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Review from Kevin, tour #239 in April 2024:

Jackie,I wanted to compose a “well done tour” congratulations to you, as Lori and are sitting at Tocumen airport. It’s better to write in the moment, whilst still experiencing the exaltation of bring here,leaving here, right now. An awesome experience all around. From seeing Humberto holding the familiar Panama RelocatTours sign, welcoming us to Panama. That alone,eased any of the nervousness of traveling abroad again. It’s been 48 years since I last left America, an 18 year high school graduate going to Germany. Anyhow,back to your organization. Well planned.With the funnest, funniest tour guides, Debbie and the “you can always be replaced”(Debbie’s poking fun at him) Chuck. They were awesome and I’m missing them right now. Jorge drove expertly, 30 tourists from places like, California , Arizona, Kansas City,Missouri, Minnesota and others, from outside the U.S. Canada, were strangers. We’re ask now saying goodbye to Familia.Especially our Mama,Jackie, and uncle Debbie and Chuck.Thank you again, Jackie and staff. We had a ball. It was great meeting you. Hope to be back this year for good

I Highly Recommend Panama Relocation Tours
Apr 2023 • Solo
I highly recommend the Panama Relocation Tour if you are thinking about relocating to Panama. You get so much information about all the aspects of moving – visa requirements, health care, insurance, relocating with a pet – you have a question, they can answer it! We saw rental properties, we got time to visit stores, the hospital and pharmacies. It was very informative. I was on the tour solo but there were a handful of us traveling by ourselves so it was easy to have someone to talk to and eat meals with during the tour. I won’t lie – it was a LOT of time on the bus but well worth it – we saw a lot of different places and was super helpful as you think about where you might want to start your Panama adventure. And, you get access to a community of people that have been on previous tours and some have relocated – there is nothing this community can’t answer. Our guides – Jay and Debby – were fantastic! Highly recommend!


Now that I have gotten the chance to settle down in Boquete, I just want to send a few words about our tour guides. I came on the tour with them in March and found them to be knowledgeable and friendly, and a terrific base of support. The most important thing to say about them is ABOVE AND BEYOND! Unfortunately I had to leave the tour early due to health reasons but our tour guides personally took it upon themselves to get me to Panama City to fly back to the US. They lent me their own personal money to pay for the bus ride to Panama City until Dave could get to an ATM to pay them back. Our tour guide spent time with Dave on her own phone to get my airline ticket changed. I wanted so much to hear what else they had to say on the tour. Dave was able to continue the tour and experience the full breadth of their knowledge. Jackie and the tour guides were able to think on their toes to manage the situation and my confidence in them was well-placed. Because of their compassion, resourcefulness, and patience, I made it to my old home in the US and now my new home in Panama! They treated me like a person with needs and never like a stranger. Jackie and the tour guides are the kind of people I would choose as good friends. I can’t say enough nice things about them! I can never thank them enough for what they did for me, customer or friend. Thank you both for everything! They definitely reflect positively upon Panama Relocation Tours. Thank you to Panama Relocation Tours for arranging this amazing experience!

James and David
March 2021 Panama Relocation Tour


I just returned from the April 23 tour (and slept 11 hours). I would travel anywhere, anytime with them. We were happy to restore our tour guide’s faith in humanity!  The tour gave me exactly what I wanted: an overview of the country. Were I to move, I would choose Boquete.  The only regret that I have is that I would have liked more free time. I realize that was not the point of the tour, nor would it be easy to program. However, I wish I could have wandered through some of the Boquete neighborhoods in addition to seeing units. I could have skipped the cloud tour to do this, but I did not know this at the time. I would need a solo visit to Boquete in the future. All in all, this was a fabulous tour and I applaud you for creating and organizing it. Thanks very much!
Warren R. Johnson
April 2021 Panama Relocation Tour

Panama Relocaton Tours March 2014
March 2014 Panama Relocation Tours


This was not a normal boring production/ manufacturing plant tour I am used to.
This tour was just the opposite, due to our tour guides being exceptional in the following areas:

