s front desk staff contacted/ notified our tour guides, they were in the lobby to assist us with finding a room in another hotel, and within a short period of time both Dustin and Melissa contacted us.
• Last but not least was Jorge (exceptional driver) and Junior (Price) who were the backbone of the operation.
Douw Smit
March 2021 Tour


Thanks Panama Relocation Tours for putting together a stress-free itinerary which totally surpassed our expectations.

For anyone considering an exploratory trip to Panama, Jackie Lange’s Panama Relocation Tour is a must!  The 6 day trip took us through so many different living environments from expat communities in Coronado, to homes in Las Tablas and David to our final stopping point in Boquete and Volcan.

On the trip you get a chance to experience what to expect living in different regions of Panama sampling weather, costs and variety of food, typical shopping experiences and housing offerings. The tour is comprehensive encompassing everything from the nuts-and-bolts to moving to Panama, tax considerations, how and why to hire an attorney, insurance considerations, opportunities  for expats and so much, much more.  Tour recipients leave with plenty of great documentation to refer to after the trip.

This is so much more than a bus trip with stops in different parts Panama.  It’s an experience that convinced us that the people and the country of Panama is a place that my wife and I will return to again for a much longer stay (if not permanently)!

I wouldn’t hesitate recommending this trip to anyone who’d like to explore the possibility of relocating to Panama.Panama Relocation Tours has it all and more!

David and Rhonda Grover
Austin, Texas
April 2014 Tour

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Thank you very much for providing the Panama Relocation Guide. We finally made it to majestic Boquete, Panama! We stayed the first week in David, easy to say, it’s a bit too hot for us to live there.

We contacted our immigration lawyer, and she met us on the same day. We thought that it would take minimum several days before meeting with her. When we needed her advise while looking for a rental, she called me back quickly — we are in good hands and are excited to work with her.

We had a Private Tour Guide for full two days to show us atound in David, Cerro Punta, Volcan, the beach, and finally Boquete. She came prepared with water, snacks, and sanitizer for us. She showed us around and explained the geography as well as how people live in the area. She was very cheerful and strived to make our journey enjoyable. We were able to get a local cell phone with her help, this alone was well worth the price of her tour. She made a plan according to what we were interested in and made appointments to see some rentals. First two rentals were very nice, but didn’t have opening over our 2 month stay. Now we stay in a room with a beautiful view and a kitchen with a very reasonable price. We really can’t believe our luck — we thought that we would get stuck in David for few weeks. We had a chance to meet the owner of the hotel, Ana. Our tour guide also followed up with the other places we visited and kindly let them know we found a place. She helped us to move in the next day and made sure everything is okay with us. She still checks with us to find out how we are doing. She is very dedicated and we are very grateful to her.

Due to Covid-19, our tour with you was cancelled last June. Since then, we were listening to your conference call on every Saturday and have learned a lot about Panama. After almost a year, we finally made it to Boquete. Our journey to Panama really started from an article we found several years ago on CNBC — a lady moved to here with her daughters. Then, coincidentally we met a couple living in Boquete (they were originally from Texas) on a train to Brussels from Frankfurt two years ago. They told us about Boquete and that we should check Youtube for videos. That’s where we found you, Panama Relocation Tours!

We still need more time to realize all the good things happened past two weeks. But, we would like to express our gratitude to you and your staff who made it all possible.


Ernest and Meg

Panama Relocation PRIVATE TOUR Review

Hi everyone! I just finished the most incredible week in Panama which I owe to my fantastic guide Carlos

It isn’t possible to express all that Carlos offered in this short review, but I will do my best! He is not only one of the kindest people I have met, but he also went above and beyond for me on this trip. His prices are super reasonable for the service he provides. He picked me up from the city and took me to my hotel in San Carlos showing me all around the Coronado area. Carlos and his lovely girlfriend LuLu arranged everything!

From different house showings, touring me around all the local areas and shops, taking me to the different international schools, anything I would need to know while living there, even helping me go to a local doctor to find out if I can have my insulin shipped to Coronado. They always included a delicious lunch at a local restaurant and even took me to El Valle for a beautiful morning hike down to a waterfall. They are truly special people providing a wonderful service tailored specifically to you and your individual needs! I set up my entire move and am now ready to move a few months from now thanks to them. I feel blessed I was guided their way. Carlos helped me make this transition happen in a stress free way. I highly recommend using him as your guide if you are interested in moving to the Coronado area . You will be very happy you did 🙌 Jenine Lori


I usually don’t write reviews; however, I find that reviewing the Panama Relocation Tour was imperative if it would help others who may be contemplating a move there. Firstly, I would like to applaud the great folks of Panama Relocation Tours who arrange such a great service to those of us who are seeking to change a major part of our existence….where we might live overseas!

This tour is well done and very organized. They left nothing half-done, and from the time of my arrival to the time of my departure, all components of the trip ran like a well oiled machine! The tour takes you all across the country, in an effort to accommodate the pet peeves of various personalities-you know, the “some like it hot, and some like it cool” folks!

While the owner Jackie Lange was not able to conduct our tour due to family reasons, I want to offer kudos to our tour hosts Ellen and Elaine, who were phenomenal. However, I still hope to meet “the famous” Jackie in Panama one day, and pick her brain about her experiences. She has the right folks working with her that kept the drum beating, without clients feeling that they had missed out on a full complete substantive tour. I feel my tour most definitely, was of the same caliber and high standard of the ones I watched others rave about.

When the world gets back to some normalcy, I urge and even implore anyone who may be thinking of moving to Panama to take this tour!

P.S. I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to Dustin & Melissa, who were fantastic in the initial administrative portion of the tour-great job! A big fist bump to Jorge the driver, who can drive a bus like no other. We always arrived safely at our destination, for him always being a kind face, and assisting with whatever he could to make the experience a more rewarding one.

Jackie Dacus
March 2020 Tour


For six months, I had been doing my research on Panama and joined a couple of expat groups on Facebook to gather more information from people on the ground there. Jackie’s name and Panama Relocation Tours kept cropping up, with lots of positive and glowing recommendations. It almost sounded too good to be true, so I did my due diligence and investigated further by checking out the wealth of information on their website, also reading and watching the online testimonials. I was hooked and wanted to get on a tour ASAP! Unfortunately every date was fully booked until the latter half of 2020, so I sent an email and was told to add my name to the wait-list, with assurance from Jackie that there was a very good chance that I would be able to join a tour, sooner rather than later.

I participated in the Panama Relocation Tour’s Q&A conference call on November 23rd, which was excellent and I was immensely impressed with Jackie’s extensive knowledge and her obvious love for the place she called home. She answered every question, without hesitation and was very thorough in giving us a full understanding of what it would take to retire in Panama. I was even more excited after the call and was nervous that I wouldn’t get a spot, so I made a promise to myself that if I didn’t hear anything by the end of 2019, I would go ahead and make a trip on my own to visit Panama to see for myself. To my surprise and elation, I received a call from Jackie, over Thanksgiving, to say that there was an opening for the January 10th tour.

Every communication with Justin and Melissa, her team, was seamless and every query was promptly responded to, as I quickly prepared for the trip. This gave me confidence that I had made the right decision to take this tour.

I arrived in Panama City two days prior to the tour, in order to get familiar with my surroundings and was promptly picked up at the airport and transferred to the hotel. I was off to a great start. From the very beginning of the tour, with our first meeting, I was impressed with Jackie’s presentation, professionalism and efficiency. This continued throughout the entire seven day tour, as we crossed the country, from the sea coast to the mountains. She was tireless in her efforts to give us a full understanding of what it would take to relocate and live a full and productive life in Panama. She pulled no punches, she gave us both the good, as well as, the things we should be cautious about. Her honesty and integrity and the people that we were introduced to, have solidified my intention that Panama will be my home in the future.

As I traveled on my own for another two and a half weeks after the tour, many of the insights that Jackie imparted regarding the culture and the people of Panama were very evident and at times, I would smile as I remembered her voice over that microphone on the bus. I have been home for two days and I unconsciously greeted someone at the store today with, “Buenas.” 🙂

So to you Jackie, Ellen, Justin, Melissa and Jorge, and my fellow tour members of Tour #117, THANK YOU!!! My immersion trip to Panama, is one I will never forget because of all you.

Marcia Bartlett
January 2020 Tour


About a year ago I found an article about retiring in Panama, I sent the article to my sister because she was based there many years ago and always had good things to say about the country. I just figured she would want to read about retiring there since she loved it so but then I went back and read the article again. The benefits offered under this Pensionado Visa was something I couldn’t overlook. I started searching to find out more about Panama when I came across Panama Relocation Tours. I started reading the testimonies and looking at videos and was convinced this tour was for me. I told my sister about it and she was on board. After almost year wait, I finally got my turn to experience what a lot of people were talking and writing positively about. I was on the #117 tour which occurred in January and what an awesome experience it was for me as I never been to Panama. I can say this “on my own I would have been clueless of all that’s involved in making Panama my new home”. The tour met my expectations and more because now I have the tools and awareness to make solid decisions.

Jackie the tour host and her assistant Ellen were the best! They were able to answer all the questions asked and made me feel comfortable through the whole tour. I would recommend this tour to anyone thinking about moving to Panama it was a wise investment for me that will pay off. Jackie and Ellen will give you their undivided attention and share their knowledge of the country they call home.

The booklet that is given out on the first day of the tour is now my guide that will assist in making my transition smooth. Jackie also shares valuable tips and information that you will only get if you take the tour. I’m so appreciative that I was able to tour this beautiful country with such wonderful hosts.

Thanks Jackie and Ellen!!

Toni Lee

January 2020 Tour


panama beach

A huge thank you for a wonderful tour! I arrived back in RSA only late yesterday afternoon after attending the 113th Panama Relocation Tour 15 – 22 November 2019 – a long haul back home but absolutely worth it. I do not know if everyone actually realize what is happening behind the scene to make such a tour happen. Your organization and attention to detail is amazing and I commend you on this. The tour was great fun and but also very informative and you shared details with the group that you will only obtain whilst being on the tour. We are very excited to come to Panama in about a year and have a treasure of information at hand, because of all the information received – which you cannot just google to obtain. I have met some awesome new friends on this tour with the same interest of exploring new avenues for a new future. This morning, when I switched on my laptop for the first time in 1,5 weeks, I received e-mails from my fellow travelers with everyone’s contact details and we exchanged some more contacts. What a group! All I can say: What a lovely week and what lovely people I have met,including you, Jackie and Ellen. And to you 3 Lange’s – Well done. You deserve to be successful and I only wish you well. I have learnt a lot and definately looking forward to meet you in a year’s time again when we move to Panama! This is the ultimate destination!

Lots of love from South Africa
November 2019 Tour


Buenas! I took the Panama Relocation Tour from 9/27 – 10/4 and wow, what an experience. Jackie and her team are professional, pleasant, very thoughtful, and incredibly knowledgeable. I’ve been researching Panama and had a good bit of information from different sources, including the PRT website, emails, conference calls and YouTube channel, as well as various expat groups on Facebook and the internet. With all of this I still wanted to talk with a few people to ask questions and hear their experiences of Panama, and see the Country for myself. The Panama Relocation Tour provided all of that and more. Jackie provides detailed information both verbally and in writing, answers every single question or refers you to a resource if she doesn’t know, and shares her contacts within Panama for legal advice, banking, real estate, etc. And with all of this there is no selling at all. None. I never felt any pressure to use the specific people that Jackie mentions, or buy at the businesses that she pointed out.

Another valuable aspect of the tour was the sense of community that I felt with the other participants. I started the tour on Friday 9/27 not knowing a soul, and finished on Friday, 10/4 having had a conversation, a cup of coffee or a glass of wine (or 3 – ha!) with nearly everyone on the tour. It was a fairly large group so that was pretty cool. This sense of community extended to the expats that have already moved to Panama. We had lunch or dinner with several expats and I had a chance to chat one-on-one and exchange information with a few of them. Everyone we met was super helpful and open to answering our questions.

Ultimately, the most important thing that I wanted from the tour was an experience of Panama in person. The tour did not disappoint. We visited areas from the swanky, to boho, to majestic, to regular neighborhoods. Beaches, rivers, mountains with incredible trees, green rolling hills and cozy-looking valleys. So much beauty in or around every area. There was balance, so we also visited supermarkets, malls, pharmacies and even a weekly farmer’s market to see what normal prices and selections are like. We experienced various microclimates from the summery heat of Panama City to the delicious coolness of Boquete.

I would definitely recommend the Panama Relocation Tour. Jackie and team deliver accurate, current information in a well-organized manner. I now have the information that I need to make a decision on moving to Panama. But don’t take my word for it – go see for yourself! Ciao!

Vee Fergie
September 2019 Tour


I am so thankful to God for allowing me to take this blessed journey. There simply aren’t any words to truly express how wonderful my Panama Relocation Tour has been. I met people on the tour that are now my friends and soon to be neighbors 🙏🏽 Jackie Lange, who is responsible for all of this literally, is a special soul. I really don’t know how else to describe her that will convey her genuine willingness and desire to simply share her vast knowledge and experience with us. This enables all of us to make a smooth transition to Panama. She continues to be here for us even after we have moved here. Who does that? 💬🗯 Jackie! She had a wonderful lady, Ellen Bailey, assisting her on this tour. She too, made me feel like a member of Jackie’s tour family. This is really a well organized and fine tuned tour. Truly second to none and PRICELESS!! Thank you so very much for everything Jackie. You too Ellen. 🤗 See you both in March God willing 🙏🏽

Carla James El-jabsheh
September 2019 Tour


Having taken Jackie’s Panama Relocation Tour was one of the smartest investments we ever made. The information we gathered while traveling through this beautiful country with an amazing and fun group of potential expats alone is worth every penny. But on top of the valuable educational experience, we traveled in a very comfortable bus, spent our nights in truly beautiful places and hotels, and ate amazing foods–all expenses paid for. At every stop we also met enthusiastic expats who made the move to Panama and learned about their experiences. There were no questions that Jackie didn’t answer for us, and the whole trip from the beginning to the end was executed perfectly without any glitches. The logistics of pulling a tour like this off are mind-blowing, yet Jackie and her team made it look almost effortless. I enjoyed every single minute of this fantastic experience and would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone considering moving to Panama to take this superb tour. The value is unparalleled. Thank you all at Panama Relocation Tours for this experience of a lifetime!

Heike Tabatabai
September 2019 Tour


The August tour was amazing and nothing of disappointment, from the organization to the overall experience. Jackie is a great host and so knowledgeable of Panama. Elaine also brought life to the experiences she and Don faced when moving to and around Panama. The country’s diversity of climates, culture and people is charming and delightful. I feel I know this country and look forward to a move in the near future, and also know where I want to settle. Thank you Jackie……you say it like it is and are totally upfront and honest. We all met new friends on the tour and in the country.
🙂 Bob Byrnes
August 2019 Tour


Jackie delivers an emotional connection to Panama that is unparalleled.

Our pre-tour experience of Jackie, Melissa, and Dustin re-defined “customer service” in a way we have not seen in the United States. Thorough and rapid responses to our questions coupled with a superb organizational aptitude characterize the PRT team. Logistical excellence and deep knowledge of Panamanian culture, economy, customs, language and social norms are the hallmark of Jackie and her professional team. The care and feeding of everyone on tour exceeded our expectations because of Jackie’s consummate commitment to deliver a complete Panama experience. Attention to detail, and unlimited patience are natural aspects of Jackie’s personality that impart caring and empathy for all because of her absolute passion for Panama and her love of life and the vitality that this country exudes.

We quickly formed emotional connections with our fellow “kindred spirit” tour mates and the Expats who joined us for meals further cemented our relationship to this wonderful country abundant with natural beauty and life that only Mother Nature can deliver. Jackie’s knowledge and drive for maximum value in all things economic make Panama an irresistible choice for our retirement because we can’t live as well for less in the beauty of this wonderful burgeoning seat of life. The local residents of Boquete were warm and welcoming, helpful without obligation, with useful and friendly offerings that astounded us “Gringos”.
If you cherish friendship, honesty in communication, and sincerity of feelings accompanied by a passion for life and abundance, then book your Panama Relocation Tour today. Let your soul fly and dance with the Spirit of Panama as you are cradled in the arms of a warm and welcoming Nature that graciously delivers Happiness and “Tranquilo”. I wish we had taken the PRT sooner!

Joe K.
June 2019 PRT


Panama Relocation Tours is a very real and inspiring experience. I recently enjoyed the May 2019 tour. Every detail was wonderfully coordinated including transportation from the airport, the hotel bookings, the wonderful meals, as well as learning about and seeing the various potential areas to find new life beginnings. We visited condominiums with multiple floors overlooking beautiful beaches, beautiful mountain towns and wonderful homes just feet from the beach as well as taking in the beautiful countryside within our comfortable bus.

Jackie knows exactly what we need to know to help us make intelligent decisions regarding relocating to all areas of Panama. It was a bonus to hear from an expat every evening at dinner and hear some of the victories and challenges they overcame in their own relocation experiences. They also were genuinely helpful to us as well, offering great advice and the promise to become friends in the future.

I was one who decided ahead of time to apply for the “pensionado” visa, and was able to begin the process with one of the attorneys Jackie recommends. Having gone through all the beginning steps that one needs to complete , I can say that I am 100% grateful for the connection that her referral provided. The process, simply stated, saved hours and possibly days of extra time, money and effort that I would have otherwise experienced. The attorney knows exactly what needs to be done and how to expedite the process in the most efficient and time conserving way possible.

Meeting new friends was a large highlight of the tour and we look forward to seeing each other again when many of us settle in our new Panamanian homes. Thanks Jackie, Melissa, Antonio, and Jorge for a meaningful and wonderful experience.

In order to fully appreciate the beauty and cultural diversity of Panama, nothing, including hours and hours of research takes the place of simply calling and making the decision to come on the Panama Relocation Tour. You will be very appreciative of the entire experience as I was.

