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Living in Panama

learn how to avoid costly mistakes in panama
March 5, 2021
How to Avoid Costly Mistakes
Things work differently in Panama. Learn how you can avoid costly mistakes when you move to Panama and read about some mistakes others have made so you can avoid...
panama pensionado discounts
February 28, 2021
Panama’s Famous Pensionado Discounts
Panama rolls our the red carper for retirees with the famous Pensionado discounts. Watch this video to learn how you can get discounts on just about everything you...
move to panama for healthy lifestyle
February 21, 2021
Moved to Panama For a Healthier Lifestyle
Reuben and his sister Rosalynn moved to Panama with their families, including 5 children, so they could experience a more healthy lifestyle. They started a business too!
who needs a work permit in panama
February 21, 2021
Who Needs a Work Permit?
Foreigners cannot sell products or services in Panama unless they have a work permit. We interview an attorney during this livestream to discuss who needs a work permit in...
bocas del toro panama
February 14, 2021
Paradise Found in Bocas del Toro
Video interview with Lara who moved from New Zealand to Bocas del Toro Panama. She talks about surfing in Bocas and what life is like in Bocas
living off grid in bocas del toro panama
February 9, 2021
Living Off-Grid in Bocas del Toro Panama
Video interview of Anne Michells who lives off-grid in Bocas del Toro Panama.
rick johnson new life in panama
February 5, 2021
Excited About His New Life in Panama
In this video Rick Johnson talks about how excited he is about his new life in Panama.
spiders and snakes in panama
February 3, 2021
I Don’t Like Spiders and Snakes
I Don’t Like Spiders and Snakes!  Jim Stafford, the singer that sang that Number One hit in the ’70s hit the nail on the head! Generally, people do not...
watch sprots from panama
December 21, 2020
How to Watch Sports from Panama
I’m often asked if you can watch North American sports (in English) when you live in Panama.  I have an Amazon Firestick and notice that all the sports channels...