Don’t Move to Panama If…

Panama Relocation Tours has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama. Because they came on a Panama Relocation Tour or purchased the Complete Panama Relocation Guide, they knew exactly what they were getting in to. They were taught the good and the not so good aspects about living in Panama so they had realistic expectations about what life would be like in Panama. And, they had all the information they needed to have a smooth, hassle-free move to Panama.

Those of us who call Panama home absolutely love living in Panama. We love the spectacular scenery, fresh air, diversity of things to do, calm lifestyle, friendly people, and so much more.

But Panama’s not right for everyone!

Listen to the replay of the August 14th, 2021 conference call to learn why maybe you should not move to Panama.

The #1 reason people leave Panama is because they did not come for a visit first so they had unrealistic expectations. It could have been avoided. An all-inclusive 6-day Panama Relocation Tour or a Private Tour are ideal ways to determine if Panama will be a good fit for you. You should definitely take one of these tours before you make a decision to sell everything then move to Panama.

Don’t Move to Panama If….

1. You do not visit first to make sure you like it
2. You cannot qualify for a residency visa – know that before you move to Panama
3. If you have a criminal record, get a Buena Vista approved before moving to Panama
4. You expect everything to be like North America or Europe – it’s not
5. You are running from taxes owed or the law
6. You expect to be able to use illegal drugs in Panama
7. You expect to have 100% reliable internet or electricity
8. You have not researched that the prescription drugs you need are available
9. You can’t tolerate uneven sidewalks that might have dog poop on them
10. You hate rain
11. You need Walmart or Target, they do not exist in Panama.
12. There is also no Macy’s, Old Navy or many other stores you are familiar with.
13. You must have Amazon orders within a day – will take 7 days in Panama
14. If you are afraid to be around people who speak a different language
15. You are not willing to be adventurous and flexible (go with the flow)
16. If you want European style architecture – not available in most of Panama.
17. If stray dogs bother you. There is no animal control.
18. If you need museums, ballet, opera – only in Panama City and not during covid
19. You cannot be respectful of Panamanians and the laws in Panama
20. You want to complain about politics from your home. Leave that at the border
21. You have a weakened immune system and have problems being around mold.
22. Listen to the replay of the call for more reasons!

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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  1. Larry andrews says

    Wish we could come on a tour. We eloped in 1964. Divorced in 1980. Are engaged again2021. Will make
    It down somehow sometime to rent and eventually buy
    Keep up the outstanding work you do to help so many
    People Andrews

    • Jackie Lange says

      Congratulations on getting engaged again. You could come to Panama for your honeymoon!!

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