Mark Brown
May 2019 Tour


Panama Relocation Tours attracts a diverse and compatible tour group. It was truly pleasant experience. Our group had a wide mix of nationalities, countries, and backgrounds — USA, Canada, Spain, France, Great Britain, Thailand, South Africa – with everyone focused on looking at alternative living options and opportunities. Backgrounds ranged from blue collar to business owners, real estate, hi-tech backgrounds plus a couple of authors. Conversation was always lively and very interesting. A number of memorable friendships were made on Jackie’s clean and comfortable big bus all while absorbing the scenic diversity and micro climates of Panama. Highly recommended Panama Relocation Tours.

Panama Relocation Tours exceeded my expectations in every way. Once a couple of hours outside the Panama City area, the bus tour is a much easier way to see a diverse range of smaller communities. Along the way, there was ample time to absorb and discuss the latest Panamanian laws as they apply to each person’s individual needs. Everything you need to know before making a decision about moving to Panama such as kinds of visas, immigration laws, work opportunities, cost of living, rental housing, banking relations, shipping laws, contacts, and much more. Rarely does one get the opportunity to learn about foreign customs and laws as they affect major life decisions. Kudos to Jackie Lange’s vast knowledge of Panama.

Simone Stephens
May 31st, 2019 Tour


Jackie, Melissa, and Jorge make an amazing team, and I highly recommend them to you if you are considering relocating to Panama. Jackie knows all the ropes for traveling to and around Panama, visa regulations, negotiating real estate rentals, purchasing property, banking procedures, and all-around living in Panama. She has assembled a helpful team of professionals around the country to help you with everything for making an international move, processing visas, and providing insightful up-to-date economic realities. She is such an optimistic proponent of relocating to Panama that you might mistake her for being a member of the Chamber of Commerce! But her knowledge of – and love for – Panama really come through as she teaches you all you need to know about relocating there. After going on one of her tours, and talking with numerous others who have, I can assure you that Jackie is the real deal. She loves Panama and she loves helping others.

My wife and I have previously moved to and lived in two other Latin American countries, but my company always helped me with the logistics of my previous moves and I was nervous about us making this one on our own. It is reassuring to see that Jackie knows what to do and the correct order in which to do it. On the tour, Jackie introduces you to other expats throughout the country, who after one of her tours, decided to relocate to Panama. I like that her questions always begin with, “What don’t you like about living in Panama?” or some variation on that theme, which shows that she is genuinely teaching what you need to know and not giving a shiny sales pitch. Panama Relocation Tours provides all you need to know in order to determine whether relocating to Panama is right for you. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Michael David Sills
May 31st 2019 Tour


My wife and I recently went on the May 2019 tour and all I can say is that everything that everyone else keeps saying about the tour is true. Jackie and her team are all first rate and take care of everything. Jackie’s knowledge and connections have really given my wife and I all of the details we needed to make an informed decision about moving to Panama. Speaking with all of the expats during the tour also gave us the realism of what they truly loved and what they did not about their own experiences in Panama. I really feel that this tour should be MANDATORY for anyone even remotely thinking about moving to Panama. The only negative aspect of the tour was all the eating, I think I gained 5 pounds (my own fault of course). We really only good things to say about Jackie, her team (Melisa, Antonio, and Jorge) and the entire experience. It was AWESOME, a 5 out of 5 experience.

Mike and Bertie


Retire in Panama

Jackie Lange’s Panama Relocation Tour is an astoundingly well-organized, information-packed and exceptionally useful way to learn whether Panama can work for you as an ex-pat destination. We were on the April 2019 tour. It was one of the most enjoyable and mind-opening vacations we’ve ever taken!

Be prepared — this tour is a non-stop immersion course about thriving in Panama. Jackie’s encyclopedic knowledge, wealth of personal contacts and many, many years of on-the-ground experience is laid out for you in riveting detail. You’ll learn all of the details and tricks that are key to making your move to and your life in Panama work out as you’ve dreamed. You’ll be fully informed about common ex-pat problems, pitfalls, and misconceptions, and you’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to avoid, minimize or embrace them. And you’ll get a book filled with every useful morsel, so you need never worry about taking notes. Perhaps most important, Jackie teaches and models a focused but laid-back mindset that is essential to ex-pat success.

The tour includes everything — rooms, meals, transportation, and of course Jackie’s amazing information. And from start to finish, it’s a consummately professional operation. As soon as you sign up for a tour, you’ll experience Melissa Lange’s (Jackie’s daughter) mastery of travel minutiae. You’ll get a series of emails describing every aspect of your tour, including the specifics of your hotel arrangements, airport pickups, and suggested packing lists. On arrival in Panama, you’ll be delighted by the charming, personal attention of Jackie’s English-speaking drivers.

On the tour, a comfortable, air-conditioned bus becomes your moving classroom. As you drive through a good fraction of Panama, Jackie will deliver her engaging, free-wheeling lectures from the front of the bus. From sandy beaches to verdant mountains, you’ll experience the full gamut of Panama’s climate, meet residents, and explore typical rental units. Unlike real estate sales trips, Jackie’s tour lays out in detail everything you need to fully consider before buying property in Panama. Her repeated mantra — rent first!

Besides Jackie and her endless knowledge, it’s the people you’ll encounter that makes this such an enjoyable and worthwhile trip. You’ll meet many ex-pat residents at lunches and dinners. The breadth and detail of their personal experiences provide wide-ranging and endlessly fascinating perspectives on life in Panama. Plus, you’ll love the delightful company of your fellow tour-attendees. We finished the tour with a couple of dozen new close friends!

If you want a tour of available Panama real estate, this is not the tour for you. But if you are considering whether Panama can work for you as an ex-pat destination, this certainly is the tour for you. If you are sure about Panama, but not sure where or how to make the move, this absolutely is the tour for you. And if you want to see a lot of Panama but aren’t even considering an ex-pat move, this will be an amazing vacation that really will get you thinking.

—Marne Coggan & Debbie Friedenberg
Sonoma County, California
April 2019 Tour


Hola Jackie!
First of all thank you so much for putting on a first class tour. Probably the best, most realistic, genuine tour I have ever been on and since i used to be a travel agent I have done my fair share of group tours. You are an encyclopedia of information on Panama -they should probably put your face on one of their Balboa coins! We learned so very much. you are an inspiration on how to live and love living overseas the best possible way.
Caroline Mulholland
April 2019 tour


Dear Jackie, Melissa and Dustin,

Our April Relocation Tour exceeded our expectations in many very favorable aspects.

burica panama view

The tour was a totally unique and completely informative…..from individually focused preparation, and many helpful tips on what to do during and after the tour. Having expats in various areas talk about their experiences was very advantageous for us. We had the pleasure of seeing the busy Panama City, the tranquil beaches of Chiriqui, the lush, vibrant and colorful Bouquete and Vulcan…..all amazingly put together in 6 days!

Jackie is the perfect tour director..caring, very knowledgeable with factual information. We felt safe with Antonio and Jorge as very able tour bus drivers.

For anyone even remotely interested in moving to Panama, we wholeheartedly recommend taking this tour. It will greatly help in their decision making.

Thank you for providing this comprehensive, educational tour. God bless you and Happy Easter!

Alfonso and Lou
Retired Physicians
April 2019 Tour


My husband and I both came on Jackie’s Relocation tour in March and I must say it met all our expectations and more. Jackie has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to best places to live in Panama, immigration rules, the culture, the people, the laws and rules of the land and so much more. Jackie is quite patient with everyone in terms of the various questions that are posed to her during the tour. Everyday she chooses a topic and discusses it to the fullest. We were even given a book with all the necessary vital information should we choose to relocate.

Jackie shared many of her personal stories, some dos and donts, tried and true experiences, and basically equipped us with the knowledge to face the relocation challenge.

We are well pleased with this tour and would highly recommend to anyone who is thinking about moving to Panama. Moving to a different country has its challenges. Don’t move blindly. Take the tour and in the end you will have a lot more peace of mind as you will be making informed decisions.

Bob and Bess Singh
Calgary, Alberta
March 16-21, 2019 Tour


embera indigenous people

KUDOS to Jackie and the entire Panama Relocations Tour family! My friend and I attended the February 2-7 tour and the decision was made while we were there that Panama would be the perfect place for “Life, chapter 2”! As a matter of fact, she will be there in May to begin her process and I will be there in June, to start mine.Like many others, I had read all the posts, watched all the videos, received the emails from PRT about upcoming tours and life in Panama….but still with all that, there were many questions; and when I tell you that EVERY single question was addressed and answered either by Jackie, her team or their location guide you receive on day one. We received more solid information during this tour than we could’ve found by researching for years on our own.

Jackie was just getting over a slight illness when our tour began, but believe me, you would’ve never known it if she hadn’t told us, this lady never missed a beat! It seemed she knew the answers to the questions, before they were even asked! She is very open, honest and most importantly “down to earth”. The first contact was made through Melissa, she was very responsive, professional and thorough, we arrived several days early, and she made sure that we received the hotel discounts and that everything was in order for the beginning of our tour.

From Melissa, to Jorge to Jackie and all the people that we met along the way….and there were a lot of them, EVERYBODY knows and respects Jackie and the PRTteam!!! It was a good feeling knowing that we were in good hands. The transportation was very nice and clean, the hotels we stayed in were top notch and gave us a feel for some of the different areas and what to expect in each of them. Being able to view all the different living options was a “biggie” for me, seeing first hand, condo’s and homes for sale or rent was amazing.

I could go on and on…..but I won’t, I’ll just say if you want to experience Panama, and have a slight inkling that you may want to move or retire there, you will not be disappointed by taking this tour! You will have all of your questions or concerns addressed. Jackie is a walking GOOGLE…..she will give it to you straight, and even afterwards, she will assist you in any way she can.
February 2019 Tour


Our journey started 3 years ago with a 5 year plan to move somewhere warm.

We spent hundred of hours on the internet reading and watching videos of places to retire.
We made a list of places to check out. We took a few trips to some of those places and next on our list was Panama.
We read all the info we could get, as well as lots of reviews, and we settled on “Panama Relocation Tours” with Jackie.
You are told only to believe half of what you read, but staying open-minded we took the
Panama Relocation tour on Feburary 8 to the 14 of 2019.

Jackie was awesome from start to finish. She spoke with great confidence and answered everything we wanted to know about Panama, the good and the bad.
The wealth of knowledge she provide would have taking us years to find on our own.
It was like all the research we did was a puzzle with missing pieces, but not now. Jackie helped us fill in our puzzle plans and now we found our new home. PANAMA
Our time line to move is now fast forwarding to as soon as possible. If you get a chance to take the PANAMA RELOCATION TOUR with JACKIE you will not regret it.
THANKS AGAIN to Jackie and her team for making it a trip to remember.
Looking forward to our move to Panama.

Steve and Bev Gault Ontario Canada
Feb 8 to feb 14 2019


When one ponders making a major decision in their lives it is prudent to research and get as much information as they can in order to feel good and certain about the choice made. Taking the necessary action to augment that decision-making process can involve a multitude of facets of research.

When we decided that perhaps Panama might be the place we want to relocate to in order to spend the remainder of our lives, we plumbed the depths of all the written material we could find. Along the way we became aware of Panama Relocation Tours. From the initial contact until we brought our bags back through the front door only a few day ago we were impressed with the totality of the PRT experience.

Actually, superlatives would be inadequate to verbally express our experience with Jackie and the entire Panama Relocation Tour team. We learned all that we could have possibly wanted to learn and then some regarding specifics to our situation, what to expect, and what is required to make that huge step in our lives. What we experienced could not be found in the books we read or by taking the leap ourselves to try to immerse ourselves in the Panamanian experience. There is nothing like having someone with the passion and expertise that Jackie has about Panama to help guide one gently onto the glide path required to relocate there.

We are still in the process of unpacking our overly filled brains with all the information and experiences we were exposed to. One thing is certain – it was the best $4000.00 investment we have ever made.

William-Thomas Wegner and Mary Stultz
February 2019 Tour


My husband and I recently took Jackie’s Panama Relocation Tour. The tour was so much more than we expected. The contacts she has alone is worth this tour. We went from saying, “We might be able to do this” to “We CAN do this!” She basically gives you step-by-step directions on everything from getting a visa, to renting a car, opening a bank account…you name it! The tour route is fantastic, hitting both beach and mountain towns, and some in between.
Bottom line is…if you are even contemplating a move to Panama, this tour is a must!

Laura Washburn
February 2019 Tour


Jackie, I wanted to voluntarily write a review for the Panama Relocation Tour that I just attended from 2/8/19 – 2/14/19. First, I want to commend your daughter Melissa on the tremendous job of organizing and managing all the intricate details of a trip like this. She’s an amazingly talented professional and I’m glad she’s on your team.

Secondly, all of your drivers were amazing people with a thorough knowledge of effectively getting around in Panama. Having spent the most time with Jorge, I can’t say enough about this, “transportation genius.” The maneuvers he did with the relocation bus were nothing short of magical. His timeliness, professionalism and experience made the many trips we took absolutely enjoyable.

Lastly, Harriet Tubman birthed the “Underground Railroad” to move people from danger to safety. Jackie Lange birthed the “Panama Relocation Tour” to move people from existing to living. Many of us that are investigating relocating to Panama are doing so because the cost of living where we are living now has risen beyond our means to cover it comfortably. Jackie’s countless hours of research coupled with years of experience serve as a “guardrail” in our relocation efforts. I found Jackie to be brutally honest, experienced, warm, friendly, funny, caring and open to share with anyone that approaches her. If you are tired of all the slick sounding marketing material on the Internet about relocating to Panama, and you are ready for the pure and honest facts, ask Jackie. However, brace yourself for a dose of hard and honest facts birthed out of her experience. I unreservedly and unconditionally recommend the Panama Relocation Tour!

Terrence Biggs II
February 2019 Tour


TAKE THIS TOUR. DO IT! Ten stars for Jackie and her crew. My husband and I visited Panama about 18 months ago and couldn’t get it out of our minds. I started looking around for information on moving there and Jackie’s name kept coming up. Add our names to the ever-growing list of those who recommend her. We knew where we wanted to live and felt we owed it to ourselves to be well informed. This tour more than exceeded my admittedly high expectations. I’m an information girl and Jackie has it and easily shares it. She loves Panama but doesn’t sugarcoat it. I like straight talk and Jackie gave it to us. I was so hot on the Relocation tour that a friend of ours decided to join us and I think (I hope) she’s moving too. – Whoo hoo! We toured the country from Panama City to Boquete and I couldn’t be more pleased. It was great to be with other like minded people and I feel like we made some new friends. Thank you thank you thank you.

Kathie Osterman Rose
February 2019 Tour


Thank you so much for all your help! I originally was going to visit within the next 6 years Panama, Columbia & Ecuador. But after coming on this tour and receiving all the valuable, honest and straight forward information that Jackie gives on the tour, We have made up our minds that we don’t need to look any further. Retirement will be in Panama!

Once again, thanks for all your company does! Panama Relocation Tours has saved us years of research that we still would not have had the wealth of knowledge we have received on this tour.


Rockey & Jerri Breaux
February 2019 Tour


embera indigenous people

My wife and I took this Tour in April,2017 and moved here in Nov,2018. We could not be happier than we are here in Panama. The information, guidebook and help from Jackie and her team has allowed us to live our dream. They made this daunting process manageable and achievable. If you love Central America and are looking to retire, the Relocation Tour is well worth the effort. Lee+Denise

richard ruiz
My wife and I attended the March 2018 tour and we were blown away with how organized and well planned out it was. From our very first contacts with Jackie and her daughter Melissa, to the moment we were dropped off at the airport at the end of the tour, we felt very well taken care of. There are no hidden messages to question or anything to be worried about. This tour is legit! We were so impressed with the experience that we returned to Panama just last month to begin the process of getting our Friendly Nations visa. Our meeting with the lawyer, Mayra went very smooth and we had the rest of the week to explore parts of the country that the tour didn’t cover and we were taken by the history, food, and culture that Panama has to offer. If you are considering moving to Panama I would strongly recommend this tour. It will not disappoint.
Richard Ruiz
You will see and hear a lot in a short amount of time. Enough to make a decision on whether Panama is for you. You do get to hear about what to watch out for from others who have made the move already. Not just what you want to hear. I think there is something for everyone. From beaches to mountains. From modern to rustic. If you have the patience to find what is right for you, you will. Jackie will answer all your questions and give you her black book of contacts. People that have treated her well over the years. All this and a great group of like minded people to share the experience with! This trip was a great investment in our future. We are so glad this was our first step in moving here 😎
Michelle Ramon
November 2018 Tour

Dear Jackie and Melissa – both of whom worked hard to make the December 2018 Panama Relocation Tour such an absolute success…….

We wanted to write to you today to THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS for a fabulous, informative, and truly impressive tour of Panama!!! As you both know, it was a dream come true for us after having missed the December 2017 tour due to a horrendous accident. It was a difficult time (for you and us) and we are grateful for the way it worked out in the end. Thank you for your integrity. I will always think of you in that way.

This is only an initial email to say we returned home safely to Jacksonville, FL. around 3:00 AM this morning from Orlando (we would not choose to fly from there again – just too far for us). Glad to have reached safely. So sad to have departed Panama!!!!!! Ready to get started with all the things that go into moving there.

I plan to send you a video for the website and I story I wrote while on the road.

Jackie, your knowledge of the country, but even more than that – your absolute love for Panama and its people was such a value to us. The excellent caliber of your tour, including down to the last detail, was outstanding! However, the love and respect you demonstrated for the place, the people, the way of life, and your own interface with all those we met with, was a real joy!!!!! You are a fine ambassador for Panama and I hope you continue to be so long into the future.

I can still hear your voice answering everyone’s questions and often the same question asked more than once – you did so with grace and an authenticness that told me about your true relationship with Panama: respectful, congenial, compassionate, empathetic, sincere.

Thank you. Long live Panama! Long live the Panamanians! Long live all those who love this country.