• Directing, sharing facts and information, and keeping us entertained throughout the tour.
• Commanding attention despite the inevitable distraction of surrounding sights and sounds.
• Remembering names and faces – addressed everyone by name and everyone felt valued and not just another tip at the end of the tour.
• Both guides added zest, making it their own, and both took us on a journey through storytelling.
• They gave us something to remember/pass on to our friends for years to come – they’re both keepers.
• What a sense of humor!!!!- we certainly did not sit through dry, boring, humorless fact filled days – and surely did not turn to our phones for amusement. On the other hand, they made us laugh out loud and showed us a good time.
• It is one thing to make guests laugh, and another to laugh with them. They were likeable and personable and lit up Panama and made every guest feel like the most important person in the group.
• They showed genuine interest and always listened intently.
• All 19 of us arrived with our own cultural expectations, social norms, and special needs – they answered anything thrown their way.
• Both guides reinforced Panama Relocation Tour’s core values
• They are both destination experts, know relevant facts, figures, and tips better than Google.
• Our tour guides have a heart for serving others, making new connections, and getting involved in the community and being orderly, efficient, and dependable.
• They handled things professionally as they came – through our own fault Susan and I did not book a room at the Marriott for our last evening. However as soon as the Marriott’s front desk staff contacted/ notified our tour guides, they were in the lobby to assist us with finding a room in another hotel, and within a short period of time both Dustin and Melissa contacted us.
• Last but not least was Jorge (exceptional driver), Jackie and her tour guides were the backbone of the operation.
Douw Smit
March 2021 Tour


Thanks Panama Relocation Tours for putting together a stress-free itinerary which totally surpassed our expectations.

For anyone considering an exploratory trip to Panama, Jackie Lange’s Panama Relocation Tour is a must!  The 6 day trip took us through so many different living environments from expat communities in Coronado, to homes in Las Tablas and David to our final stopping point in Boquete and Volcan.

On the trip you get a chance to experience what to expect living in different regions of Panama sampling weather, costs and variety of food, typical shopping experiences and housing offerings. The tour is comprehensive encompassing everything from the nuts-and-bolts to moving to Panama, tax considerations, how and why to hire an attorney, insurance considerations, opportunities  for expats and so much, much more.  Tour recipients leave with plenty of great documentation to refer to after the trip.

This is so much more than a bus trip with stops in different parts Panama.  It’s an experience that convinced us that the people and the country of Panama is a place that my wife and I will return to again for a much longer stay (if not permanently)!

I wouldn’t hesitate recommending this trip to anyone who’d like to explore the possibility of relocating to Panama.Panama Relocation Tours has it all and more!

las lajas beach panama
Las Lajas Beach, Chiriqui

A huge thank you for a wonderful tour! I arrived back in RSA only late yesterday afternoon after attending the 113th Panama Relocation Tour 15 – 22 November 2019 – a long haul back home but absolutely worth it. I do not know if everyone actually realize what is happening behind the scene to make such a tour happen. Your organization and attention to detail is amazing and I commend you on this. The tour was great fun and but also very informative and you shared details with the group that you will only obtain whilst being on the tour. We are very excited to come to Panama in about a year and have a treasure of information at hand, because of all the information received – which you cannot just google to obtain. I have met some awesome new friends on this tour with the same interest of exploring new avenues for a new future. This morning, when I switched on my laptop for the first time in 1,5 weeks, I received e-mails from my fellow travelers with everyone’s contact details and we exchanged some more contacts. What a group! All I can say: What a lovely week and what lovely people I have met,including you, Jackie. And to you 3 Lange’s – Well done. You deserve to be successful and I only wish you well. I have learnt a lot and definately looking forward to meet you in a year’s time again when we move to Panama! This is the ultimate destination!

