Driving in Panama

Driving in Panama is different from what you are familiar with. The maximum speed is 100km, or 62MPH, and it could change to 80km or 60km very quickly.

You may be sharing the road with people riding a horse or a bicycle on the median or pedestrians, so you must always be very careful. I remember driving home from dinner with friends one night, and a drunk Ngobe was passed out in the middle of the road. It’s good that I was driving slowly and paying attention to the road!

Watch the live stream replay about “Driving in Panama” to learn more about the rules of the road and road conditions in Panama. You’ll learn:

  • Maximum speed
  • what you must have in your car
  • rental car rules (70+ challenges)
  • drinking and driving rules
  • road conditions
  • one way streets
  • checkpoints
  • what if you get pulled over
  • parking (or lack of)
  • and more
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