With best regards and much thanks,

Khari La Marca and Tim O’Hearn
December 2018 Tour


For anyone who is considering retiring in Panama and have questions, concerns, or doubts, I highly recommend taking the tour because many (if not all) of your concerns will be answered. My wife and I went on the August 4th – 9th Panama Relocation Tours and we had the best time ever. We met some pretty awesome people from two other countries (South Africa and Canada) as well as a few different states from the USA.
If you are looking for a great place to retire, you have to take a tour to see all that Panama has to offer. If you want the hustle and bustle of the city life, it’s there; if you want the beach life, it’s there; if you want the quiet country life style, it’s there; if you’re looking for a warmer or cooler place to retire, you guessed it- it’s there as well.

Jackie shows you everything that you may or may not want, as far as life style, during this tour and she does it flawlessly. If you ask her a question, she will give you what she knows. If she doesn’t know, she will tell you that she doesn’t know but she will find out for you. Jackie doesn’t attempt to sell you anything neither do any of the Expats that she introduces you to throughout the tour. Everyone just wants to help you with your possible transition to Panama and to make it as easy as possible.

The views that we saw firsthand are amazing- everything from the flowers to the beaches, to the mountains. We’re from El Paso, Texas and we have a pretty good view of the Franklin Mountains from our house but there are no beaches or any pretty lush vegetation. And our current mountain view is no competition to the mountain views that we saw in Boquete or Volcan Panama. We are ready to experience being around lush green vegetation and having the option to take a reasonable drive to the beach and stick our toes in the sand as well as the ocean.

The people of Panama are pretty amazing. Being that my wife’s first language is Spanish, she felt right at home talking to every Panamanian that we encountered when asking for local food choices or needing help finding things in a store. Once the Expats get settled in and realize that they are in Panama where life is at a slower pace, meeting them is just like meeting Panamanians but speaking in English. All the people of Panama are such wonderful people.

We have to give the biggest thank you in the world to Melissa Lange for setting everything up for us, Antonio for showing us Panama City, Jorge for masterfully transporting our group across country safely, and to Jackie Lange for sharing so much information about retiring in Panama plus giving us a chance to truly understand why she wakes up in paradise. Thank you for everything that you do!

Best regards,
Jeff & Karla Mullins
El Paso, TX
August 2018 Tour


The Panama Relocation Tour was much, much more than I expected! Jackie and Melissa are with you every step of the way, before, during, and after the tour. If you are considering a move to Panama, please save yourself from the many hours of research that lead to confusion and outdated information. TAKE THE TOUR! You will gain important information you might not even know you need, and you will have a great time. TAKE THE TOUR!

Happy Travels,
Krstl C. ( from Las Vegas, now in Boquete Panama)
July 2018 Tour


Real world information, nothing hidden. If you want to see the good, great, not so great, the tour is the best way to get a valuable overview.

Anthony Puig


Amazing service, very informative, a Excellent way to get all the facts before making the big move to another country! I have seen this organization help thousands of people.
Chris Young


I don’t want to be anywhere else . Jackie drew me in and Panama hasn’t let me go yet . Beautiful country , super friendly people , natives and expats . Thank you so much Jackie for introducing me to this lovely country .
Elvis Seawald


This is a must especially if you are “just” thinking about making Panama your home. It was the best money I spent on my relocation as the information and connections saved me much more than the price of the tour while giving me a great overview of Panama.

Todd Kane


This is a great way to explore Panama. The amount of information Jackie gives is incredible. Whether you are planning to retire or just spend some time in Panama this tour is a must!

Joan Senitz


Jackie is knowledgeable and up-to-date with everything one needs to know about making a move to Panama from another country. The tours throughout the country to neighborhoods, stores, restaurants, etc give a great overall view and help make the decision about “where” to retire much easier. The most valuable part to me, is meeting local expats all over the country who tell you about their experiences. Getting the contacts who you can call when more questions come up is huge! Jackie doesn’t try to “up-sell” you on any other products on the tour either, no stress ~ welcome to Panama!

Debbie Fishell


We took Jackie Lange ‘s tour in October 2017… sold everything and moved here 6 months later. We received our permanent visas four months later, and we are confident we made the best decision ever. Jackie is an incredible resource of information and experiences, and her tour is an excellent way to learn about this amazing country. It truly has something for everyone here, and her tour is a great way to experience all Panama has to offer.

Elizabeth Wiseman


March 2018 tour was great. Lots of information given on how to relocate/retire to Panama with actual contacts to make it easier. We saw several areas to help decide which were preferable. I’d recommend this tour.

Patricia Powers


We took the September 2018 tour and LOVED it!!! Because of the tour, we feel so comfortable in making the decision to relocate to Panama, most likely the Boquete area. We’ll most likely try it out part time before making the plunge.   Jackie was awesome in explaining all the ins and outs of living in Panama, so as to lessen any concerns we might have had.    The tour itself was “10 Star”! all the way! Our congrats to Jackie, Melissa and Jorge for a wonderful tour.

Barry Fuss


I have recently attended a bus tour with Panama Relocation Tours, and must say that the trip exceeded my – already high – expectations. For people who think about living in Panama (and therefore need solid, practical info) the tour is a treasure trove of information.

Jackie Lange is an experienced businesswoman, traveler, and expat. She knows what she’s talking about, because her advice is based on personal experience. Jackie is also familiar with other countries besides Panama, which allows her to offer useful comparisons.

The tour planning and logistics is perfect, thanks to Melissa – the logistical genius. Everything is pre-planned, details accounted for, and contingencies addressed to the extent I have not seen elsewhere. The trip is highly recommended!

Jerzy Szwagrzyk, Colorado
June 2018 Tours


I went on the Panama Relocation Tour in February 2018. Just moved to Boquete about six weeks ago. I’m loving it! The process of getting my jubilado visa and drivers license went flawlessly, thanks to the lawyer JackIe recommended. The tour was worth every penny – I figure I’m thousands of dollars ahead by knowing what NOT to do (wasting money and time), and years ahead in knowledge as to what to expect and how to do things in Panama. I highly recommend the tour!!!

Myra Cleveland


You will see and hear a lot in a short amount of time. Enough to make a decision on whether Panama is for you. You do get to hear about what to watch out for from others who have made the move already. Not just what you want to hear. I think there is something for everyone. From beaches to mountains. From modern to rustic. If you have the patience to find what is right for you, you will. Jackie will answer all your questions and give you her black book of contacts. People that have treated her well over the years. All this and a great group of like minded people to share the experience with! This tour was a great investment in our future. We are so glad this was our first step in moving here 😎
Michelle Ramon

We want to thank you for changing our lives! Your tour gave us the education, information, and tools to make our final decision to make the move to Panama. We have already put the ball in motion. Looking forward to our retirement sooner than we could ever have hoped to on our current path.Thank you!!!
Anita Baker
April 2018 Tour

I was on the August tour and am in the process of moving to Panama. I had attended the International Living conference several months before the Relocation Tour and that gave me a basic knowledge about retiring in Panama, but the Panama Relocation tour moved my research up to a new level.

I call the Panama Relocation Tours an “boots on the ground review of Panama”. In addition to the great knowledge you get about the area, you get to experience the communities and meet people like yourself who have moved there for similar reasons.

You’re not sitting in a conference room all day. Instead, you meet people, one-on-one, who live in Panama and you get to visit different areas.

I’m glad I went on this tour.

Gi Vida
August 2018 Tour


kathi edge

I recently returned from the March 2018 tour and boy, am I glad I went, now rather than later! I have been researching different locations online for possible early retirement, but, this is the first actual scouting trip I have done and it may be my last. The reason is: I was so impressed with Panama, the people, the different micro-climates, things to do, and in particular Jackie’s presentation of what you can expect. You can tell she is very passionate about helping you see the real Panama and making sure you get a good foundation for future exploration, while also filling you in on the reasons she loves living there so much.

I am not a big fan of organized tours in general, but, I figured this to be the best way to get my feet wet in Panama, with other like-minded individuals, guided by someone who knows the ropes and tells it like it is, without any pressure to make a decision you may not be ready to make just yet. Melissa did a wonderful job with all of the before and after planning; she was very quick to communicate or respond and everything went without a hitch – THANK YOU. I appreciated the way the tour covers several different areas of the country that expats tend to congregate, you get a true sense of what life could be like in any of those areas. I found the area I will be investigating further on Day 5, when we went to Volcan and Cerro Punta, but that will have to wait for another trip.

If you are looking to see the “tourist sites” of Panama, there are plenty of tours who offer that, BUT, if you are looking at Panama as a possible retirement or just “different” living situation, I highly recommend taking THIS tour. Jorge will get you there safely (awesome driver) and while you are getting the lay of the land, Jackie is filling your head with all sorts of useful information (she also has the info documented in a handout book so you don’t need to write, just listen) along with entertaining stories of real life situations and experiences she or her friends have encountered over the last 8+ years.

Thank you Jackie, Melissa, Jorge and all of our tour interactions for a wonderful and interesting adventure. I think I got more useful info out of this tour than any other tour I have ever taken, and I look forward to touching base with y’all again when I do the next layer of investigation!

Kathi Edge
March 2018 Tour

WE LEARNED SO MUCH IN SUCH A SHORT TIMEOur January 2018 tour was amazing! We learned so much in such a short time and loved Panama as much as we had hoped we would. Both Jackie and Melissa were so helpful and responsive to our many questions, before during and after the tour. I was most impressed with the many examples their generous “after tour support” and look forward to taking advantage of all of their knowledge, experience and local connections as we navigate towards becoming snowbirds! The other participants were lovely and fun and we made many great new friends. The tour alumni expats we met were also super helpful and friendly and we look forward to “paying it forward” to future tpur participants once we get there. I would highly recommend this tour. It was definitely one of the best travel decisions we have ever made. Thanks Jackie and team!

Lisa White
January 2018 Tour
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We took the tour in Feb. 2017, and was so well worth it. What we learned on the tour would’ve taken, months to try to learn on our own. Jackie and her well experienced driver takes you to so many fabulous places that we would’ve never found on our own,as well as explaining why you may or may not want to live here. I know about now your waiting to hear WHAT’S the CATCH !! THERE IS NO CATCH !!! Jackie has NO Real estate agents trying to sell you property, or time shares at some dinner party that you can’t leave until you buy… you will ONLY experience the life style in PANAMA….I STRONGLY Suggest her tour.. After the tour and you decide to come back for a visit or explore again, Jackie along with her Daughter Mellisa , will guide you back and help you find a reasonable place to rent ( an won’t charge you to find a place ) Even if your not planning to move here, you can sit back, relax and enjoy a wonderful experience thru this wonderful country…….Panama..
Wayne Waters

I just returned from Jackie’s September Tour and it far exceeded my expectations! She is so down to earth, informative, and knowledgeable for people wishing to relocate, visit, begin a business, or simply invest in Panama. Jackie speaks from experience. She has done everything she recommends. Her classroom is a tour bus, hotel lobbies, restaurants eating chips and salsa, coffee houses, and chatting with others. I learned so much about life, investing, living, and streamlining my life. I was walking in Boquete (Panama) looking to get my teeth cleaned, she pulled up in her car and said “hop in I’ll take you there!” She didn’t have to do that. It is just the way she is. The tour inspired me to write a book, hire a virtual assistant, expand my businesses, and rent some new places in Panama to get started! Jackie is a resource who will be by your side every step of the way. Her help doesn’t stop when the tour ends, it will last as long as her clients need to get started in Panama. Jackie is a mentor and a role model for me. Thanks, Jackie, for all you do.

Finest Regards,

Steve S.
September 2017 Tour

WOW!  FROM BEGINNING TO ENDAnd there is no better way to begin than with knowledgeable experienced true professionals at the helm. Three grand cheers and heartfelt hugs from me that’s for sure. My questions were answered and I look forward to returning for retirement in the near future. Every contact, every awkward conversation, every handshake and sloth hug is invaluable and essential to adaptation and success in any foreign environment. Jackie, Jorge, Melissa, and their associates are top notch. Money and time well spent. I consider myself fortunate to have met all my other expats thanks to Panama Relocation Tours. Muchisimas Gracias, Caballeros y Cabelleras de la Gran Familia 🇵🇦 Panama Relocation Tours! Hasta la proxima,
Joe Lopez
August 2017 Tour
A LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCEHi Jackie,As I savor the memories of the June Relocation Tour, and organize my life for a new chapter in Panama, I want to thank you, again, for making the entire experience — from my earliest email inquiries, through the tour itself, and into my relocation planning — a real delight. I suppose the phrase, “a life-changing experience” is a bit hackneyed and overused, but I think it applies well as I describe my own experience of the trip.I’m aiming toward a September move, assuming all my paperwork comes together well. The handbook you and Melissa created and shared with us has been very useful and valuable. Seems like I refer to it every day.Friends at my church are living vicariously through me, or so some of them have said. Our congregation has a unique blend of people from all over the world. Probably the single largest group consists of people from the Caribbean. In fact, it was a friend from Belize who urged me to look into Panama. There is a Panamanian couple that has introduced me to several of their relatives scattered from Panama City to Chiriqui. It’s these personal connections that really make the process a pleasure.OK, that’s it for me, for now. Lots to do before I head back down to my future isthmus home!Thanks again.Ken Kimsey
Atlanta, GA (for now, at least!)
June 2017 Tour


I went on the Panama Relocation Tour in June. Everything exceeded my expectations. The pre-planning by Melissa was complete & easy to follow. Jackie’s knowledge of Panama was extensive & very informational. The meeting with the attorney, hotels, food, lunches & dinners with expats, comfortable bus, safe & friendly drivers & the comprehensive book we brought home were excellent. I don’t think anyone could move to Panama without all of this information & experience. It would be too complicated & difficult. Even if you’re not sure if you want to relocate, the tour is a blast. So I highly recommend that you sign up for this adventure. For me, it was worth every penny of the cost.

Judy McClure
June 2017 tour


I can’t begin to thank you for the informative and totally enjoyable trip. Although we have carefully researched Panama for a long time, nothing compares with actually setting feet on the ground. All the research we did pales in comparison to what we learned on this trip.

The trip has deepened and solidified our decision to move to Panama to the Boquete area. I have already emailed Mayra to initiate contact and to retain her services. We intend to start with bureaucratic requirements such as visa applications, bank accounts, etc. as soon as we can, and then take it one step at a time.

Thank you again for a life-altering trip!

Mary Taft
June 2016 tour

Panama Relocation Tours March 2017 Mountains

I recently participated in Jackie Lange’s Panama Relocation Tour.  I would highly recommend that anyone who is considering relocating to Panama, to take one of Jackie’s Tours … the experience was not only very enlightening, but also a lot of fun.  You will be interacting with people who share the same interests and objectives as you … that of checking out the various areas of Panama to see if it is somewhere you would like to live in or retire to.  Jackie is very knowledgeable not only of the various places & climates of Panama, but of the ‘details’ of exactly what you need to learn about the country, the rules involved with living here, and what pitfalls to look out for.

Taking this tour will provide you with ‘invaluable’ information about the process of moving to Panama, and could very well save you literally tens of thousands of dollars, and a lot of heartache, by avoiding the mistakes that a lot of people make by not being properly prepared before jumping into something like this.  You will visit a variety of locations, both by the beach, and in the mountains … and hear first hand from expats and locals who live in each location.  They will pull no punches and provide you with both the pros and the cons of each area, to ensure that there are no ‘surprises’.

Jackie will introduce you to speakers who will talk to the group very frankly about their specific areas of expertise, and she will  provide you with contacts to advise you in any area, legal, health care, etc.  You can rest assured that you will not be given any ‘sales pitches’ … this is ‘not’ what the Tours are about … they are strictly about giving you ‘information’ and ‘experiences’!
Stephen Douglas Stenberg (Doug),
Alberta, Canada
March 2017 Tour


Panama Relocation Tours March 2017 Beach

Thank you Melissa and Jackie for the pleasure of experiencing a whole new world for 10 days with Panama Relocation Tours.  Outrageously fantastic!  Right from the start of the initial planning to arriving and enjoying our relocation tour everything was professionally handled and we were in the best possible hands.  Not knowing what to expect we were somewhat apprehensive but once the adventure began that all went out the window.  Cannot thank you enough…especially since we found our new home that first day out on the tour bus.  The Beach!!  This has been a lifelong dream and we are so excited to begin our new adventure.  Thank you again.

Best wishes,
Linda and Bruce
March 2017 Tour


Sit back, relax and enjoy your fine tuned trip through the beautiful country of Panama. It starts with Melissa doing a great job of organizing your schedule and responding to your email questions quickly. Then as you climb aboard the comfortable bus, you can rest assured Jorge, is the safest driver out there. As we traveled daily through Panama, Jackie shared a wealth of information with us. Her passion for Panama really shines through. We met with many expats and learned of their experiences relocating to Panama. Jackie tells it like it is and doesn’t sugar coat anything. Thank you so much for this life changing tour.

Wayne and Tammy Waters
February 2017 tour


My husband and I went on the February 2017 tour. It was both fascinating and informative. Jackie had the tour well. organized. We started with a very informative talk given by her lawyer.  From there we crossed Panama in a very comfortable bus. We stopped at restaurants and stores and spent the night in different hotels along the way. At many of the restaurants, Jackie arranged for expats to come talk with
us about their experiences living in Panama.  Jackie also assisted us in opening a bank account while we were there.  As we traveled across the country, Jackie talked with us the entire time. She gave us a very
realistic idea of what it would be like to live in Panama and gave us many helpful hints that we would never otherwise know. We highly recommend this tour for anyone thinking of moving to Panama.

Marla and Dick Parvey
Fort Worth, TX
February 2017


If you are like me, you have spent countless hours on the computer trying to do detailed research on Panama for retirement and/or investment purposes.   No matter how much information you capture, you will never get the “real lowdown” unless you visit the area(s) you are interested in.   So, get your boots on the ground and book a tour with Panama Relocation Tours!    Jackie Lange has put together the most comprehensive tour for anyone who has an interest in seeing Panama outside of a tourist perspective.  Within the 6 days of roaming a large part of the country you will see various geographical areas (ocean to mountains) and you will hear Jackie give you “real” information about living in Panama.  This tour is for all types of people, so no matter your age or background you will feel welcome and comfortable!  The bus you travel on is very comfortable and spacious and the bus driver (Jorge) is a true pro!

