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300 water bill
January 16, 2020
VIDEO: Their $300 Water Bill Was the Last Straw
Dallas and Linda Sherman talk about their visit to Panama and their experience with Panama Relocation Tours in January 2019. They are fed up with the high costs of...
8 bizarre news years traiditons in panama
December 26, 2019
8 Bizarre New Years Eve Traditions in Panama
Many Panamanians are superstitious and have certain rituals they believe must be done as we cross from one year to the next.  Panamanians traditionally spend New Years eve with...
single men moving to Panama
December 24, 2019
Single Men Retiring in Panama
Panama Relocation Tours just uploaded a new video of James, a single man, who relocated to Boquete Panama.  He moved to Panama shortly after taking a tour because he...
fast way to make friends in panama
December 3, 2019
The Fastest Way to Make Friends in Panama
What’s the fastest way to make friends in Panama? Come on a Panama Relocation Tour! Every day during the tour, you’ll meet people who already live in Panama so...
expat in panama richard detrich
November 13, 2019
16 Years as an Expat in Panama
Richard Detrick and Nikki Steele have lived in Boquete Panama 16 years.  Watch this video to learn why they decided to retire in Panama.  See their beautiful Tuscan style...
single women moving to panama
October 26, 2019
Single Women Moving to Panama
On every Panama Relocation Tour about half our guests are singles. Singles especially are realizing that it will be very difficult to retire on one Social Security check or...
beach life las tablas panama
September 20, 2019
Beach Life in Panama
Panama has 1500 miles of coastline!  If you love living at the beach, there is a perfect beach for you somewhere in Panama.  The weather is about 90 degrees...
panama beach life
August 15, 2019
Living Near The Beach in Panama
Wondering what life would be like if you retired near the beach in Panama? After taking a Panama Relocation Tour in December 2017, Dennis & Lenore moved from Reno,...
Retire Early in panama
August 12, 2019
What’s It Like to Retire in Panama?
We know you’re wondering what it’s really like to retire in Panama so the Panama Relocation Tours team is shooting videos of some of the people who came on...