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reggie save money in panama
July 10, 2020
VIDEO: You Can Reduce Your Cost of Living in Panama
Reginald (aka Reggie) came on a Panama Relocation Tour in 2019 then relocated to Boquete Panama a few months later. In this video he talks about how he has...
ben and kama volcan panama
July 1, 2020
VIDEO: Living in Volcan Panama With Six Kids!
Check out our newest video of Ben and Kama who moved from Texas to VOLCAN Panama with their 5 (now 6) children! There are many families with children in...
david moved to panama when he turned 70
April 30, 2020
David Found a New Adventure In Panama When He Turned 70
David realized that he would not be able to afford to stay in California so he started looking for a new adventure. He researched affordable place all over the...
panama vs costa rica
January 29, 2020
Moving from Costa Rica to Panama! Find Out Why
Wayne and his wife Xinia joined us for the 117th Panama Relocation Tour in January 2020.  They have been living in Costa Rica for more than 10 years but...
no more stress
January 19, 2020
VIDEO: Move to Panama to Get Away From Stress
Donna came on the 116th Panama Relocation Tour in January 2019.  In this video, she talks about her reasons for looking for a place to retire outside the United...
300 water bill
January 16, 2020
VIDEO: Their $300 Water Bill Was the Last Straw
Dallas and Linda Sherman talk about their visit to Panama and their experience with Panama Relocation Tours in January 2019. They are fed up with the high costs of...
8 bizarre news years traiditons in panama
December 26, 2019
8 Bizarre New Years Eve Traditions in Panama
Many Panamanians are superstitious and have certain rituals they believe must be done as we cross from one year to the next.  Panamanians traditionally spend New Years eve with...
single men moving to Panama
December 24, 2019
Single Men Retiring in Panama
Panama Relocation Tours just uploaded a new video of James, a single man, who relocated to Boquete Panama.  He moved to Panama shortly after taking a tour because he...
fast way to make friends in panama
December 3, 2019
The Fastest Way to Make Friends in Panama
What’s the fastest way to make friends in Panama? Come on a Panama Relocation Tour! Every day during the tour, you’ll meet people who already live in Panama so...