You have the opportunity to meet expats who have already made the move.  They give you an honest perspective of why they now live in Panama and what to expect.
Besides the actual tour, one of the real gems of this adventure is all of the valuable information Jackie offers re: moving to/living in Panama:  Jackie covers a plethora of topics that will actually be VERY helpful if you decide to make the move!  This is stuff you won’t find in any book!  So, book your tour and come see Panama for yourself!

Sidebar:  I was speaking with a gentleman at the airport when I was waiting for my flight home.  He said he did a “Panama Tour” & I asked him where he went.  He said they spent 5 days in/around Panama City!  That was it!  Nothing against Panama City, but 5 days in one area??  Take my word for it…..Panama Relocation Tours is the way to go!  Viva Panama!

Susan Doyle
January 2017 Tour


January 2017 Panama Relocation Tour Group

Just arrived home after a whirlwind experience in beautiful Panama with you as our reliable guide.  What better way to see Panama’s splendor then a road trip by bus across its tropical landscapes with ocean views!  When we first looked at retiring abroad, we wondered if we could live in Panama. So, after countless hours of internet surfing, we decided to take the plunge and sign up for your tour.  From the moment we started the tour in Panama City, we knew we had made the right choice.  Your extraordinary knowledge on the country, its culture, the people, and the opportunities available made our time and money a very good investment.  You have cataloged the relocation process and simplified it in a way that makes the dream of moving to this paradise a very real possibility.  We cannot thank you enough for helping us make the life changing decision to relocate.  Good luck with the tour.  It was so much fun!  And, we have made some friends for life during our trip.  Hope to see you soon in Panama… when we too can call it home!

Hasta Luego,
Mike and Carrie Hemphill
January 2017 Tour

This journey was orchestrated to perfection!  I decided to take the last spot on the December, 2016 tour and it was the best last minute and impulsive decision I have made since I retired.  I always felt safe.   All the hotel rooms and restaurants were very clean and the food was very good.  An additional plus was our bus driver, Jorge, who was a very experienced driver and the bus was in excellent condition. Now that I have been on the PRT and have seen all the various areas of Panama, I plan to move to Volcan within the next six months.  I am so excited!

Looking back at my pictures and drinking the coffee I purchased at the Tuesday Market, I can’t think of one thing that needs any improvement.

Thank you PRT.

Marilou Phillips
Scottsdale, AZ.



One word wouldn’t be sufficient…there was so much beauty, pastoral and serene, quaint and cordial, stirring and inspiring. Who knew such a place existed? Think “Nebraska in springtime–all the time!” Gentle breezes and misting rains over rippling brooks with frogs croaking, and cows and horses in the meadows, with mountains: steeped with agriculture as far as the eye can see; or shuttered with clouds–at times fluffy and inviting, at times dark and foreboding, but never threatening. Couple that with open-armed, cordial people, from subsistent native Nogbe tribespeople walking along the winding roads and indigenous Panamanian shopkeepers to expat business proprietors and landlords, seeking to include you in their newly-adopted country. I could go on…and probably will….

Our experience with Jackie Lange’s Panama Relocation Tours was nothing short of informative, gracious and gratifying. We experienced, rather than simply observed Panama, and we were captivated by it all.

Best wishes for continued success!

Fr +Michael and Danielle Schamp,
Albuquerque. NM
December 2016 Tour



I want to express my gratitude for the remarkable  “Relocation Tour”. This tour  had been punctually prepared in all details and I will say – was piece of Art.

I learned so much about Panama and now I love this beautiful country. I will highly recommend this tour for everyone who would like to discover Panama.

Melissa did step by step preparation before the tour. She took patiently all tiny requests and changes, I will put big A+. Thank you, Melissa !

Jackie revealed so many secret bumps on the way of new comers and guide us carefully through all our trip with wise advises. I love her choices of the places and hotels we stayed in.

I am planning to be back in Panamanian paradise.

Thank you,
Alex V.
December 2016 Tour


Panama Relocation Tours December 2016

Promoted as a “boots on the ground” experience of Panama is certainly accurate but the “red carpet” treatment we received from everyone associated with the Panama Relocation Tour was an unexpected bonus.

From the beginning, Melissa offers prompt, efficient organization of an abundance of information.  Every T is crossed and every I is dotted….you will not lack for a smidgen of necessary information. “It’s all in your travel packet.”

The drivers in Panama City and were prompt, courteous and spoke English.  Our tour bus driver Jorge was a very safe driver, always prompt and courteous.  What an asset to PRT!

We stayed in good hotels and ate very well.  You will experience the freshest seafood, fruits, vegetables and juices imaginable.  Don’t pass up a Passionfruit Magarita!

Being driven comfortably and safely, by Jorge, all over Panama while Jackie offers information on EVERYTHING you need to know about relocating to Panama was enjoyable as you don’t have to take notes….”It’s all in your book.”  Jackie doesn’t miss a beat and she has entertaining anecdotes all along the way.  There were well timed bathroom breaks and even afternoon nap time.  I enjoyed meeting and getting to know other members of the tour.  We were a motley crew!

As a single woman I was concerned about traveling alone but I always felt safe.  I spent extra time in Boquete after the tour ended, walked all over town alone (during the day) and never thought twice about danger.  Every time I passed someone on the street they said “Buenas” or “Hola.”  I am so impressed with the graciousness of the locals.

I hope to relocate to the Boquete area within a year or so.  I am so very happy to have found this tour and Jackie Lange.  She is a brilliant business woman and a generous, patient lady.  She is a treasure to the country of Panama.

Muchas Gracias,
Julie Wolf
Houston TX
December 2016 Tour



This was our second trip to Panama, so we were looking at the possibility of relocating in some detail.  We wanted to visit during the rainy season, explore which regions we’d consider – and eliminate those we would not consider, meet others living in Panama and see what is offered for everyday life – groceries, medical, housing, roads, etc.  Every one of these questions were answered, and more.  Jackie is a wealth of knowledge, has the patience of Job, and does a tremendous job of showing the tour group a huge range of options.  If you are seriously trying to learn what it will take to relocate in Panama, this tour is an excellent way to get your questions answered.
We are not “tour” travelers, and this was our first experience being part of a bus group.  We were a bit hesitant not certain what to expect.  There were 24 members of our group.  The bus offered ample room and the seats were very comfortable.  We are so glad we took the opportunity to drive (be driven), almost from one end of the country to the other.  Stops were frequent enough and this really gives a feel for the country.  Jackie uses the time while driving to offer a ton of information, answer questions, and even give nap breaks.  It really goes by quickly.  One added, and unexpected, bonus was how the group really bonded because of the extended time together. We met so many neat people!
Thank you for a great experience!
Keith and Kristie Matheson
November 2016 tour

Bob and I would like to say THANK YOU for a wonderful tour.  We had a great time and really enjoyed seeing the different parts of the country.  From what we saw, we feel that the Boquete area would be the spot for us.

Although we have some “moving parts” that will have to be worked out, we do hope that it is going to be possible for us to relocate in the next year or so.

Meeting the other people on the tour was such fun.  We feel like we have made some new friends, and – hopefully – we will be seeing them again in Panama!!

Jackie, your knowledge of most things Panamanian is invaluable.  Melissa — I so appreciated your assistance with all of my questions, and your amazing coordination.  All of our before and after plans went smoothly!
Carol and Bob Hanft
October 2016 Tour
Patti and Frank on PanamaRelocationTours.com
Patti and I went on the Panama Relocation Tour with an open mind, but hoping everything we read about the tour was true.
The tour with Jackie Lange was more then we could hope for, it was informative and comfortable.  Jackie was an excellent host and a wealth of information.  We got a realistic view of what to expect if we decide to work or retire in Panama.  We stayed in very good hotels and had more then enough to eat (the meals were very good and plentiful).
We had the opportunity to see how fellow expats live and hear them share their experiences.
Me and my wife have decided to take the plunge and give Panama a try after my retirement and are in the process of applying for the Friendly Nations VISA (416 VISA).
We were looking for a place to live with cooler temperatures then we are currently suffering in Tampa, Florida.  And we believe that Boguete would be a great place to start this adventure in our new life and explore the surrounding areas.
I must not to forget to acknowledge Melissa Lange as well, she guided us through the process so that the experience was pleasant and enjoyable.
On a scale of 1 to 10 our experience was an absolute 10 and worth every penny.
Frank and Patti Major
Tampa Florida
August 2016 Tour

My husband and I just returned from a visit to our future home in Boquete, Panama. It has been our intention for years to spend retirement overseas and have thoroughly researched many countries. When we narrowed our search to Panama we discovered Jackie Lange’s PRT.  Our Panama adventure began in Panama City and ended in Boquete. We were able to sample life on the coast , mountains and everything In between.  We were introduced to expats currently living their dream in Panama as well as journey with others like us beginning their pursuit. We met an attorney who will help us with legal issues in regard to our move, we opened a bank account and enrolled with a shipping company. Jackie’s experience and advice allowed us to accomplish in a few days what would have taken months or maybe years on our own. We returned back to Mississippi to find a buyer for our home, cars and other possessions in order for us to begin our new life in Boquete, Panama sometime in 2017, if not before.  If cool breezes, milder temperatures and an affordable way of living sounds enticing to you, contact Jackie and plan to be a part of one of her future tours.

Warren and Kim Doherty
McComb, Mississippi

September 2016 Tour

I’m so happy I took this tour, my first ever! I met a lot of nice people and fellow solo travelers too. Thank you Jackie & Melissa for the invaluable information provided in six days that would take me months if not years to gather.

Loved the down to earth, no hustle approach. I felt Jackie wanted to show me why and what she loves about her adopted country, “if you like what you see, welcome neighbor and if it’s not for you, that’s okay too”.

You’ve got a great team Jackie. Melissa was always there with a quick response to my questions and requests. Your attorney was so helpful, reasonable and accommodating. Jorge is a pro driver; I felt safe and Luis took care of wherever I needed to go in Panama City.

Muchas gracias,
July 2016 Tour


First, I would like to thank you Melissa for doing such a fantastic job getting my wife and I set up for the tour.  You were so thorough and fun to work with for the process of generating all the paperwork required to make the trip.  And Jackie, you were such a pleasure to spend 6 days with.  Everything was amazingly orchestrated for visiting the different cities.  From the housing tours to the lunch breaks and the hotels.  I especially appreciated your candid conversations about life in Panama and what to expect moving there.  Everything was Fabulous!John & Maria Litland
July 2016 Tours


Our July 2016 Panama Relocation Tour was wonderful from the beginning to the end.

Every step was planned for and well organized. Each day in Panama was a treasure.  It was like opening up a gift each morning.

Jackie and Melissa could not have been any more terrific. Jackie shared her years of experience gained living in Panama.

She gave us invaluable, boots on the ground information.  We got the good and the bad.  Jackie is a walking encyclopedia of all things Panama.  If she doesn’t know it, she will find out.

We are planning a return trip very soon.

Hopefully a new life in Panama is in our future.

Shawn and Virginia
Las Vegas, NV
July 2016 Tour


We loved our trip and all of the arrangements that Jackie and Melissa made.  We met some interesting people and saw a lot of land and buildings. We appreciate all of the effort it took to set this meeting up.  We don’t do FaceBook, or Twitter or Tweet or whatever, but thank you both for a great and informative time! You might see us down that away again in the future.

John and Shirley Stephenson, Salado, TX
July 2016 Tour


The Jackie Lange Panama Relocation Tour is a hands on boots on the ground experience. Although it is scheduled for 6 days, it begins the moment you send in your request to join. Excellent customer care from Melissa Lange who is responsible for all of the scheduling details for getting you to Panama and back to the airport for flying home when it is was all over. There were very few details that were not taken care of in advance by Melissa.

The actual tour with Jackie on a very comfortable air conditioned bus was like a high school classroom with field trips. Jackie very knowledgeably covered every imaginable subject as we went from the East to the West. She knew where the good food was and our stop in Volcan at the Mexican restaurant was the peak of cuisine for me.

Jackie pointed out opportunities everywhere. In the higher elevations, even growing coffee is a possibility. At almost every stop there was an alumni that sought out Jackie to say, “Hello, how are you doing” and catch up with her for a few minutes.

From the beginning, the tour group got friendlier and friendlier and the evening extracurricular sessions grew into a family. By the end of the tour, everybody had a good idea if Panama was the right move for them. Many stayed behind to explore Boquete in a rental car, we took public transportation to Bocas Del Toro and enjoyed the beach life. Others were interested in finding investments in housing.

Not everything was “Guns and Roses” but we were kept well apprised of what to expect in a move to Panama and how to work around it. I’ve been home 3 days now  and I am already utilizing Texas Jackie’s promise to help us find the information or services we need for those of us who intend to go further and move to Panama.

I give this tour 4 1/2 stars out of five.

In case you are wondering, yes, somebody was playing Panama by Van Halen on the radio as we walked through a crafts market in Panama City.

Alumnus, Jer

July 2016 Tour

Jessie in Boquete Panama

Hello my name is Jessie and I just want to say that I am a “very”  skeptical person!

With that in mind, here is my story.

So one day the best person that has ever entered my life (Beth) told me about Jackie Lange’s Panama Relocation Tours and the price of her service.

I told Beth that it was probably a scam and all we would be doing is getting ripped off! And at best, it would be hard to justify the cost for this service.

I mean we could plan out our own trip to Panama, and see what we want to see. AND save that expense!

(Because I am a MAN and I know best right.)

Well Beth read to me some of Panama Relocation Tours  reviews.

So my response to Beth was you can hire people to write reviews for you!

But Beth talked me into using Jackie’s tour anyway. I already told you that Beth was the best person ever to enter my life but I forgot to mention she might be the smartest person to.

Beth and I got to Panama a few days early and stayed a few days longer. Jackie and her wonderful team took care of everything for us. We were picked up at the airport set up in a very nice hotel  (at a discounted price) and they even set up all the events we wanted to do before the tour started.

So let me say Panama Relocation Tour is worth every penny spent just the information Jackie gives you alone, it is worth the cost! I don’t know how Jackie does it but she and her staff  have all the answers to all your questions, and if she doesn’t she will get it to you, Jackie is a wealth of knowledge!

On top of that, with Panama Relocation Tour you get to see the BEAUTIFUL country of Panama in a new very clean, comfortable and luxurious bus. And I can tell you one thing you will not ever get hungry on the tour you will be constantly eating wonderful foods!.

So for a skeptical person I now believe and have been telling all my family and friends about Panama Relocation Tour’s!

If Panama is something you’re considering do yourself a favor and take Jackie’s tour!

Personally I think it is the best way to make the best informed life changing decision for you and your family.

Jessie Benavides and Beth Holbrook
June 2016 Tour


Jackie’s tour provides a taste of life in Panama without the hassle and stress of making your own arrangements and trying to schedule your time to gather the information you need. Her many years in Panama, together with the contacts you meet, provide an experience you won’t find anywhere else. I highly recommend this tour.

Terri Johnson


If you are interested in moving to Panama, retired or not, Jackie is the person to help. Not only does she offer a great tour that gives you an opportunity to see different areas in Panama (beaches, city, mountains), but she is very knowledgeable about all things Panama. She has been a great resource for helping me through the visa process, and now that I am house hunting in Boquete she has been helpful there as well. Jackie doesn’t just do a tour, she is there for you AFTER the tour is over. Which is a good thing, since it was hard for me to really absorb all the information we got while on the tour, so I have gone back to her many times for confirmation or to request more info.

Suzanna Dobbs

You are absolutely, hands down, the BEST Melissa!  I was totally impressed with your skills and informative quick responses to the questions I had during this entire tour process.  I did not have a single instance in which my paperwork and the information that you provided was inaccurate.  You are the utmost professional.  Thanks!  It has been a pleasure doing business both with you and your Mother.  :D   Have a great day!

So here goes…..

For those of you considering relocation to Panama, this tour is a great way to get an overview of the country.  Panama is a visually stunning and diverse country containing a wide variety of living styles and climates which would suit most needs. 

Tour Director, Jackie Lange, discusses advantages as well as disadvantages of the political aspects, national and local economic climates, business opportunities, healthcare, tax potentials and/or risks and residential possibilities as well as the requirements needed to be a permanent or part time resident.  There are many expats who are readily available to answer questions and share their unique situations. 

In my opinion, Ms. Lange provided a wealth of information and support that would not otherwise have been available when researching on an individual basis.  Therefore, the information that she generously imparts is invaluable and worth the price of the tour alone with the sightseeing, accommodations and meals thrown in as an additional bonus. 

Pura Vida!         J. Johnson ~ June 2016 Tour 

Retire In Panama with PanamaRelocationTours.com
June 2016 Tour
Panama Relocation Tour Guest from Poland

The Panama Relocation Tours by Jackie Lange, is a comprehensive service as well as a wonderful and memorable experience. Although its main purpose, as the name implies, is the relocation to Panama for people from many other countries (e.g. I’m from Poland, Europe), it is moreover a great social and travel adventure! I can honestly recommend the tour to anyone, especially to those, who have never been to Panama before. Here’s why…
I don’t remember exactly how I got to the www.panamarelocationtours.com website, but it happened when I was researching the information about Panama and thinking about visiting the country for a quick vacation. In spite of the tour’s main goal, I did not think about relocation to Panama at that time, but thought it could be a good idea for the future to keep in the back of my head, as well as a great in-land travel opportunity (plus I did not know anyone from Panama at that time). So, after I carefully studied all the information about the tour on its website including all the testimonials, then without too much hesitation I decided to give it a go. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made for a long time.

You can feel that the PRT is a great all-inclusive service from the moment of first contact with the tour’s staff, including the owner, Jackie Lange herself. The information and guidance received before the tour starts was very useful and comprehensive. Not only it includes all the necessary requirements and suggestions of what to take and how to prepare for the actual tour, but also the organizers greatly expand the general experience, by helping you with all the reservations and preparations, when it comes to exploration of Panama on your own both before and right after the tour, which is great and I absolutely enjoyed staying in Panama for more than 3 weeks in total, taking avail of lots of accommodation discounts for the Tour’s participants in variety of key places and areas such as Panama City, Boquete, Bocas del Toro, etc. What a great value added!

