Farm Life in Dolega

In our new video, Tracey and Ben share their experiences moving from South Africa to Dolega Panama, where they bought a small farm.

They had to do extensive renovations to the property. And they also built two other three-bedroom houses on the property which provide rental income.

Dolega is about 20 minutes north of David and 20 minutes south of Boquete. Since the elevation is about 750 feet, daytime temperatures are in the min to upper 80sF (30C)

Real estate, both rentals and sales, are much more affordable in Dolega.

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We offer Private Tours of the Dolega/Boquete/David area. A Private Tour is a good way to quickly learn about an area.

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A Private Tour is also ideal for:

* Those who do not want to take a group tour
* Our group tours are sold out on the days you want
* Fully customized tour based on your needs
* Prefers to focus on specific areas versus all of Panama

Our Private Tour Guides are relocation experts who will share their knowledge and passion in the town where they live. They understand the local customs, neighborhoods, shopping places, pros and cons, and more. They have the local experience, relationships, and knowledge, allowing them to provide a worry-free, life-enriching experience. Most of the Private Tour Guides are bi-lingual. The Private Tour Guides were selected because of their knowledge about life in Panama and the specific area you are interested in. Your Private Guide will give you the “inside scoop” about the town you are most interested in relocating to. Because of their expertise, you’ll leave the Private Tour with a deeper understanding of life in the town you explore. Yes, you’ll see the REAL Panama without sugar-coating.

VIP! PRIVATE TOUR COSTS: $250-$300 per day (price depends on itinerary). The price is for 1- 2 people on the tour.
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A VIP Private Tour includes an expert private tour guide, ground transportation during your tour, making arrangements to see and do the things you want to accomplish, seeing rentals that fit your budget (when available), and lunch. During your “boots on the ground” tour, the Private Tour Guide will share their wealth of information about living in the area. The Private Tour does not include hotels, but your Private Tour Guide can make recommendations to fit your budget and needs. They will meet you at your hotel to start your Private Tour.

You may want to do a two-day Private Tour in one area, then do a two-day Private Tour in a different area to see how they compare.

What’s Included in a Private Tour?

*Guided Tour by Expert Tour Guide
*All ground transportation while you’re in the tour area
*Lunch each day for the basic tour
*See rentals in your budget (when available)
*Learning the different neighborhoods and pros & cons
*Visiting the best grocery stores and farmer’s markets
*Visit a hospital or medical centers
*Meet with a Panamian doctor to discuss your medical history
*Popular restaurants and hidden gems too
*Visit an immigration attorney
*Talk with a health insurance agent to determine what insurance is available for you
*Get plugged into social activities (hiking, crafts, card games, live music, volunteering)
*Where to get a haircut, mani-pedi, massage, doctors, dentists, etc
*Boots on the ground information like how to get around with public transportation
*Where to pick up Amazon orders
*The places you should avoid, if any
*Cultural differences in Panama
*and much more!
Let The Experts Show You The Way!

The best part of this tour is that although there is a suggested itinerary, you can fully customize it to YOUR needs. Your expert Private Guides can help you make doctor’s appointments, take you to a recommended dentist, drive you to meet with your immigration attorney, or meet with any other contacts you’d like. If it’s not on the suggested itinerary, don’t worry- your tour guide will communicate with you before the tour to ensure you accomplish the things you’d like to do during your Private Tour!

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See this review for a Private Tour

Hi Jackie, my husband and I want to commend Maury on her fabulous job as a guide. We try to stick to your recommendations and it has turned out well for us. We finally made our permanent move on Tuesday. We’ve used Maury on our last 3 visits and she has gone above and beyond what we expected in a guide. She has “held our hand” w banking, rental car, driver’s license, rental house (for 4 dogs), finding a tailor, last night we were out of propane and no car yet and there was Maury arriving w a new propane tank. Yesterday, we were in David buying a new Toyota, however, my US credit cards were giving me fraud alerts and she stayed calm and cool and is a great problem solver. We eventually made the purchase, but not without the help and communication of our private tour guide. She does everything to protect the PRT reputation and we greatly appreciated it. We will gladly recommend her to anyone in the future.

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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    • Jackie Lange says

      Hello Dee. Non food items have a 7% sales tax which can sometimes be negotiated down to 0. If you use one of our car brokers to buy a car, no tax. There are no condos in Dolega.

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