How to Book a Private Tour

Learn about our private tours.

Ready to book a private tour? Follow these steps:

#1: Purchase our Complete Panama Relocation Guide.

The guide is available online and includes all of the information we share during our group tours about making a smooth move to Panama. It even contains all of our trusted contacts for immigration, real estate, insurance, and more.

It also contains contact information for private tour guides in each of the cities we recommend.

*Note: If you have already attended a Panama Relocation Tours group tour or have a reservation to attend a group tour within the next month, you do not need to purchase the Complete Panama Relocation Guide. Contact us and let us know which area you are interested in. We will refer you to a private tour guide.

#2: Access the Complete Panama Relocation Guide. Look for the Private Tour Guides section near the top of the page, then select the area you are interested in. You will see contact information for each private tour guide on this page.

You must contact the private tour guide(s) to make a reservation.

You will pay the private tour guide directly. Payment for private tours doesn’t go through our website.