The true uniqueness of the PRT itself, besides its great idea and perfect execution from the organizational perspective, is the vast experience and passion for the job by its organizers, especially the Jackie Lange herself (which I have quickly become a huge fan of). Since Jackie is the author of books about relocation to Panama, no wonder the amount of practical, valuable and tried-and-true information is tremendous, but the interesting thing is that all the information is given in small contextual portions in a way that nobody can feel overwhelmed. The unique itinerary of the tour is also composed, so that the tour participants no matter of their preferences for a place of relocation (the city, the beach, the mountains, etc.) can feel well-informed and certain to pick their favorite one. I couldn’t ask for more and absolutely loved all the great sightseeing, as well as all the places, where we were staying and dining during the tour. Thinking of other unique benefits of the PRT, I have to say I particularly liked their very individual and personal approach of the tour organizers, who do their best to provide each and every one of the participants with full necessary information, adjusted to their particular status or situation. Every single time I had a question, I was able to get a full answer and more help than I needed, even with the tiniest problems. Jackie has shown me the areas, values and qualities in life, that I either unwittingly neglected for many years, or wasn’t even aware of their existence. I also learned a lot from many other tour participants which again was a great additional experience and value of the trip.
When it comes to summarizing the experience and effectiveness of the PRT as a whole, let me be the proof here. In the beginning I mentioned that it was the in-land travel across Panama perspective that originally enticed me to take part in the tour. Well… let me tell you this: the last day of the tour I actually decided to move to Panama and rent a house in a great place in Boquete, small town located in the mountains of Chiriqui area. This was way out of the original plan for the trip, but after we were shown the paradise-like condos and houses in that area, I simply couldn’t resist and decided to give my life a big twist with the actual relocation to Panama! Luckily my girlfriend turned out to be very happy and flexible with the brand new idea and life plan, therefore we are moving in a month! That’s how effective is the Tour in positively changing peoples’ lives!

For me, the Jackie Lange’s Panama Relocation Tours program was hands down the greatest travel experience I had for years. I can honestly recommend it to anyone, no matter of nationality, age, or material status, believe me – you will be satisfied, you will meet many great quality people, you will probably make lifetime relationships while living one of the greatest adventures or your life! I know it did changed mine and I now my only regret is that I did not took part the Panama Relocation Tours much earlier ;)

Adam Pacholski, Poland
May 2016 Tour

I just took Jackie Lange’s May 2016 Relocation Tour of Panama, and would like to send my thanks to Jackie and her daughter Melissa (and to Jorge our bus driver) for a wonderful “boots on the ground” informative tour of Panama.  If you have been doing research on Panama, and thinking of possibly living or retiring there, you’ve read a lot of info I’m sure, as did I.  However, since we all know that “you can’t believe everything you read”, before selling everything and buying your flight tickets to move to Panama, you owe it to yourself to check it out the right way.  Go on a tour with Jackie.  She’s had her “boots on the ground” living in Boquete Panama for the last 7 years or more.  She knows people and has contacts with people who can help you with whatever you need.
The money you spend on the tour immediately becomes insignificant when you are about half way through the tour.  You will see Panama exactly as it is. You’ll meet Panama locals, as well as a variety of expats, and all will share with you whatever you want to ask about.  I had done a ton of research on Panama, subscribed to newsletters, etc., so my head was filled with “facts”.  But seeing Panama up close and personal, and receiving nonstop  info from Jackie, and being able to ask questions as you go, I was not disappointed, and neither will you be.
I have decided to move to Panama and am very excited about it.  You may or may not move to Panama.  But by the end of this tour you will be certain whether you will move there, or be certain that you won’t.  It’s not for everyone, but that is what this tour will help you decide.  Like I said, you owe it to yourself to find out the right way so you can eliminate any doubts you may have.  It’s a big decision.  We all deserve the correct hands-on help.  You will be sure to get that help on one of Jackie’s tours.
Thank you Jackie, Melissa, and Jorge!  By the way, Richard Detrich, who is a well know Panama expert (and expat) was also on our tour. He’s been in Panama 12 or so years.  Richard shared a ton of info about his experience there.  This is invaluable info!  Thank you Richard!
Michael Cooper
May 2016 Tour
I am so happy I chose Panama Relocation Services. Before the tour, Melissa answered any questions quickly and provided all instructions for ease of travel. She handled the hotels before and after the tour including the flight back to Panama City smoothly and efficiently. Jackie is knowledgeable on all things Panama! She will share her experiences and you will meet other ex-pats who have made the move. The accommodations and food were all great. The driver Jorge was fantastic and you feel safe with him behind the wheel. The tour gave me a complete overview of Panama and I personally will be back in Panama to stay this July! Thank you again Jackie, Melissa, and Jorge!!Linda Robin
May 2016 Tour
I want to thank Jackie, Melissa and Jorge for a great tour.
My experience is that most companies over promise and under deliver. The better companies under promise and over deliver, and the best companies over promise and over deliver. Panama Relocation Tours is the BEST, and I appreciate all the information and support to make our tour memorable and valuable.
Thank you again for going above and beyond. We really appreciate it.
John and Lynn McGraw
April 2016 Tour

My wife and I joined your April tour. I was very leery of the tour. I (typical just-retired Army guy, can do anything on my own) was sure we could go and find out everything on our own.  Thankfully my lovely, intelligent wife (brownie points) convinced me to go on the tour.

First off, Jackie and Melissa helped with booking rooms for the extra nights and suggested where to rent a car (Cowboy Dave, nice friendly guy and you don’t have to pay the outrageous hidden fees). Jorge is a awesome guy. He drove us to rent the car and picked us up and gave all kinds of great advice. After only a few days, I felt I would have no problem getting around Panama. What to expect, what not to do and how to get things done. I highly recommend this tour. I can’t thank Jackie and her associated enough. I learned more about Panama in a week than I could in 3 or more months!!!

Thank you,
Will Polly
April 2016 Tour

Just back about a week from the Panama tour….Maggie and I can’t rave enough about our experience. The tour was so well organized to the minutest details that I can’t think how it could be improved on. We saw the broad picture of the varied locations in Panama in the comfort of the bus rides with stops and stays at great places. The food and accommodations were first rate and your running commentaries and experiences really filled us in on life in Panama. We are  applying for the Pensionado visas using your attorney’s services. Hope to see you soon.
Bob and Maggie Lynn.
March 2016 Tour

Great tour….Jackie is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  She keeps everyone on schedule and presents and view for the future of a life in Panama!!  Thanks Jackie and thanks Melissa for all your most valuable assistance…
Chet & Ruthann

March 2016 Tour

“When I first came across the Panama Relocation Tour opportunity I was 90% sure that I would move from Palm Desert, CA, USA to somewhere in Central America (though Southeast Asia was also a slim possibility).  My pre-retirement career required years of global travel so I had a chance to experience life outside the US in lots of potential retirement destinations.

As I considered signing up for this tour, I did enough virtual exploring and reflecting on past experience to decide that Panama was the first choice to visit again, and if I didn’t like it then I would have gone for Antigua or Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.  So I signed up for the tour and began looking much more closely at the Panama retirement destinations.

I signed up in January 2016 for the March tour, and in the two intervening months I did much more virtual exploration and by the time the March tour came along, I had decided Boquete was my choice and I lined up a few rental homes to look at during the 2-3 days we spent in Boquete.  So for me, and until we got to Boquete, the bulk of the tour benefit was listening and learning how one goes about moving to Panama.

The experts and expats that Jackie lined up, and Jackie’s experiences as well, were well worth the price of admission.  And the nice and interesting places we stayed made it like a vacation.  And then arriving in Boquete  easily confirmed for me that that was where I wanted to be.  So I made a rental commitment, opened an eShop account, got to know the town well and made a few new friends in those few days.  I’ll move to Boquete end of May 2016 and couldn’t have made all this happen so quickly without the tour and Jackie’s and Melissa’s help (though it also helps to be single, own nothing or very little, know in advance what you want, be good at detail work and have an adventurous spirit).  I think anyone remotely considering living outside the US would benefit from and enjoy this tour.
Dennis Philpot,
March 2016 Tour


It has been 3 months since I took a Panama Relocation Tour, and I find myself excitedly raving about the tour and about Panama, to not only my family and friends, but to complete strangers! Such a valuable experience, especially for those considering a move to this beautiful and very sensible country!

Thank you again for a memorable experience.

-Janet Pierson

December 2015 Tour



The Panama Relocation Tour is the most productive trip I have ever experienced!  From start to finish every detail was clearly outlined and very easy to follow.  Starting with my first inquiry Melissa Lange responded promptly and guided me through each successive step of the registration process, and thereafter communicated by phone whenever necessary.  I regularly received informational emails advising me of deadlines as they approached, thus making it easy to comply.  Thanks to Melissa’s professional competence and diligence everything fell into place with regards to organizing this trip.  Traveling to a foreign country can be challenging but it was especially calming to know that every single detail including contact persons, transportation, lodging, meals, and additional expenses to be incurred throughout the tour was pre-arranged.After my arrival a few days early in Panama, largely because of the expert pre-tour preparation, things went smoothly.  Upon meeting Jackie Lange, the tour guide, at the pre-tour meeting a couple of days before the tour, I realized that I was in good hands because of the wealth of information that she so willingly shared.  She is a  walking encyclopedia regarding knowledge, economics, processes, resources, geography, and goods and services of Panama.  The depth and breadth of her expertise is most impressive!  At the outset of the tour we were provided with a name tag, and goodie bag which included a guide book full of valuable information relative to making application for visas, and a host of treats to sustain us throughout the tour.  We were transported on a very comfortable coach with a capable driver (i.e.-Jorge) that made the trip most enjoyable.  One of the best things about this tour is it allows you to compare and contrast a variety of Provinces throughout the country, thus allowing one to make a more informed decision on where to live in Panama.  The lodging quarters and choice of restaurants throughout the tour were excellent!  I highly recommend this tour to anyone interested in exploring places to retire outside of the US.  Kudos to Jackie & Melissa Lange who did an outstanding job in organizing and executing this tour!  Initially I am seriously considering a seasonal retirement in Panama.

Sincere & warmest regards,
Arthur P. Pate Jr.; Cincinnati., Ohio
February 27-March 3, 2016 Tour


 My husband Tom and I took the tour in February and we were very happy with the experience.  We got to see for ourselves what Panama really looks like.  We had a lot of questions on everything from acquiring visas to transporting pets, to housing and healthcare.  All our questions were answered.  Jackie is a fantastic lady with lots of knowledge and experience on Panama living.
Great tour and highly recommended for anyone considering retiring in Panama. We decided that Boquete is our place and are in the process of finalizing things at home in order to make our move.  Thanks Jackie.Sherry H.
February 2016 Tour
I took the January 2016 relocation tour.  First off, Jackie and her daughter have a well-oiled system that manages all the arrangements so you may relax and enjoy the trip,  start to finish.  Accommodations are great, the tour bus is very comfortable, the food is awesome, and on top of that, you have Jackie giving you all the information you need to make a move to Panama.  And even if Jackie is not able to answer a question for you, she surely knows someone that can.  Her knowledge about Panama and finances is extraordinary!!  To this day, I am still in contact with her on a regular basis asking questions and she is always getting back to me right away with the answers I need.  Even if you decide Panama is not for you, the tour is an eye-opener about Panama, lots of fun, and you get to meet people from all over the world.  Highly recommended!!
Laura Kasparian
January 2016 Tour


Jackie and Melissa,

I wanted to thank you both for the wonderful service and support you provide on the Panama Relocation Tour.  I was on the tour that began on October 28th, 2015.  From the moment I arrived at the airport – wait, it began even before that.  From the time I sent the first request for information to Melissa I was impressed with the immediate response and enthusiasm I encountered. Melissa made all the arrangements and provided all the necessary paperwork before I arrived in Panama, which was a huge load off me.  Upon my arrival at the airport I was greeted by Enrique – such a delightful man! – who whisked me off to the hotel and who  later showed me and a couple of other tour participants the sights in Panama City.

Then I met Jackie.  So not what I expected! In a totally good way.  Jackie, you are so down to earth and kind, quite the antithesis of the aggressive business woman I was anticipating.  Oh, don’t get me wrong – I think you are an amazing business woman and I love how you combine your business acumen with your open and sharing personality.  So many people horde information but you want everyone to know and experience what you have in Panama. I love that you anticipate the questions that you know people want to ask and are so forthright in telling us about what you paid for your home and how much it costs for your nails and where the best deals are to be had for just about everything.

I also appreciate the after-tour interactions we had.  As you may recall, I decided to stay in Boquete for a month after the tour ended and you introduced me to your friend, Ford, whose home I rented while he was away in Panama City. Then you took me grocery shopping, invited me for dinner and nights out with your friends and just exemplified what a wonderful person you are.  So even though I decided that Panama was not the place for me to retire, it absolutely is a place I would return to if only just to come and visit you at your charming little house in the mountains.

Thank you Jackie and Melissa for a terrific experience.  I recommend your tour to anyone who is considering a move to Central or South America.

All the best,
Kerry Taylor
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
October 2015 Tour

December 2015 Panama Relocation Tours

Amy and I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our time with you and the other participants and how much we learned from you during our time in Panama.  Your agenda was excellent, reading materials were thorough and your guest speakers provided additional information in key areas where we had questions.

This was a great vacation with all of the great hotels and meals.  We look forward to getting the forum information from you.  As we sat on the plane, heading back to Tampa, Amy and I both agreed that we didn’t want to leave.  Don’t be surprised to see others, recommended by us, on one of your upcoming tours.

Today or tomorrow, I plan to e-mail Mayra and retain her services with regard to the acquisition of visas for both of us and the establishment of a Panama corporation.

Amy is very excited about the offer to travel with you and learn more about doing business on Amazon.

Merry Christmas.  We look forward to hearing positive news on your husband’s situation and expect to see you again soon.

Kindest regards,
Greg Foskey and Amy Eilers
December 2015 Tour


I’ve been to Panama three times prior to this tour, but I saw and learned more on the Panama Relocation Tour than my previous trips combined!  Jackie and Melissa (stateside) run a well organized, on-time tour, and Jackie provides real insight into the good and bad points about individual areas.  Not only does she run a hugely informative tour, but Jackie goes much further—she takes great care of her people (past and present tour attendees), and she is a superb role model for how a good expat should behave and live in Panama.  She’s the best!

Richard B.
Dec. 2015 Tour


We pretty much hit the ground running when we got back from the tour. Life is always hectic this time of year and the bills, and all the everyday things to run a household get behind when you’re out of town. After the holidays, it’s getting the condo ready to sell and trying to get our ducks in a row asap.
Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful relocation tour. Joy and I really appreciated how well organized the trip was. All the information you gave out and the questions you answered were very useful. We’ve already turned a brother in law on to you friend Anne for a possible rental. We’ll be back to Panama for more exploration I’m sure, much in part for having taken your tour.
This must be a hectic time for you too with the holidays and your family scattered. We hope all goes well for your husband and that he will rally and recover soon.
Wishing you all the best for the New Year and Merry Christmas!.
Tim & Joy Miller
December 2015 Tour
Jennifer Hume
This tour lived up to the advertisements.  All the information promised to us about retirement in Panama was provided – and more. We stayed in very nice, clean motels/hotels with good food and more than I could eat!
I was fortunate in enjoying a very pleasant group of people touring together.  At the end of the tour, everyone moved on but I stayed for 4 or 5 more days to enjoy the pleasant weather in Boquete, the city where I want to retire.  From my lovely balcony at the Oasis B&B, I watched the clouds roll in every afternoon.  The cloud would “mist” through in 15 minutes or so, and the sun came out again. The temperature varied from about 67° to 72°.  (If anyone has eaten in an Arizona restaurant in the summer, they have sprinklers that mist the customers to keep them cool.  That is what the Boquete rain felt like to me).
While in Boquete, I walked in a different direction every day.  What I saw there is that commercial and residential zoning are mixed. It makes for an interesting city.  The flowers are beautiful.  There are plenty of cafes and restaurants.  When I was tired, I sat down for a cappuccino just as I would at home.
Now, Jackie, you promised that I would love taking my luggage on the plane with me and never having to wonder whether or not my luggage would arrive when I did.  Sorry, but I am never taking my carry on luggage with me again if I can avoid it.  Much too heavy! I guess the answer is check it in on the way home.  Who cares if you lose your luggage then.

Jennifer Hume

December 2015 Tour

Thank you for such an in-depth experience!
What a great tour! Melissa’s quick replies and timely information packets make you feel comfortable with the trip before it even starts. Jackie is a wealth of information on virtually all aspects of relocating to Panama – information that can only be gathered and experienced first-hand. The meetings with the attorney and the expats were invaluable. And there is no substitute for actually traveling through and seeing the country for yourself, helping you make a truly informed decision. The focus on Boquete is a big plus, as this is where most people will be looking to settle. The group was fantastic, and the experience a definite must-have for anyone considering Panama for any sort of relocation – certainly not just for retirement, as our group showed quite clearly.
Serge D., New York
October 2015 Tour

You are amazing Jackie, thank you for everything!I’m a natural born skeptic and I was hesitant to take this tour. I finally decided that at least I would get to visit or see most of the places I was interested in. Worth a shot considering you don’t have to worry about travel, accommodations etc. BEST DECISION I EVER MADE!

I thought I had done a lot of research on line about Panama. I thought I had a pretty good idea of what to expect.

I was wrong.

The notebook that you get from Jackie was worth the price of admission alone. Packed with information and sources that you will genuinely need if you are even thinking of relocating to Panama.

I was also considering possible relocation to Ecuador, Colombia or possibly Nicaragua but this tour blew me away and totally convinced me that Panama was the right decision for me. For  a LOT of reasons.

