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Living in Panama

dog camp boquete panama
June 10, 2021
Dog Whisperers from Peru Start Dog Camp in Panama
An amazing couple from Peru started a dog rescue organization in Panama. They are currently taking care of 38 dogs and always need volunteers.
retire in chapala panama
June 2, 2021
Military Retirees Moved to Chapala Panama 15 Years Ago
Fred and Linda, both retire military, talk about moving to Chapala Panama 15 years ago. Learn about the veteran medical benefits in Panama and more.
getting covid in Panama
May 30, 2021
Getting Covid in Panama
My personal experience being in the hospital with Covid and pneumonia in Panama. I was at Hospital Chiriqui, a private hospital.
major changes to the Friendly Nation Visa
May 26, 2021
Major Changes to the Friendly Nations Visa
Effective August 5th, there will be major changes to Friendly Nations Visa. It's not too late to apply under the old rules.
how you can live better for less in panama
May 2, 2021
How You Can Live BETTER for LESS in Panama
Learn about the many ways you can live for less in Panama. You can save money and also have a better quality of life.
living in cerro punta panama
April 29, 2021
Cerro Punta Incredible Views
Pete and Diana talk about moving to Panama and living in beautiful Cerro Punta where they are surrounded by natural beauty.
affordable healthcare in panama
April 28, 2021
Healthcare Costs Are One of the Reason People Move to Panama
Learn about the affordable health care and health insurance options available in Panama. You'll get quality care in top-rated hospitals too.
panama safety insurance
April 27, 2021
What’s Your Plan B: Safety Insurance
It's good to have a Plan B already in place just in case you need to move to a different country because of unrest where you live now. ...
sidewalks in panama
April 25, 2021
DANGER! The Sidewalks in Panama
Unfortunately, Panama does not have good sidewalks. You need to pay attention to where you are walking. They can be impossible to navigate if you have mobility...