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Our 6-day, 7-night ALL-INCLUSIVE Panama Relocation Tour ™ will introduce you to the inexpensive and wonderful lifestyle available when you retire in Panama.

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Are you eligible to move to Panama?


Do I need a visa to visit Panama?

Passport holders from the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, the UK, most countries in the EU, and many other countries are not required to obtain a visa before visiting Panama. More info: Visitor Visa Requirements

Are there any special passport requirements?

For U.S. and Canada passport holders: Your passport must be valid for at least 3 months beyond your date of arrival. However, if you plan to stay in Panama for more than 3 months and then return to the United States you will need a passport that expires after your intended return date.

For other passport holders: In some cases, you may need a passport with as much as 6 months validity beyond your arrival date in Panama. If your passport expires less than 6 months after you arrive in Panama, check with your airline to be sure you are eligible to fly to Panama.

You must bring your passport with you to enter Panama.

Check your passport now and start the process to get it renewed if necessary. More info: Passport Requirements

Can you help us with pre-tour and post-tour vacation planning / travel arrangements?

We are a small company and must focus 100% of our efforts on ensuring our tours go smoothly. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to assist you in making pre or post-tour trip plans or extended vacation plans. More info: Extending Your Trip

What airport do I fly to in Panama?

You will need to arrive at Tocumen International Airport in Panama City.  The airport code is PTY.  Once you sign up for a Panama Relocation Tour and give us your international flight arrival information, we will arrange for airport shuttle service to our preferred hotel in Panama City.  Even if you arrive up to 7 days before the tour check-in day, the airport shuttle service is available for you and included in your tour fee.

More info: Booking Your International Flight

When should I book my international airfare?

According to a study by, you can get the best price on airfare to Central America by booking approximately 2-3 months before your travel date. You should book your airfare no later than one month before your tour check-in day.

Important: It is mandatory that you provide us with your international travel information at least one month before your tour check-in day. This information is required in order for us to schedule your airport shuttle service and make your tour check-in hotel reservation.

Your flight into Panama must arrive before 11 PM on your tour check-in day and your flight out of Panama should depart after 2 PM on your tour check-out day.

Do I need to make any hotel reservations?

You do not need to make any hotel reservations between tour check-in day and tour check-out day. All hotels during those dates are included in the cost of the 6-day, 7-night tour and we will make all those reservations for you.

If you arriving in Panama before your tour check-in day we can reserve additional nights for you at our preferred hotel in Panama City (at your expense) for up to 7 days prior to the Tour. If you are staying in Panama after your tour check-out day, you are responsible for making your own hotel reservations for the additional nights.

When is the last day of the tour?

The tour ends on check-out day, Friday morning.  We will provide ground transportation from Boquete to Enrique Malek International Airport (DAV) David as well as a flight from David to Tocumen International Airport (PTY) in Panama City.

The standard departure time from Boquete to Tocumen International Airport is 10:00 AM on your tour check-out day, Friday. If you’d like to depart Boquete after your tour check-out day or at a later time that is ok. The airport shuttle service and domestic flight we provide are available for up to 14 days after your tour check-out day. If you would like to stay more than 14 days after check-out day then we will reduce the price of your tour by $100 per person and you will be responsible for arranging your own transportation back to Panama City. Note we must have your departure transportation scheduled at least one month before your tour date.

What’s included and NOT included in the cost of the tour?

*All-Inclusive Details

Can you accommodate my food allergies / restrictions?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate special diets or food allergies during our tours. The restaurants we visit have preset menus and only limited substitutions may be available. Our tours are best suited for flexible eaters. If you follow a strict diet or have a serious food allergy, our tour may not be a good fit for you.

For more information see: Food Allergies / Restrictions.

What happens if I arrive in Panama before my tour check-in day?

Our airport shuttle service is included in your tour fee provided that you arrive not more than 7 days before your tour.  Once you sign up for a Panama Relocation Tour and give us your international flight information, we will make arrangements for your airport shuttle service from Tocumen International Airport (PTY) to our preferred hotel in Panama City.

What happens if I want to stay in Panama after the check-out date?

If you want to stay in Panama after the tour check-out date, you need to let us know which day you would like to fly back to Panama City from David so we can book your domestic flight. Transportation from Boquete to the David airport is included in your tour fee for up to 14 days after your tour check-out day. You’ll need to find and make your own hotel reservations for the extra days after the tour check-out day. We recommend TripAdvisor for finding hotels.

Do I need to bring an electrical converter?

Visitors from the U.S. and Canada do not need to bring a power plug adapter to Panama. Visitors from other countries should check this website to see if they need an adapter.

The standard voltage is 110 V and the standard frequency is 60 Hz.

Do the hotels have hairdryers?

All hotels we use during the tour typically have a hairdryer in the room. If there isn’t a hairdryer in your room you can ask the front desk for one.

What will the weather be like?

Near the coast, it will be in the high 80’s, low 90’s.  In the mountain areas, it will be in the mid to upper ’70s

From April through mid-December, it is the rainy season.  But it does not rain every day or all the time.  There are usually clear skies in the morning and then about 4 or 5 it will cloud up and rain for an hour or two.   You should bring an umbrella and a light rain jacket.

In January and February, it is the main part of the dry season.  There will be less rain and it will be windy.

Can I use my cell phone?

Please contact your cell phone company for details about what is included with your plan.

Do I need vaccines / shots?

Vaccine requirements and recommendations vary based on a number of factors including:

  • Country of origin
  • Your full travel itinerary
  • Pre-existing medical conditions & lifestyle

You should consult a health care professional preferably six weeks before travel to determine which, if any, vaccines are appropriate for you. Note that during the tour we only travel west of Panama City and only go to the more developed parts of Panama. We do not go into any jungles or onto any farms or islands.

Can I use my Credit or Debit Cards in Panama?

Most hotels and some restaurants take MasterCard and Visa. Panama is a cash-based society and many places only accept cash. Of course, all your expenses are covered during the tour so you will not need cash during the tour. But we do recommend bringing about $500 cash to use before or after the tour.

ATM machines are readily available at banks so you can get additional cash if necessary.  Using a foreign debit card, a maximum of $250 can be withdrawn from an ATM machine twice a day.  There is a $5.25 fee per transaction when using a foreign debit card at the ATM.

Why do you require everyone to sign a non-compete agreement?

We have worked very hard to build this business, establish contacts and relationships which we share exclusively with our tour guests. We provide the highest quality tour with the most information. We will not allow someone to come on the tour who is planning to start a competing business or write a book about relocating to Panama. During the tour, each tour guest will be provided with proprietary trade secrets and confidential data. Each tour guest must agree to retain said information as confidential and not disclose same to any third party.

Do you offer other more affordable options for those who want to move to or just come check out Panama?

We offer the Online Panama Relocation Guide which has the same information that you’d get on a full 6-day tour.  And within the Online Guide, you will find information about how to do a self-guided tour in Panama in specific areas.  The self-guided tour information includes how to get to the town, where to stay, things to check out, what the weather is like, popular expat hangouts and who to contact to see rentals.

And, we offer Private Tours for $200 per day, with a two-day minimum.  The Private tours are for 1-2 people in your family and cover specific towns/areas.

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