This tour is simply wonderful. From meeting Enrique at the airport (great guy!), to touring Panama City (not for me) to all of the wonderful hosts and people you will meet was absolutely wonderful.  The only real estate pitches you got were honest and upfront and completely no pressure. Jackie does NOT try to sell you anything. In fact, she completely blew off one condo tour along the coast (after considerately asking for a vote) because they didn’t bother to air condition the units we were to look at.

You get to see the real Panama. You get to meet some amazing people and see some amazing sights and locals.

Bottom line: Panama Relocation Tours  gives you the “real deal” and I am now in the process of getting my visa.

Jackie is the ultimate hostess! She is a font of information and doesn’t hesitate to tell you how it really is, both pros and cons about damn near everything you would want to know.

COMPLETELY SURPASSED MY EXPECTATIONS! And I highly recommend this tour. I look forward to meeting some of you after I make my move.

Last but certainly not least. Thank you Jackie for making this such an eye opening experience! I truly appreciate everything you did. You truly go above and beyond for those of us that have the desire to possibly make the move. You are (I’m running out of adjectives here) incredible and I look forward to having you as a “neighbor” in the near future.

September 2015 Tour

2015 September Tour
My wife Tonya and I were on the September tour. It is difficult to try to think of something that hasn’t already been said. I would like to first thank Jackie, her daughter Melissa, and all great, knowledgeable people Jackie has introduced us to. As has been said many times before Jackie is the real deal! She has a passion for what she does similar to what most of us probably felt when we started in our favorite careers. The tour itself is way under rated, the information, the personal experiences and the great people of Panama make this a must do experience. Some may look at the price and shrug, but if you really have an interest in making the move or just checking out the possibility of a potential great life, you must pull the trigger and make the commitment. We were shown some properties in our travels, but it is definitely not a sales tour. It gives you a chance to see what is out there and what is available, no pressure just information.
 Jackie listens to what her people have to say and if she doesn’t have an immediate answer she will have it for you as soon she can. If there is something you have a particular interest in, if it can be worked into the program, Jackie will make it happen, or get you the resources so you can follow up. On the tour you are on the move, breakfast then on the road typically by 9 travel to till lunch, then travel to the next hotel and dinner.  The stop in Boquete leads to a smaller bus, Boquete is the base you work from for the last few days of the tour. From setting up a bank account, to suggestions for dinner, to having times reserved for massages with Mimi. Jackie has it all going on. We were even able to get a delicious bowl of fresh strawberries with fresh made whipped cream at a road side stand, that alone ticked another box. Once the tour is over Jackie does not forget you, She makes herself available and will help with any assistance you may need.
 Panama is far from the third world country that people imagine. They are a very proud people and want to insure that it is safe for all their current and future residents. One thing I want to emphasize, when you go to Panama or any other location that isn’t home, please remember you are a guest in their house, and give them the respect they deserve. You may be surprised and pleased at the response. So take a chance. Look and live outside your comfort zone, you may be pleasantly surprised and smile, it really does make you feel better.
 In closing I just want to say Tonya and I are in the process of getting our Friendly Nations Visa, we anticipate the process being complete by late spring or early summer. WE CAN’T WAIT!!!!
Jim and Tonya Ferruzza
Las Vegas, Nevada
September 2015 Tour

Below is my testimonial for the Panama relocation tour. While there were so many excellent things about the tour, most points were already covered in the testimonials on your website…so I hope this perspective is useful for you:

The contacts alone were worth the price of the tour. The recommended attorney had my Panama corporation created before I arrived in Panama. Within a few days after the tour, I had two bank accounts, a resident’s visa good for 1 year, and the process was started for permanent residency. (I met people in Panama who suffered through months, and sometimes years, trying to get these same things done.) The recommended CPA helped me devise a tax strategy. And since seeing the recommended ophthalmologist in Panama City, I no longer need reading glasses and I can see better far away, with less eye stress. We were given a long list of other contacts, too: health insurance, pet relocation, mail services, how to buy a car…everything you might want in Panama. Oh, and the tour was great too.

Thank you so much for the wonderful tour, the contacts, the personalized assistance, and the great time.

And Jackie — thank you especially for all the business advice!

from California
July 2015 Tour



If anyone reading this review is seriously thinking about making the move to Panama (or just thinking about relocating out of their home country to somewhere) I can recommend Jackie Lange’s Panama Relocation Tour. The tour is guided by Jackie and she is extremely knowledgeable about the nuts and bolts of the good, the bad and the ugly of moving to Panama. She tells you like it is, which really, is pretty good!

The first half of the tour was the “beach” half, taking us to beach locations and visiting different potential living locations for those in the market for living on or near beaches. The second half was more concentrated on the western half of Panama in the mountainous area where Jackie had ex-pats to show us some of their homes and other real estate. We got the low-down on properties and prices for all sorts of different life styles. We had “real-time” shopping experiences to get an idea of what is available (and what is not) and what the costs are of everyday and not-so-every-day items and how close or how far away shopping would be in different areas of the country.

Ex-pats joined us, usually when we broke bread (which was often and tasty), locals welcomed us in Boquete, legal affairs and banking were discussed by experts, and all this was accompanied by many, many tidbits of information from Jackie’s personal saga of her move to Panama and her daily life now living there which was not just informative, but interesting. She is a woman with a wide range of interests and a great person (in my opinion). She and the other intrepid travelers on the September tour really made the tour special.

Thanks Jackie and Melissa!
Steve from Virginia
September 2015 Tour



My husband and I just returned from our fabulous relocation tour of Panama. Jackie was our wonderful guide who provided us with all the great information we could ever want or need! She was the best source of information we have ever seen. Not only did she provide information on the tour, but she also had all the information printed up for us to  take at the end of the tour!! No having to take notes. We had a very extensive tour of different locations in Panama that had a little bit of something for everyone. We saw several places but have decided to go with our choice of Boquete. A beautiful place and so easy to get around. When you take the tour, Jackie has your sleeping arrangements and restaurants taken care of. We saw some unique places. The tour of a lifetime. Jackie and her daughter Melissa, were most helpful with any questions before and during the trip. We had all our information well ahead of time and could also arrange for any tours before and after our tour. This is the perfect way to see so much of Panama. We are so happy we decided to take this tour. We would highly recommend anyone looking for relocation information to take this tour. Whatever questions you may have, Jackie will answer. There wasn’t one question that anyone asked that she didn’t know the answer to. Very impressive. We are so happy that we took this tour. Couldn’t have asked for a better or more fun tour!! Jackie’s our girl!!
Marlene & Frank Nuzzo
september 2015 Tour



See the photos of their house and neighborhood at the end of the video….

Although writing a testimonial seems a bit like a ” What I did last summer ” school essay, I feel that Jackie deserves a kudo ( kudos ?). My wife and I researched various areas of the States and analyzed factors such as taxes, crime, living standards, and back to the unescapeable TAXES. We looked at other countries and Panama kept rising to the top of our lists. Then, we came across Jackie and the Panama Relocation Tours, We found that Jackie’s daughter Melissa had a real address and a real telephone number which indicated a legitimate operation.  Debby and I kept an open mind and felt that if nothing else, we would have a vacation. We signed…  From the very first contact, every detail was spelled out with new information sent by email, we felt confident. The actual trip was handled like a precise military operation with the incredible logistics involved well thought out. We met an attorney who was knowledgeable about the complexities of dealing with expats,we traveled to different regions of Panama, and were able to visit several homes of expats, including Jackie’s house and property.From day one, the discussion of rentals or home ownership had me shaking my head in disbelief, it didn’t seem possible, since I have a monthly heating bill ( we live in northern New York State ) that is the same as renting a house in Panama, fully furnished !The tour was worth more than the cost. My wife and I would not have been able to amass as much information and meet so many invaluable contacts in such a short period, Once again, THANK YOU JACKIE!
Erik and Debby
August 2015 Tour
It’s Greg Harms and I just wanted to thank you again for a fantastic and complete tour of Panama. The tour was flawless in the way you have it organized, and your staff were just great. (Jorge, Enrique, etc.)  If I choose to relocate to Panama, I feel I have the education and confidence to go forward if I decide to. Even though the tour is over, you said you’re accessible for any help or information needed in the future which is greatly appreciated.  I will recommend your tour to anyone interested in Panama because of your vast knowledge of the country and also because you’re a delightful person as is Melissa.Sincerely,
jULY 2015 tOUR
2015 July Tour Group

So glad I went on the tour……….learned sooooo much valuable information…….

At some point you have to stop reading about Panama and get your boots on the ground and go see it for yourself………the tour allowed me to get a feel for all the areas I had been reading about and allowed me to rule out areas to live as well as narrow down my options…………Because of the tour I now know where I want to live in Panama.

It was also great to meet with like minded people on the tour as well as talk with expats living in the area I am interesting in moving to.

I also made valuable contacts as far as securing my visa, bringing my dogs, renting/buying a car, a better feel for prices, shopping, stores, mail, internet availability, etc, etc.  Knowing what I know now I can’t fathom moving to Panama without all the info and intel received on this tour……….it has saved me from soooo much future stress and worries.  I also know I can contact Jackie at any time for info, assistance and further contacts as well as housing options when I get closer to my move date…………

Jackie and Melissa run a great operation; pretty much cover everything as well as handle all logistics for your arrival, departure and any reservations you want to take after the tour………….Definitely a five star operation.   NOBODY SHOULD MOVE TO PANAMA WITHOUT TAKING THIS TOUR.

July 2015 Tour

Jackie’s Panama Relocation Tour is a tour you definitely do not want to miss if you are giving serious consideration to moving and living in Panama.  Very professionally handled from beginning to end.  Melissa helped with the pre-tour.  She answered all our questions about getting all our ducks in a row prior to visiting Panama; helped us with other logistics such as rental cars, hotel information prior to and after the tour, and cell phone usage while abroad.
The courteous drivers Jackie has are EXCELLENT!  We felt safe being on the roads with them, from being picked up inside the airport, taking a tour of Panama City prior to the actual tour, the big yellow bus that carried all of us across the AMAZING country of Panama and the smaller vans used on the day trips – they allowed us to sit back, relax and enjoy this beautiful and interesting country.
Jackie had a tremendous amount of information that she shared as we traveled.  Everything from different choices available for health insurance to opening bank accounts in Panama.  She had expats who live in Panama come and join us during meals to answer our questions about their move to  Panama, their biggest challenges in relocating, and sharing a bit of what living in Panama is like for them.  She has guest speakers from a financial expert to an attorney talk about banking, doing business, the different visas available and what the best choices based on each individual would be, who will work with you as you go thru the process of moving to Panama.
We were given a small taste of the different areas where expats already live and how the cost of living varies from one place to the next.  We saw communities with a lively social scene and lots of activities, to areas where expats live and are more laid back and live a little quieter, to up and coming areas for new business opportunities and in between.  We stopped at shopping centers, grocery stores, roadside markets and were able to explore on our own.
It is jam packed with information, suggestions and contacts.  Jackie answered all questions asked and has offered further assistance to those of us who plan to relocate.  If you are considering retiring, moving your family or opening a business in Panama, you DO NOT want to miss this tour!  It will save you a vast amount of time in research, is educational, and relaxing.   We enjoyed the other members of our tour group and meeting with the expats who can give “boots on the ground” advise.
We highly recommend Jackie’s Panama Relocation Tours.
Becky and Bob
July 2015 tour
“My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our Panama Relocation Tour experience.  The tour begins in Panama City and includes travel to popular beach areas as well as destinations in the mountains and highlands, so one gets a taste of everything that Panama has to offer.  Jackie is a wealth of information about Panama and makes excellent use of travel time by covering all aspects of life in Panama and answering questions by the tour participants.  The opportunity to speak with expats who have already made the move and relocated to Panama is invaluable, as is the time spent with a Panamanian attorney who can answer legal questions regarding relocation.  A well-thought-out, well-planned itinerary, this tour is a must for anybody considering relocation to Panama, especially for those who are setting foot in Panama for the first time.
 – John and Janet
   Atlanta, GA, USA”
 July 2015 Tour
Our Panama relocation tour on July 18, 2015 was worth every penny. Jackie was a wealth of useful information, freely shared contacts and created an environment that felt like family. Her tour takes you to several very different locations and she explains the pro’s and con’s of each area. Jackie’s candor and supportiveness was refreshing and appreciated. Melissa was very helpful on the U.S. side preparing and coordinating the trip.We highly recommend this tour for anyone seriously considering relocating to Panama. It will provide you with the maximum amount of information on Panama in a condensed and well organized visit.
Matt & Kim

July 2015 Tour

Barbara and Merl Will-Wallace

There are a lot of seminars and tours you can take on living in Panama, but my wife, Barbara, and I feel that Jackie Lange’s ‘Panama Relocation Tour’ is by far the best bet for your money. The main reason we feel this way is not just the tour. For the year following our tour we continued to bombard Jackie with a series of questions and inquiries. Jackie always responded with the answers we needed, even when we were asking almost the same question over and over. Her contacts that she provides during the tour are also great resources, ready and willing to help.

Barbara and I are now living in Boquete, Panama and settling into the expat life in our new home. I don’t know if we would have made it this soon, or if the transition had been as smooth without Jackie’s ongoing help and support. The sign of a great tour is not just what you get on the tour, but the support after. Jackie’s ongoing email updates are also continuing to help us make ongoing decisions in Panama, like what to do next about healthcare. Thank you Jackie for all your help.Merl & Barbara Will-Wallace
April 2014 tour participants
Al and Lorna Chandler

My husband & I had been exploring Panama relocation options for several months.  While doing that research we came across PRT. We decided to use their service for the June 2015 tour. Before the tour Jackie and Melissa (of PRT) kept us abreast of what to prepare beforehand and what to expect upon arrival. We received detailed pre-trip instructions. Upon arrival we found that the emails had well prepared us for the experience. PRT was also very helpful in assisting us secure accommodations for a few days prior and after the tour. The tour itself followed a well-planned yet relaxed pace. This allowed my husband and me to experience various types of accommodations and
restaurants in each city we visited. Jackie, the owner and guide, has a wealth of knowledge about Panama itself and the various towns and all that is involved with relocation. She conducted the tour with grace and professionalism. She is both accessible and personable.

In conclusion we recommend PRT to anyone who is seriously considering relocating
to Panama. PRT will give you a boots on the ground experience that will help to inform your decision to move. At the end of the tour we had a great many questions answered and a good idea of what our next steps in the process should be.

Lorna and Al Chandler
June 2015 Tour

June 2015 Tour Group

Wow, we just completed the June 2015 Relocation tour and what an outstanding tour it was! Not only did we learn a tremendous amount of information about Panama, but we also made some great friends that we look forward to seeing again!    Jackie is “The Source” when it comes to seeing and learning all the” ins and outs”  of relocating to Panama. I honestly don’t know how anyone could move to Panama on their own, and make it without this tour. Don’t get me wrong, they could do it, but it would take MUCH more time and effort. Jackie has a wealth of knowledge and experience which she shares that saves you both time and money. The contacts you make alone, are worth the price of the tour. One of the many things we love about Jackie is the fact that she continues to share and help even after the the tour ends. She will be there for you each step of the way! Thanks Jackie, for a great tour, for all that you did for us, and for being a friend!

Wayne and Melanie Beighle
Amarillo Texas…soon to be Boquete Panama!
What a pleasant surprise, in todays rip off world. Jackie and Melissa are first class people.   Melissa was really helpful in setting us up for this tour. She booked Hotels for us before and after the tour. She helped us with everything. Thank you Melissa.Jackie what a wonderful human being everything she said before and after the tour was 100% right. Jackie was with us all of the time. Before the days activities and after the day was done. She was there for us to ask questions and to help in everything that we needed.JACKIE SHOWED US PANAMA. The Panama Relocation Tour run by Jackie & Melissa Lange is really worth taking. My wife and I are looking forward to a life long friendship with Jackie and Melissa.  Everyone that was on this May 2015 tour was really good people and we are looking forward to their friendship too.
Thanks for everythingCharlie Miller
May 2015 Tour|
(NOTE>>> A few months before the Panama Relocation Tour,  Charlie spent twice as much for a Belize relocation tour which turned out to be one sales pitch after another with a tour guide who was not present half the time and prOvided very little details.)

What a wonderful and enlightening experience this has been.  Words cannot express what you and Panama Relocation Tours has meant to me.  You have kept your word on everything you promised.  I will forever be grateful.

Well I’m back home here on Hawaiian Time, wishing I were on Panamaniac Time! Again, I can’t Thank You enough for a wonderful, exciting and adventurous Tour you have put together. Truly professional. All I’s dotted and T’s crossed. Couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Please look for my return soon.

