Tips for Buying Real Estate in Panama

Jackie Lange, owner of Panama Relocation Tours, has been a real estate investor since 1992. She also taught classes about creative real estate strategies for buying and selling real estate without using bank financing and with very little cash. Many of those strategies work well in Panama, and she shares a few during this Livestream. She’s also bought several properties in Panama.

Watch the Livestream replay to learn tips for buying real estate in Panama. You’ll learn:

* why it’s better to wait to buy until you have lived in Panama for a year
* Why YOUR attorney needs to be involved in all real estate transactions
* unique way to find the best real estate opportunities (best price)
* what a real estate agent can and cannot do
* two ways to get financing
* Tax exonerations (no property taxes)
* Seller’s 5% tax
* How to reduce taxes now and in the future by using two contracts
* and much more

YouTube video

Panama Relocation Tours does NOT sell real estate. We encourage you to wait at least a year before buying real estate in Panama — or many don’t buy real estate at all while living in Panama. A year gives you time to do five things:

1. Get your permanent visa ( makes sure you can live in Panama)

2. Determine if you love living in Panama

3. Determine if the area you have selected is right for you

4. Learn market prices so you don’t pay too much

5. Learn which real estate agents you can trust

The Online Complete Panama Relocation Guide has information about different areas in Panama, how to get a visa, recommended real estate agents and immigration lawyers, and much more information you will need to know to have a smooth move to Panama. Only $595. You also get access to our private forum where we offer ongoing support before, during, and after your move to Panama.

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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  1. Will says

    Hello Jackie. In one of your future videos or blogs, if you havent already, can you discuss finding a home inspector to look over a house before purchasing it like we do in the U.S? I went house hunting a few weeks ago and couldnt find anything without significant issues. I went to an expensive new build area where the houses hadn’t been skinned yet and was shocked at how bad the the block work was.


    • Jackie Lange says

      Hello Will. You can hire an architect to do a home inspection in Panama. We have some recommendations in the Online Panama Relocation Guide.

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