Lots of love from South Africa
November 2019 Tour

Jackie’s Home


Panama Relocation Tours is a very real and inspiring experience. I recently enjoyed the May 2019 tour. Every detail was wonderfully coordinated including transportation from the airport, the hotel bookings, the wonderful meals, as well as learning about and seeing the various potential areas to find new life beginnings. We visited condominiums with multiple floors overlooking beautiful beaches, beautiful mountain towns and wonderful homes just feet from the beach as well as taking in the beautiful countryside within our comfortable bus.

Jackie knows exactly what we need to know to help us make intelligent decisions regarding relocating to all areas of Panama. It was a bonus to hear from an expat every evening at dinner and hear some of the victories and challenges they overcame in their own relocation experiences. They also were genuinely helpful to us as well, offering great advice and the promise to become friends in the future.

I was one who decided ahead of time to apply for the “pensionado” visa, and was able to begin the process with one of the attorneys Jackie recommends. Having gone through all the beginning steps that one needs to complete , I can say that I am 100% grateful for the connection that her referral provided. The process, simply stated, saved hours and possibly days of extra time, money and effort that I would have otherwise experienced. The attorney knows exactly what needs to be done and how to expedite the process in the most efficient and time conserving way possible.

Meeting new friends was a large highlight of the tour and we look forward to seeing each other again when many of us settle in our new Panamanian homes. Thanks Jackie, Melissa, Antonio, and Jorge for a meaningful and wonderful experience.

In order to fully appreciate the beauty and cultural diversity of Panama, nothing, including hours and hours of research takes the place of simply calling and making the decision to come on the Panama Relocation Tour. You will be very appreciative of the entire experience as I was.

Mark Brown
May 2019 Tour

Jackie, I wanted to voluntarily write a review for the Panama Relocation Tour that I just attended from 2/8/19 – 2/14/19. First, I want to commend your daughter Melissa on the tremendous job of organizing and managing all the intricate details of a trip like this. She’s an amazingly talented professional and I’m glad she’s on your team.

Secondly, all of your drivers were amazing people with a thorough knowledge of effectively getting around in Panama. Having spent the most time with Jorge, I can’t say enough about this, “transportation genius.” The maneuvers he did with the relocation bus were nothing short of magical. His timeliness, professionalism and experience made the many trips we took absolutely enjoyable.

Lastly, Harriet Tubman birthed the “Underground Railroad” to move people from danger to safety. Jackie Lange birthed the “Panama Relocation Tour” to move people from existing to living. Many of us that are investigating relocating to Panama are doing so because the cost of living where we are living now has risen beyond our means to cover it comfortably. Jackie’s countless hours of research coupled with years of experience serve as a “guardrail” in our relocation efforts. I found Jackie to be brutally honest, experienced, warm, friendly, funny, caring and open to share with anyone that approaches her. If you are tired of all the slick sounding marketing material on the Internet about relocating to Panama, and you are ready for the pure and honest facts, ask Jackie. However, brace yourself for a dose of hard and honest facts birthed out of her experience. I unreservedly and unconditionally recommend the Panama Relocation Tour!

Terrence Biggs II
February 2019 Tour

December 2015 Panama Relocation Tours (in shorts!)


TAKE THIS TOUR. DO IT! Ten stars for Jackie and her crew. My husband and I visited Panama about 18 months ago and couldn’t get it out of our minds. I started looking around for information on moving there and Jackie’s name kept coming up. Add our names to the ever-growing list of those who recommend her. We knew where we wanted to live and felt we owed it to ourselves to be well informed. This tour more than exceeded my admittedly high expectations. I’m an information girl and Jackie has it and easily shares it. She loves Panama but doesn’t sugarcoat it. I like straight talk and Jackie gave it to us. I was so hot on the Relocation tour that a friend of ours decided to join us and I think (I hope) she’s moving too. – Whoo hoo! We toured the country from Panama City to Boquete and I couldn’t be more pleased. It was great to be with other like minded people and I feel like we made some new friends. Thank you thank you thank you.

