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single women moving to Panama
September 20, 2020
Single Women Moving to Panama
Single women, and single men, move to Panama too!   There are singles on every Panama Relocation Tour! Listen to the replay of the conference call from September 19th when...
expat living in panama
September 9, 2020
VIDEO: Out of This World Hobby In Panama
There are so many interesting people living in Panama.  It’s fun to hear their stories about their previous life and why they moved to Panama. Ben is certainly one...
sustainable living in panama
July 31, 2020
VIDEO: Sustainable Living in Panama
Food supply!  It’s something you probably have not thought much about until the pandemic which has brought food shortages to some areas.   Previously you could go to the grocery...
starting a business in panama
July 27, 2020
Starting a Business in Panama
James and Barbara Bradley moved from Canada to Panama with their young children. They saw the need for custom cabinets and countertops so started a business to deliver quality...
living in a panama paradise 30 years
July 20, 2020
VIDEO: Living in a Panama Paradise for Thirty Years
Carla Black moved to Panama thirty years ago. She lives about 10 minutes outside of Volcan on a property that is adorned with beautiful flowers and amazing views! In...
living in panama part time
July 15, 2020
VIDEO: Living At the Beach in Panama Part Time
LOOK AT THAT VIEW!  Pat and Kay live part time at La Barqueta which is in Chiriqui Province about 40 minutes southwest of David. Chiriqui Province is on the...
reggie save money in panama
July 10, 2020
VIDEO: You Can Reduce Your Cost of Living in Panama
Reginald (aka Reggie) came on a Panama Relocation Tour in 2019 then relocated to Boquete Panama a few months later. In this video he talks about how he has...
ben and kama volcan panama
July 1, 2020
VIDEO: Living in Volcan Panama With Six Kids!
Check out our newest video of Ben and Kama who moved from Texas to VOLCAN Panama with their 5 (now 6) children! There are many families with children in...
david moved to panama when he turned 70
April 30, 2020
David Found a New Adventure In Panama When He Turned 70
David realized that he would not be able to afford to stay in California so he started looking for a new adventure. He researched affordable place all over the...