Makalo & Aloha
John D.
May 2015 Tour
Just got home from the April 2015 Panama Relocation Tour, “PRT.”Our experience with PRT began months before arriving in Panama.  We started with communications with Melissa.  She not only set up our PRT itinerary, she arranged our pre-tour stay in Panama City, as well as, several  excursion in Panama City we wanted to experience before the PRT tour began.  We saw the Panama Canal, did a Panama City Tour, and more.  She booked our hotel, driver, and tour: all without a hitch.  Thanks Melissa.Next, onto the 6 day Panama Relocation Tour itself with Jackie Lange.  Just as the web site states:  we learned what life would be like living in Panama.
We got an opportunity to visit beach areas with warmer climates, and upper elevations with the cooler eternal spring climate.  We spoke to lawyers, realtors, expats, and locals.  We visited shopping malls, expat homes, and much, much more.Our group was a lot of fun too, we all had a blast sharing the experience together.  Jackie did not sugar coat the Panama relocation experience.  There will be culture shock.  She told us the pitfalls as well as the joys of living in the different microclimates in Panama.  We stayed in really nice hotels and ate out in local restaurants.
During the tour we traveled in a beautiful and very comfortable bus, and the driver was extremely safe which added to the positive experience.This tour is a MUST for anyone considering relocating to Panama, but it would also be a great way for anyone just to see Panama and learn about living in Panama and seeing the countryside.  Either way, you will enjoy the tour! Our sincere gratitude goes out to Jackie for making this a wonderful learning experience, as well as a great vacation.  We are already planning our next trip to Boquete and staying for a bit longer.After the tour Melissa stepped in again arrangning our post tour stay and excursions.  Once again everything went according to the plan and we had a blast.  Several of our tour group members stayed on and we got together to discuss the pros and cons of living in Panama and the PRT tour itself.  Everyone, without a doubt enjoyed the tour and had nothing but positive things to say about Jackie.  Most of us will be coming back for a longer visit.We would just like everyone to know, PRT is a great learning experience and a lot fun!Perry & Michele Ferguson
[email protected]
NorCal, East Bay, California
April 2015 PRT Alumni
The tour was just what we were looking for! No conference could take the place of a such a hands-on experience, all our questions were answered and in such a friendly, and informal manner, we were delighted with our experience and fell in love with Panama, we are currently, getting our “ducks in a row”, and we hope to return in early 2016 for a much longer stay. Jackie and Melissa made this trip really special and it was so easy to arrange, we felt like we were with friends.
Nancy Baltrunas
April 2015 Tour
It has been approximately two (2) weeks since our return from Panama. We miss it already!  After taking Jackie’s December 2014 Panama Relocation Tour, we decided we needed to “explore” more of the country, to wit, the Chiriqui beaches and coastline. We rented a mid-size vehicle and began our trek. We found that Jackie’s assessment of the areas was correct – the beaches were beautiful, but, it was VERY hot and humid (even for southwest Florida residents). Boquete and surrounds really had piqued our interest. Again, on her Tour, Jackie presented an unbiased (albeit partial) evaluation of the Boquete region. Once more, we found her to be “spot-on”! Need we pen more?To those considering the Panama Relocation Tour with Jackie:  We highly recommend it!  Jackie is a treasure trove of knowledge and information – she’s analogous to the Energizer Bunny! We found her to be indefatigable – even after an entire day of touring, etc., Jackie was there with her smile, patience, wit and wisdom. (At times, half of this troth wouldn’t stop asking questions – Jackie graciously responded to each and every question.) The bus was comfortable with ample space. Jorge was a phenomenal driver. The beds always felt so good after the day and the food could be a culinary adventure (we loved it, though).  Jackie paid every attention to detail and was as accommodating as she could be given the size and personalities of the group. We met very lovely folks on the Tour and friendships have been forged – it was like leaving family when we all departed on that last day. In conclusion, we found the Panama Relocation Tour to be more than we initially expected. Hence, thanks to Jackie (and that incredible, well-organized, Melissa), we’ll be returning to Panama, again and again.
Mark and Deborah H. (Florida)
December 2014 Tour
My husband, Mark, and I attended the March 2015 tour. We were very impressed with the level of organization and effort to accommodate the individual needs of tour group members. For example, when the phone that we were provided was not working for some reason, Jackie generously offered her phone to Mark, without hesitation, so he could contact his secretary in the US at a predetermined time.This is a very informative tour on many levels. First, one gets a good  overview of the climate and terrain of the country in only 6 days. This is unbelievable! It is truly not to be missed for anyone considering a move to Panama. While we anticipated that a beach location would be most desirable for retirement, we are now thinking about a cooler region, based on being introduced to both of these options.Also, the attention to detail that is provided for every aspect of the tour is quite remarkable, and was totally unexpected. Jackie offers phones that can be used to call the States more cheaply than one could get on her own. She introduces tour members to a reliable, trustworthy attorney to help navigate all the complexities of residency, driver’s licenses, establishing an LLC or corporation, etc. Where does one get this kind of service? It is not only helpful, but kind ,to give this valuable assistance. In addition , a contact person is provided in order to facilitate the opening of a bank account! This is generosity at its finest, as this process can be daunting.  Finally, the inclusion of expats in our excursions and meal breaks gave everyone the opportunity to hear first hand the adventures of people who have made this big move.Jackie provides a wonderful , helpful service  that gives a wealth of information. It is a tour that must not be missed for anyone considering a move to Panama.Gale Nixon
March 2015 Tour
March 2015 Tour

My husband and I just finished taking the March 2015, Panama Relocation Tour and were glad we invested the extra money to do so!  Jackie is a wealth of information about the process, different areas of Panama, who to contact for what and has a great network of contacts throughout the country.  We were well taken care of with food, accommodations and saw more than we could have or would have on our own.  Jackie has taken the guess work out of the process and we came home with a much clearer picture as to the retirement opportunities in Panama and where to begin our process.  Melissa was always prompt with schedules and suggestions and helped us set-up our relaxation locations before and after the tour.  Melissa was also a wealth of information and suggestions and could help us refine what we were looking for. Oh and Jorge, the driver, could drive that big beautiful, comfortable bus around everywhere and made it seem easy! Thank you Jackie and Melissa for an excellent tour!  If you are considering retirement in Panama, I would highly recommend you do so with Panama Relocation Tours!

Jean and Greg Read
Mission, TX
March 2015 Tour
My taking the February Panama Relocation Tour was the best investment I could have made towards my plans for retirement in Panama. The knowledge I gained from Jackie (along with the wonderfully prepared manual); covered nearly everything I needed to know. The areas visited during the tour are a great beginning for further exploration of
this beautiful country.The most valuable part of this tour; is Jackie herself. I know she will be a continued resource for all. Jackie even helped a women staying at the same hotel (who was not a member of our tour) with her travel plans; and she was really thankful.
Maureen H. Rockaway,
NJ February 2015 Tour
PS: If you take Jackie’s tour, I hope you are as lucky as we Feb. attendees. What a wonderful, easy going and fun loving group!PSS: Melissa will help you with arrangements for visiting longer in Panama. She makes it effortless. Her recommendations were great.
Relaxing in Santiago aftet PanamaRelocationTours.com
Hi Melissa and Jackie, Thank You!!!Thank You!! Our tour was spectacular!! Jackie, you covered so much ! You were amazing. Your bus is so much nicer than the shuttle to Bocas del Toro!!! It was an interesting day!! We really enjoyed the Carribbean side of Panama. Red Frog Marina and the Resort was beautiful. I would recommend your tour group and YOU to anyone interested in traveling to Panama. I will be in touch!!
Kathleen Cardenas, February 2015 Tour
 I had a great time.  You have a really great itinerary that lets us all learn as we go and your on-bus discussions with the tour book reference makes it easy to absorb. I can not imagine how anyone could learn as much as we did and really understand Panama as we do now, doing it on their own. And the luxury and comfort of your new bus made this rolling seminar a really great value.
Thanks again.
Tom Simonson
February 2015 Tour
I wanted to let you know that this was a quasi-vacation and research trip.   I learned so much about Panama.  It was so much different than I thought.    It is not the South American experience that most of us think of.   You did a great job of having everything planned and taken care of.   It was educational and extremely informative.   Even my unplanned trip to the hospital taught me a lot about their quality medical care at extremely affordable prices. ($128 for 5 hours in the emergency room)The accomodations were great the food was excellent and you had everything so organized.   I have already referred you to a number of people I know who are looking to move outside of the US for retirement.Thanks
Dan Raynes
February 2015 Tour
January 2015 PanamaRelocationTours.com
I woke up this morning with no less enthusiasm for Panama.  Can’t believe I’m actually going to do this.  I’ll never be able to put into words my gratitude to you and Melissa.  I’m feeling so positive about things for the first time in a long, long time!   Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

To all of you skeptics out there like I was: Have no fear. Jackie and her tour are the real deal. This was my first trip to Panama and when I arrived I had to ask myself:   “What the hell was I thinking?” The next morning was the first day of the tour, and after meeting Jackie and my fellow tour mates, then boarding our spacious bus, my whole attitude changed and I felt more and more positive each and every day.

 I never thought I would see so much of the country, nor receive so much valuable information. Jackie’s narratives which are complimented with our prepared manual, were so informative that all we had to do was relax and take it all in, all the while knowing we weren’t getting any sugar coated tripe. This was Panama as is really is.

Our accommodations and meals far exceeded my expectations. I slept like a baby and ate like I hadn’t eaten in a month. Also, we had enough free time to explore and see for ourselves how friendly and welcoming the Panamanian people are.

Jackie arranged for us to meet many expats who gave us their impressions thus far of relocating to Panama. They were more than happy to answer the many questions we all had.

From Jackie’s warmth and professionalism, to Melissa’s support and individual attention, to our tour bus driver Jorge’s masterful navigating, I could not have asked for a better experience. I’m making the move to Panama – others may not. I was lucky enough
to find Jackie and her tour to help cement my decision.

January 2015 tour member,
Joe Fairchild


Besides all the great info you are going to get, you see so much of the country, will make some wonderful friends, that you will want to sell your house as soon as you get back home, like my wife Sally and I are going to do!! Jackie does incredible things to personalize the tour, like having a freshly baked Birthday Cake at dinner on my wife’s Birthday!!  You don’t spend money on this tour, you INVEST it!!

Bob and Sally Lewis
January 2015 Tour


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the fabulous January 2015 tour.  It was everything  I hoped for and more.  I was able anamarelocationtours.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/fred_cynthiabishop.jpg”>Expats talks at Panama Relocation Tours Expats Fred and Cynthia Bishop Talk to to the Tour Group[/caption]

On our first trip to Panama for the Panama Relocation Tour, our expectation was the usual tourist vacation – to see the Panama Canal, Panama City, the old town and beaches and possibly sell real estate investments.  Little did we know that the Relocatio Tour was more than that.  We did not expect to meet new friends with the same goals as we have and the well planned trip from Panama City to Boquete and the neighborhing towns.There was a bit of skeptism that the tour was to sell real estate properties and the challenges of moving from the US to Panama.Hearing from the expats, you realize that when you move to Panama you are adapting to a new lifestyle – a serene contented life with less worries and stress.  You can do more or you can do less depending on your wish to live your life.  There’s a saying that.. “It’s not how long you live but it’s how you live your life!”

We found out that this Relocation Tour was to see the real Panama, to see the famour Panama Canal, different neighborhoods and the nitty-gritty of the lifestule of it’s people, the expats, and the good, the bad, and the ugly without sugar-coating.

Jackie and Melissa, this is not just an adventure for us… it is your passion on your part to do this for every body and we appreciate and relish the experience.

Becks & Ching Tagala
Clearfiend, Pennsylvania
August 2014 Tour

Having decided that we should consider Panama as a major contender for our future retirement we came across the Panama Relocation Tour and decided that we should sign up.It looked on first view as expensive but offered an easy way to cover the country and also a good mix of people who could shed light on many areas of potential concern. It proved to be not expensive but truly value for money.  We really did not know half of the things that Jackie and the various guests imparted to us.  In truth we did not know half of the issues that were to prove important.  Hot water and internet being but two boxes which may have been ticked before we knew what we had missed.We originally targeted the coast and changed our mind during this visit and selected the mountains as being more for us.  Doing the trip alone and without the input from this tour we would have probably been disappointed and ruled Panama out for all the wrong reasons.  This really was a total surprise to both of us but the climate in Boquete allowing doors to be opened and no need of air conditioning won out.  The beach is not that far from Boquete and a weekend in Boca ChiCa would be a pleasure.Thanks to Jackie, Richard and Melissa and all who helped this tour be such a success for us.  As we said before the various guests all had excellent reasons for their choices and were very illuminating.Trevor  & Laura
July 2014 Tour

Thanks for the great experience!A little background – last year I traveled to Chile. I booked the flights, the rooms, the tours, everything. I did a bunch or research & reading (but it’s never enough).  I don’t speak Spanish. I had a great trip, but I wasted a lot of time – getting my bearings, figuring out what to do, traveling from place to place, communicating, etc.

I heard that Jackie ran a Panama tour group. Panama hadn’t been on my priority list, but I knew of Jackie from another business she has. I didn’t know her personally, but I knew her reputation for planning, organizing and executing – just plain getting things done.

With the travel/tour details taken care of, I figured I could just show up and learn when I got there. I booked the tour and flight and off I went.

My assumptions were correct. It was door to door service, start to finish. I was picked up and dropped off at the airports. Accommodations, meals, travel and  tours were set.

I spent the entire time learning and making great contacts with others on the tour.  My goal was to get an overview and a feel for the country and culture in a short period of time, without knowing Spanish and without spending much time planning. Mission accomplished!

Thanks Jackie, Richard, Nikki, Melissa and everyone else who made it happen!

Bill Stuhlman
July 2014 Tour

Typically when we explore a new region we haven’t been, we rent a car and off we go. In Panama, I’m glad we didn’t. We came across the Panama Relocation Tours website and wondered if it was worth the money. We’re happy to say, we were pleasantly surprised. The constant communication, well chosen hotels, guest lecturers and the depth of the ‘boots on the ground experience’ from Jackie’s life in Panama made the trip a worthwhile investment and fun. Traveling with 12 other people isn’t typically our style however everyone of us is in the ‘same boat’ exploring retirement places which made it more educational to hear everyone’s concerns and input, not just ours. Over the period of a week, we traveled from one end of Panama to the other. We ate at fine restaurants and local Mom & Pops where lunch cost $3.50. We loved the diversity of the cities we saw and would recommend anyone considering Panama for relocation take the tour with Jackie first! Be sure to go into Panama City a couple days early and ask for Jackie’s driver Jose to show you around the city.Margie & Dennis Casey
June 2014 Tour
Panama Relocation Tours
Lunch in Volcan

Looking for a place with more constant and pleasant weather than we currently have, spending a lot of time on the web reading comparisons and blogs and oh so very positive International Living articles, and having visited El Valle de Anton via a cruise ship excursion, we found and signed up for Jackie Lange’s Panama Relocation Tour. We figured that even if the tour didn’t turn out to be as described, we’d get a week of touring around Panama where we didn’t have to think about where to stay, where to eat, how to get to the next place, etc.

Pleasantly, the tour turned out to be exactly as described. We got to visit virtually all the locations in Panama we’d been reading about and pondering. As is appropriate for Panama, before even heading out on the tour, we got to meet with a lawyer who discussed the most frequently used visas and described the existence of a process to deal with a national criminal background check that comes back other than ‘no prior arrest data.’ We met a variety of ex-pats all quite willing to chat with a dozen+ strangers and/or let us wander around inside their homes, some of which were rented, some owned, spanning quite the range of living styles.

Richard Deitrich, author of “The NEW Escape To Paradise” accompanied our tour and, along with Jackie, filled in many little gaps in our understanding and provided validation information on a variety of perceptions gleaned from the various ex-pat websites and blogs. The tour was nicely balanced in terms of eating at both lower and upper end restaurants and staying at a (TripAdvisor) top-rated hotel in Panama City, an all-inclusive resort (near Coronado) and a couple quaint little places along the way. We got just the right amount of time (for us) to wander around in various stores to check out prices and availability and to explore Jackie’s and Richard’s home town of Boquete. Neither Jackie, nor Richard, know or addressed everything one could conceivably want to know about Panama, but the information provided was quite extensive, neither seemed to overstate and both readily tried to point the way to alternative sources of information when needed. We extended our stay in Panama on both ends of the tour with help in the arrangements readily and effectively provided by Melissa (Jackie’s daughter.)

Our bottom-line is that we in no way regretted having taken this tour, found the price to be quite reasonable for what we got and encourage anyone pondering relocating to, or establishing a snowbird’s nest in, Panama to sign up for the tour.

Kerry and Denise O’Neal
Somerville, Alabama
May 2014 Tour

Gelato in Boquete
Enjoying Gelata in Boquete

What a way to experience Panama!  You can sit in a hotel conference room and be bombarded with disjoined information until you are numb on both ends or you can travel through, see, and participate in THE REAL PANAMA with knowledgeable people, Jackie and Richard, and with a great group of observers, like yourself.
From the cities to the beaches to the mountains, Panama has it all.  We live in Florida, so the mountains, especially beautiful Boguete, really appealed to us. The visits to the expat’s homes were really neat!
Jackie and Richard tell it how it is! And we certainly saw a broad  spectrum of Panamanian life. Throughout the tour we were well taken care of.  Thank you again for such a great tour.
We’ll be back!Ruth Ann & Ken Bruce May 2014


The tour was fantastic! It covered many aspects of Panama life. Jackie is very knowledgeable and has a very gracious heart. Anybody thinking about relocating either part time or full time would greatly benefit from the Panama Relocation Tours

J & L Price
North Carolina
June 2014 Tour


I really enjoyed the tour and have returned home with many positive thoughts about Panama. As you know, I opened a bank account while in Boquete and I plan to continue to add to it, eventually to try for a Friendly Nations visa. I am also thinking about establishing a corporation in Panama and I assume that your attorney can do all the necessary “stuff.” I have already started the process for applying for residency – got my finger prints taken today and have the FBI form filled out; I think I have the right one for the background report that is required and I’ll get that in the mail soon.

I totally enjoyed this tour and the group of people that were there!!! I’ll likely be back; as I said, I intend to apply for residency so I expect to be in touch. With luck, maybe the residency thing will correlate with the start of one of your tours so I’ll see Jackie in Panama (City, that is) (see, I’m already talking like a resident).
Chris, Las Vegas May 2014 Tour


Tour of Richard Detrich's House
Tour Group at Richard Detrich’s House

If you are considering or only curious about having a presence in Panama, you can do no better than to take this tour. Jackie Lange and her daughter Melissa have arranged a near seamless experience packed full of important information presented in a vacation-like, relaxed program. We traveled to a number of places on the pacific side of the country exposing us to a variety of towns, living choices and lifestyles. We met people who can assist with a move, people who have moved who shared their experiences and saw many options.

Though Chiriqui province was very charming, I am going to return to Panama to look at another area that has piqued my interest and may be the place for me. This tour has made me very positive about Panama, its “way of doing things” and its people. Even after the 6 books I read before arriving, Jackie gave us so much more important information and so many contacts, it was priceless.

Our accommodations were varied through the tour, a taste of the choices one has in Panama. The same spectrum was shown in housing options. There is apparently a wide choice of lifestyles available in Panama and places to enjoy them, two coasts, mountains, small towns, big cities. They have it all.

The people Jackie brought to the program, Richard Detrich, “Escape to Paradise” and Bob Adams “ Retirement Wave
gave us an in person and personal view of the possibilities of our life in Panama.

Thanks Jackie, Well done!