Kathie Osterman Rose
February 2019 Tour


Thank you so much for all your help! I originally was going to visit within the next 6 years Panama, Colombia & Ecuador. But after coming on this tour and receiving all the valuable, honest and straight forward information that Jackie gives on the tour, We have made up our minds that we don’t need to look any further. Retirement will be in Panama!

Once again, thanks for all your company does! Panama Relocation Tours has saved us years of research that we still would not have had the wealth of knowledge we have received on this tour.

Rockey & Jerri Breaux
February 2019 Tour


We took Jackie Lange ‘s tour in October 2017… sold everything and moved here 6 months later. We received our permanent visas four months later, and we are confident we made the best decision ever. Jackie is an incredible resource of information and experiences, and her tour is an excellent way to learn about this amazing country. It truly has something for everyone here, and her tour is a great way to experience all Panama has to offer.

Elizabeth Wiseman


We took the September 2018 tour and LOVED it!!! Because of the tour, we feel so comfortable in making the decision to relocate to Panama, most likely the Boquete area. We’ll most likely try it out part time before making the plunge.   Jackie was awesome in explaining all the ins and outs of living in Panama, so as to lessen any concerns we might have had.    The tour itself was “10 Star”! all the way! Our congrats to Jackie, Melissa and Jorge for a wonderful tour.

Barry Fuss


I’ve been to Panama three times prior to this tour, but I saw and learned more on the Panama Relocation Tour than my previous trips combined!  Jackie and Melissa (stateside) run a well organized, on-time tour, and Jackie provides real insight into the good and bad points about individual areas.  Not only does she run a hugely informative tour, but Jackie goes much further—she takes great care of her people (past and present tour attendees), and she is a superb role model for how a good expat should behave and live in Panama.  She’s the best!

Richard B.
Dec. 2015 Tour

So glad I went on the tour……….learned sooooo much valuable information…….

At some point you have to stop reading about Panama and get your boots on the ground and go see it for yourself………the tour allowed me to get a feel for all the areas I had been reading about and allowed me to rule out areas to live as well as narrow down my options…………Because of the tour I now know where I want to live in Panama.

It was also great to meet with like minded people on the tour as well as talk with expats living in the area I am interesting in moving to.

I also made valuable contacts as far as securing my visa, bringing my dogs, renting/buying a car, a better feel for prices, shopping, stores, mail, internet availability, etc, etc.  Knowing what I know now I can’t fathom moving to Panama without all the info and intel received on this tour……….it has saved me from soooo much future stress and worries.  I also know I can contact Jackie at any time for info, assistance and further contacts as well as housing options when I get closer to my move date…………

Jackie and Melissa run a great operation; pretty much cover everything as well as handle all logistics for your arrival, departure and any reservations you want to take after the tour………….Definitely a five star operation.   NOBODY SHOULD MOVE TO PANAMA WITHOUT TAKING THIS TOUR.

July 2015 Tour

Aerial view of the Bridge of the Americas at the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal with Panama City in the background.

My husband & I had been exploring Panama relocation options for several months.  While doing that research we came across PRT. We decided to use their service for the June 2015 tour. Before the tour Jackie and Melissa (of PRT) kept us abreast of what to prepare beforehand and what to expect upon arrival. We received detailed pre-trip instructions. Upon arrival we found that the emails had well prepared us for the experience. PRT was also very helpful in assisting us secure accommodations for a few days prior and after the tour. The tour itself followed a well-planned yet relaxed pace. This allowed my husband and me to experience various types of accommodations and
restaurants in each city we visited. Jackie, the owner and guide, has a wealth of knowledge about Panama itself and the various towns and all that is involved with relocation. She conducted the tour with grace and professionalism. She is both accessible and personable.

In conclusion we recommend PRT to anyone who is seriously considering relocating
to Panama. PRT will give you a boots on the ground experience that will help to inform your decision to move. At the end of the tour we had a great many questions answered and a good idea of what our next steps in the process should be.

Lorna and Al Chandler
June 2015 Tour

We loved the tour. It is exceptional! And scary as well. Suddenly this is not a game, an intellectual exercise,  it’s real. Thank you for the care and thought that you’ve put in providing such a wonderful service. I understand now why some people would take the tour multiple times. Below are our comments for your Web site. Sorry for the delay in sending them … I’ve been shoveling snow since we arrived (and it was ten below zero then)!

Considering Panama? This is the tour to take! The Panama Relocation Tour delivers exactly what it promises. This is not a real estate sales pitch nor a gilded showcase of life in paradise. Jackie Lange has configured a pragmatic guided travelogue for those considering moving. Her process begins with a few questions when you sign up designed to help you discover if you are actually ready for such a dramatic step.

The tour itself is well orchestrated, well run, on time, on topic, and efficient—that’s not to be taken for granted in a mañana culture—in addition to being informative, useful, and enlightening. Traversing half the country, from Panama City to the border of Costa Rica, the tour includes numerous stops in a variety of locales, staying in urban and rural areas, eating in both gringo and Panamanian cafes. Highlighting each day is a meeting with local ex-pats from that community for their perspective of life in Panama and/or with owners and visits to their homes for sale. (Just enough of these to give you a sense of what’s available. Again, this is not a real estate tour.)

Be prepared to re-examine your priorities on this trip. This is not a typical vacation. You will find yourself looking at the landscape in a new way, as a potential inhabitant rather than as a tourist. This can be unnerving at first. But if you are truly considering moving to Panama you owe it to yourself to take this tour.

Jim & Cynthia Fletcher

Panama Relocation Tours
Admiring the view at Coronado Bay

Thank you for a wonderful experience in Panama!  Every detail was more than covered from the 25 cent bathroom admission fee to the all inclusive resort stay.  We saw so many aspects of the country from the ocean to arid areas to the mountains with a bit of a tropical rainforest in between.  It was great to meet expats already living in Panama and to hear their stories.  The information they shared was most interesting and helpful.  This tour really gives a true picture of what life in Panama can be like from a variety of perspectives.  There seems to be a climate and a living style to meet the expectations of nearly anyone considering this country as a future home.It was fortuitous that we ran into Nathan at the Albrook airport on our way back to Panama City at the end of our extended stay.  He was great support as we navigated the taxi scene at the airport.  The support from the tour guides doesn’t end on the last day of the tour!  Jackie, Nathan, and Melissa remain available to assist with information and suggestions as future visits are planned or questions arise about living in Panama.

We will be back again to see how Panama has changed and grown as we get closer to our full time retirement date in a couple years.  Thanks again for your support and assistance!

Dale and Kristin Stillman
Rome City, IN


Sally DeStefano

The Panama relocation tour is a MUST for anyone who is curious about what living in Panama would be like part-time or full-time. Jackie has planned every detail of this tour with great care and sensitivity to the needs of her travelers. She balances group experiences and personal time very well and provides individual attention to each person on the tour. And she keeps the schedule moving…with diplomacy!

You will appreciate the tremendous wealth of information she provides as well as her guest speakers, who are either expats or local professionals. It’s also most helpful to see the price range and type of properties available. You will experience the full gamut of weather and type of scenery Panama has to offer, which is considerable!

Be sure to include a few extra days “on your own” so you can further explore. If you choose to take Jackie’s lodging and restaurant recommendations you won’t regret it. They are excellent!

I also would like to add that Melissa’s responsiveness was excellent and very reassuring.

Sally DeStefano

THANK YOU very much for a great Panama Relocation Tour this past August, 2013.

It was so nice and convenient to tour with you as you had every detail pre-arranged to make the tour effortless and stress free for us. The restaurants, hotels, transportation, and a plethora of information was so helpful and wonderful ! Your pre-tour briefing with the attorney along with a packet of useful information and talking with expats during the tour was beyond helpful. We did not feel pressured to buy or rent any properties- you just let us see many different options for housing in Panama including gated communities, beautiful and modern apartments, private homes and condos and also opening your own private home to us for a first-hand look at real Panama living.