Marilyn L eff
Fort Lauderdale
April 2014 Tour

Thanks a million Jackie for everything.  Appreciate seeing so much of the country and hearing all the info you provided.  The Handbook is invaluable and I am glad to have it.  Thanks too for filling in the cultural scene in Boquete.  Loved seeing your home as that is more what we want.  Your garden is to die for!  The big bus was good to my back and very comfortable.  Richard is amazing and generous with his information.
Now for shoveling out the garage, storage space, closets, etc.  We’ve decided not to ship on a container.
Hope to see you in two years or less.
Barbara Will-Wallace
April 2014 Tour

We were honored to have Richard Detrich, author of The NEW Escape to Paradise, join us for the April 2014 tour.  Here are some testimonials sent to Richard.

Hi Richard, Thank-you so much for your wonderful stories and commentary on the trip. We learned a lot, even though we had read your book. We loved meeting Nikki also, and I was very interested in her project of teaching some of the Indian guys English. You have such a gorgeous place that I have trouble imagining that you are selling it. Thank-you so much for everything. We had a blast! Sincerely, Barbara Will-Wallace

4 people from April 2014 Tour

Dear Richard, Thank you and Nikki so much for your kind hospitality during our stay in Boquete. It was a highlight of our visit as was the realisation that this was a place we could live and enjoy retirement! Our cups of coffee in the cold rainy climate of home will no doubt transport us to your veranda overlooking the coffee plants from whence they came prompting a hasty return! We are in the airport where Kelvin was dancing around singing to herself about her new home in Boquete…. She is an unstoppable force. Again, thank you for your insightful comments, the introductions you facilitated and your delightful company. Regards, David Martin

Dear Richard, I feel blessed to have the honor and pleasure to have the chance to travel with you for the whole journey. I would certainly read and write feedback on Amazon after I receive your book. Take care and enjoy the heaven on earth with your beloved family. With all best regards, Joy Stone

Hi Richard! Rhonda & I thoroughly enjoyed your expertise and anecdotal knowledge of Panama. You added so much to the tour. Thanks for a great time! David Grover


We loved the tour. It is exceptional! And scary as well. Suddenly this is not a game, an intellectual exercise,  it’s real. Thank you for the care and thought that you’ve put in providing such a wonderful service. I understand now why some people would take the tour multiple times. Below are our comments for your Web site. Sorry for the delay in sending them … I’ve been shoveling snow since we arrived (and it was ten below zero then)!

Considering Panama? This is the tour to take! The Panama Relocation Tour delivers exactly what it promises. This is not a real estate sales pitch nor a gilded showcase of life in paradise. Jackie Lange has configured a pragmatic guided travelogue for those considering moving. Her process begins with a few questions when you sign up designed to help you discover if you are actually ready for such a dramatic step.

The tour itself is well orchestrated, well run, on time, on topic, and efficient—that’s not to be taken for granted in a mañana culture—in addition to being informative, useful, and enlightening. Traversing half the country, from Panama City to the border of Costa Rica, the tour includes numerous stops in a variety of locales, staying in urban and rural areas, eating in both gringo and Panamanian cafes. Highlighting each day is a meeting with local ex-pats from that community for their perspective of life in Panama and/or with owners and visits to their homes for sale. (Just enough of these to give you a sense of what’s available. Again, this is not a real estate tour.)

Be prepared to re-examine your priorities on this trip. This is not a typical vacation. You will find yourself looking at the landscape in a new way, as a potential inhabitant rather than as a tourist. This can be unnerving at first. But if you are truly considering moving to Panama you owe it to yourself to take this tour.

Jim & Cynthia Fletcher


Thank you again for a uniquely wonderful and informative trip.  It was exactly what I was looking for.  As a person seriously interested in relocating to Panama, the trip fit the bill perfectly.  I truly appreciated the breadth of detail of necessary information about the relocation process, the introductions to helpful local resources, contacts, and a variety of people who had relocated. It was especially helpful to have the time to ask questions and explore their experiences. The written manual and map will be a great reference as I take my next steps.
The trip itself provided real and helpful experience of the variety of climates, locations, and communities where people are relocating- from the Pacific beaches to mountain towns.  Everything remained lazer-focused on relocation. The pros and cons were explored without sugar-coating or sales.  We experienced Panama as it is from the perspective of relocation.  It is not a tour in the usual sense.  It is way more.
Jackie takes the time to understand each person’s interest and readiness to relocate and makes sure she answers your questions, or puts you in contact with someone who can.  Her focus is to provide the information you need to make a decision and to successfully relocate.  It is unique and remarkable and she continuously adapts the trip to refine and improve the experience.
The entire trip was expertly managed, from initial contact and booking, through each day’s agenda. It is clear that everyone makes the extra effort.  Jackie and her team made sure everything worked- the bus and driver were exceptional, the itinerary and timing worked for stops, meals, breaks to see the different locations, and the hotels along the way all flowed smoothly. Thanks to the evident knowledge of the country, careful planning, flexibility, and hard work of the team everything flowed smoothly with no gaps or gaffs..  All was focused on making this an exceptional experience.  And they delivered!
I recommend without qualification taking a trip with Jackie’s Panama Relocation Tours for all who are contemplating relocation. At least once.
Ric Winstead


John and his wife moved to Panama a few months after their Panama Relocation Tour.  Watch this video to learn about John’s experience with the tour and about living in Panama.  This video was recorded at the 4th Annual Panama Relocation Tours REUNION Party.  (sorry about the background noise)

Panama Relocation Tours
Admiring the view at Coronado Bay

Thank you for a wonderful experience in Panama!  Every detail was more than covered from the 25 cent bathroom admission fee to the all inclusive resort stay.  We saw so many aspects of the country from the ocean to arid areas to the mountains with a bit of a tropical rainforest in between.  It was great to meet expats already living in Panama and to hear their stories.  The information they shared was most interesting and helpful.  This tour really gives a true picture of what life in Panama can be like from a variety of perspectives.  There seems to be a climate and a living style to meet the expectations of nearly anyone considering this country as a future home.It was fortuitous that we ran into Nathan at the Albrook airport on our way back to Panama City at the end of our extended stay.  He was great support as we navigated the taxi scene at the airport.  The support from the tour guides doesn’t end on the last day of the tour!  Jackie, Nathan, and Melissa remain available to assist with information and suggestions as future visits are planned or questions arise about living in Panama.

We will be back again to see how Panama has changed and grown as we get closer to our full time retirement date in a couple years.  Thanks again for your support and assistance!

Dale and Kristin Stillman

Rome City, IN


Colin (Soup) and Sue Campbell moved from Alaska to Volcan Panama 6 months after the tour.  Their video testimonial was recorded at our 4th Annual Reunion Party in 2014 for tour attendees who have moved to Panama. (sorry about the noise in the background)


Lorelei Gilmore
Thank you, Jackie, for having the foresight to provide this tour for those of us interested in relocating to Panama.
I so enjoyed the February 2012 Panama Relocation Tour. It was a wonderful experience and I have just recently moved to Boquete, Panama. It was definitely worth the money spent as I could never duplicate what we did on this tour, the experiences we all had, and the stress-free atmosphere that prevailed throughout the tour. Truthfully, had I not booked this tour I probably would not be living here today.


I thought the tour was great!  This was my 2nd Panama Relocation Tour.  Saw some new places.  It was very informative.  There is no way I could have learned so much about living and relocating to Panama if I had tried to do this on my own.

Sue Dloughy


P.S.  See Sue’s Video Testimonial which was recorded at the 2014 Panama Relocation Tours Reunion Party. ( sorry about the noise in the background)


Sally DeStefano

The Panama relocation tour is a MUST for anyone who is curious about what living in Panama would be like part-time or full-time. Jackie has planned every detail of this tour with great care and sensitivity to the needs of her travelers. She balances group experiences and personal time very well and provides individual attention to each person on the tour. And she keeps the schedule moving…with diplomacy!

You will appreciate the tremendous wealth of information she provides as well as her guest speakers, who are either expats or local professionals. It’s also most helpful to see the price range and type of properties available. You will experience the full gamut of weather and type of scenery Panama has to offer, which is considerable!

Be sure to include a few extra days “on your own” so you can further explore. If you choose to take Jackie’s lodging and restaurant recommendations you won’t regret it. They are excellent!

I also would like to add that Melissa’s responsiveness was excellent and very reassuring.

Sally DeStefano


(Note, that is Sally on the left and Mimi Stewart on the right. Mimi gives the BEST massages in Panama.  Most of our tour guests pay a visit to Mimi when we get to Boquete)



Thank you again for providing the Panama Relocation Tours. This was my second time through and found it even more enlightening than the first time. Your emphasis on introducing the group to ex-pats throughout the tour has been a very valuable part of both tours. Because of this, I feel that I now have friends and contacts in every part of the country.

I think that everyone appreciated the fact that the tour was well planned out and arrival and departure times were always met and destinations were pertinent and interesting. Everything went off without a hitch.

The big bonus on my first tour was the 2 or 3 days that Richard Dietrich was with us. His knowledge of Panama and his willingness to share that knowledge was priceless. Equally as large a bonus on this tour was the incorporation of Nathan and Linda into your crew. Nathan’s knowledge of Latin America and his willingness to share that knowledge was worth the price of admission. Linda’s long time residence in Latin America and her extensive knowledge was a big asset. In addition, Linda made the tour “just plain fun” with her witty personality and easy going management style. It just wouldn’t have been the same without her. Oh, and the daily Spanish lessons taught by Linda and Nathan were greatly appreciated.

I plan to come down again in June or July and will probably see you then.

Steve K., Florida


Lea and Randy Taylor

I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the tour, Linda and Nathan were great, as well as all of our tour compadres. It’s certainly a crap shoot signing up to travel an entire country with a group of strangers, but I have to say there was not a single person on our tour that I would not invite to my home for dinner! We had a great time and it felt like leaving summer camp as a kid when it was over. I look forward to keeping in touch and meeting others in this group and sharing information. This group will only be as good as we make it!

Take Care,

Lea Randy Taylor

Kansas City. MO

~ ~ ~

THANK YOU very much for a great Panama Relocation Tour this past August, 2013.

It was so nice and convenient to tour with you as you had every detail pre-arranged to make the tour effortless and stress free for us. The restaurants, hotels, transportation, and a plethora of information was so helpful and wonderful ! Your pre-tour briefing with the attorney along with a packet of useful information and talking with expats during the tour was beyond helpful. We did not feel pressured to buy or rent any properties- you just let us see many different options for housing in Panama including gated communities, beautiful and modern apartments, private homes and condos and also opening your own private home to us for a first-hand look at real Panama living.

The driver was great and we enjoyed practicing and learning Spanish with him.

You more than delivered what you promised in your web information about touring Panama when we were looking for information for living in Panama.

Your candid, realistic and helpful information about everything Panama was so refreshing to know that the information was truthful and honest.

I would recommend this tour for anyone considering living and/or doing business in Panama.

The value was more than worth the money spent for this tour and every time we had any questions before, during, or after the tour you were prompt in answering those questions.


Dr. R. and C. Jacobs


We can’t say enough wonderful things about the Panama Relocation Tour! You’ll visit places all over the country, and have an opportunity to see what it would be like to live there.

As you travel in a comfortable motor coach, you’ll hear Jackie talk about all things expat Panama. She’s made the move, and she tells you what you need to know to make the move yourself.

Maybe you’ll decide Panama isn’t for you. Or, like us, you’ll see that Panama is even more wonderful than you imagined! Either way, the Panama Relocation Tour is your very best option to help make your decision. Everything is paid for. You have no decisions to make. You just sit back, enjoy yourself, and learn.

Jackie says she gives you a first lick of the ice cream cone. You have to eat the rest of it on your own. Crunch!

Martin and Ann, Oregon


Absolutely fabulous tour showing us where to go back to and where not to go back to. Great fun too! Wonderful advice on EVERYTHING from renting/buying, visa options, legal, police situations, weather, etc etc. Thank you so much!

Scott & Felicity Robinson

~ ~ ~


Super tour! All three of you were awesome. Content of the tour was very informative.

Mignon Scott

~ ~ ~


Great overview of the many beautiful locations in which to relocate. Well organized and custom oriented. Thanks for your conscientious efforts to present the many options available in a compressed amount of time. Friendly staff (drivers) and leaders especially. Very helpful in consolidating our plans.

Cheryl & Jerry Eastman

Rancho Mirage, California

~ ~ ~ ~


Highly recommend this tour. We took the 6 day tour which was long enough to get a good overall view of most of the places that expats would consider living from Panama City to the beach communities of Coronado, Pedasi on the Azuero Peninsula, Las Lajas near David, and the mountain communities of El Valle, and Boquete.

Thoroughly enjoyed the stress free tour and the chance to meet and and interact the other couples on the tour also in the same situation that we are in while leaving all the planning details up to Jackie, her daughter Melissa, and her keeper boyfriend Nathan. Also enjoyed meeting other ex-pats including Jackie’s husband and neighbor.

Other highlights include spending the afternoon at Richard Detrich’s home (author of the must read book, Escape to Paradise, Living and Retiring in Panama) and meeting with Bob Adams from www.retirementwave.com. Look forward to the new forum on your website that will allow us to keep up with our new friends from the tour and follow their progress as they wrap things up at home and retire to Panama.

Larry Hanson

~ ~ ~ ~


WOW!!! That was a real Fairytale adventure that ended too soon. I feel very fortunate to have been a part of it and can’t wait to get back there. Opportunities abound and that country’s future in on the right track. I hope everyone returned safely and keeps in touch to encourage each other to keep up the momentum for the big move south.

To Your Increased Wealth,

MAC, Florida

~ ~ ~


James Davis in Boquete Panama

For all you folks out there looking for a really great place to retire, you need to look real hard at Panama. And the way to do that is to take Jackie’s overview tour and check out some really good retirement areas. If you are like many, you will be very tired of the hassles of living in big cities, like Panama City, and want to check out some quieter surroundings like the beach or the mountains, then this tour is for you.

Jackie has conducted this tour for small groups for MANY years and has located a most outstanding Panamanian guide who is exceedingly well informed about all things Panama and he drives the group to selected locations with very different geographies.

Now this is not a house buying tour where real estate agents try to sell you their houses, but an opportunity to see a whole lot of Panama and decide if Panama is the right destination for you.

James, Mississippi


Will and Norma Taylor

Thanks so much for organizing and making our trip to the beautiful country of Panama so informative and enjoyable. Norma and I enjoyed every minute of it! Your scheduling maximized our experiencing the country, Ex-pats, natives, dining, fellowship with other attendees, Richard Detrich, you and Doug. You showed us such a variety of areas, activities and real estate. The accommodations and restaurants were excellent. Your schedule allowed for adequate rest and recuperation but not one minute for boredom!

We were very favorably impressed with the country’s courtesy, security (our passports were checked frequently by courteous police, hotel clerks,etc) Unemployment Rate (4%), welfare “0” (it is handled on a local basis like we used to have), flat tax rate (17%, includes their social security!), availability of reasonable cost medical insurance (30 days free for visitors.) Their 11% annual growth in GNP,

We discussed that Panama was not the Garden of Eden but it must be in the same neighborhood! We would eagerly recommend the trip to anyone.

Thanks Again,

Will & Norma


~ ~ ~


Glen and Helen

Helen and I would like to thank you for the magnificent tour last week. We stayed a few days after and looked at a few more sites in Panama. Originally we thought the tour was to include only Boquete, so we had planned to visit a few areas close by. But you included all the sites we had planned to visit. The information was very complete and gave us all we could ask for as an initial screening visit.

The tour was perfectly designed and executed for someone considering Panama as a new place to live. The various micro-climates, the cost of living and housing, the ease of travel and day-to-day living, and other trade-offs could not have been covered better. We found the contact with the expats who are presently living in the area to be invaluable, providing the insight of people who are already living in Panama for several years.

Your personalized involvement and attention to detail were greatly appreciated. You answered some of our personal questions in ways I cannot imagine anyone else being capable of. You were truly a great host and we will be forever grateful.

Hope to see you soon in Panama.

Glenn and Helen



Sovereign Lady, Thank you for a fantastic tour. We learned so much that will assist us in deciding when to rent a furnished house there in or near Boquete.

Yes, the tour ranks as one of our top two tours we have taken. we really appreciate everything about it and are telling all of our friends and relatives about it. Everyone up here should take that tour ASAP. Hopefully the International airport in David will be open for us CA visitors soon.

Dean and Ellen


P.S. We are sold on Boquete. Hopefully see you and Doug soon.


Bob and Angela Hanson

We have taken Jackie’s tour and it was awesome! Our travel schedule landed us in Panama late in the evening and is was so GREAT to have someone pick us up at the airport after 12 hours of traveling and going through the hassles of two airport security check points, etc.

It was wonderful to be directed by Sovereign Lady as to where to purchase a Panama phone and know that if you got lost you had a way to connect with Sovereign lady or the van driver, Briant. It was comforting to know you had the means to call back home in the event of an emergency.

We stayed at top notch places with great food. You really felt like you were on vacation. We had some real estate side trips to give us a taste of what is available in different areas of the country. It was really nice to become acquainted with other people on the tour who were visiting Panama for the same reasons as you.

Both Jackie and Briant gave us wonderful insights about the country and its people on our ride between towns. Sovereign Lady arranged for us to meet other expats including Richard & Nikki Detrich on their coffee farm and others once we arrived in Boquete. We stayed an extra week after the tour to see more of Panama, especially the area close to Costa Rica. You’ll see a lot more of Panama and gain greater insight into the Panama way of life & culture by staying an extra week.

Angela & Bob September 2012


Bob and Angela Hanson attended two Panama Relocation Tours.  In 2013 they got their Pensionado Visa, Panama Driver’s licenses, bought a house and a car and opened Panama bank accounts.  They have also joined many community organizations and attend a church in Boquete… this was all easy to do because of the information they received during the Panama Relocation Tours.  Watch this video to hear what they have to say… ( sorry for the noise in the background.  This was recorded during the 4th Annual Panama Relocation Tours REUNION Party)