The driver was great and we enjoyed practicing and learning Spanish with him.

You more than delivered what you promised in your web information about touring Panama when we were looking for information for living in Panama.

Your candid, realistic and helpful information about everything Panama was so refreshing to know that the information was truthful and honest.

I would recommend this tour for anyone considering living and/or doing business in Panama.

The value was more than worth the money spent for this tour and every time we had any questions before, during, or after the tour you were prompt in answering those questions.

Dr. R. and C. Jacobs


We can’t say enough wonderful things about the Panama Relocation Tour! You’ll visit places all over the country, and have an opportunity to see what it would be like to live there.

As you travel in a comfortable motor coach, you’ll hear Jackie talk about all things expat Panama. She’s made the move, and she tells you what you need to know to make the move yourself.

Maybe you’ll decide Panama isn’t for you. Or, like us, you’ll see that Panama is even more wonderful than you imagined! Either way, the Panama Relocation Tour is your very best option to help make your decision. Everything is paid for. You have no decisions to make. You just sit back, enjoy yourself, and learn.

Jackie says she gives you a first lick of the ice cream cone. You have to eat the rest of it on your own. Crunch!

Martin and Ann, Oregon

Bocas del Toro


James Davis in Boquete Panama

For all you folks out there looking for a really great place to retire, you need to look real hard at Panama. And the way to do that is to take Jackie’s overview tour and check out some really good retirement areas. If you are like many, you will be very tired of the hassles of living in big cities, like Panama City, and want to check out some quieter surroundings like the beach or the mountains, then this tour is for you.

Jackie has conducted this tour for small groups for MANY years and has located a most outstanding Panamanian guide who is exceedingly well informed about all things Panama and he drives the group to selected locations with very different geographies.

Now this is not a house buying tour where real estate agents try to sell you their houses, but an opportunity to see a whole lot of Panama and decide if Panama is the right destination for you.

James, Mississippi


Glen and Helen

Helen and I would like to thank you for the magnificent tour last week. We stayed a few days after and looked at a few more sites in Panama. Originally we thought the tour was to include only Boquete, so we had planned to visit a few areas close by. But you included all the sites we had planned to visit. The information was very complete and gave us all we could ask for as an initial screening visit.

The tour was perfectly designed and executed for someone considering Panama as a new place to live. The various micro-climates, the cost of living and housing, the ease of travel and day-to-day living, and other trade-offs could not have been covered better. We found the contact with the expats who are presently living in the area to be invaluable, providing the insight of people who are already living in Panama for several years.

Your personalized involvement and attention to detail were greatly appreciated. You answered some of our personal questions in ways I cannot imagine anyone else being capable of. You were truly a great host and we will be forever grateful.

Hope to see you soon in Panama.

Glenn and Helen


Bob and Angela Hanson

We have taken Jackie’s tour and it was awesome! Our travel schedule landed us in Panama late in the evening and is was so GREAT to have someone pick us up at the airport after 12 hours of traveling and going through the hassles of two airport security check points, etc.

It was wonderful to be directed by Sovereign Lady as to where to purchase a Panama phone and know that if you got lost you had a way to connect with Sovereign lady or the van driver, Briant. It was comforting to know you had the means to call back home in the event of an emergency.

We stayed at top notch places with great food. You really felt like you were on vacation. We had some real estate side trips to give us a taste of what is available in different areas of the country. It was really nice to become acquainted with other people on the tour who were visiting Panama for the same reasons as you.

Both Jackie and Briant gave us wonderful insights about the country and its people on our ride between towns. Sovereign Lady arranged for us to meet other expats including Richard & Nikki Detrich on their coffee farm and others once we arrived in Boquete. We stayed an extra week after the tour to see more of Panama, especially the area close to Costa Rica. You’ll see a lot more of Panama and gain greater insight into the Panama way of life & culture by staying an extra week.

Angela & Bob September 2012

Relaxing dinner with PanamaRelocationTours.com