You Can Retire Early When You Move to Panama

Are you worried that you may not ever be able to retire because your cost of living is so high?

Would you like to retire early but know it’s not possible if you stay where you live now?

My husband and I were in the same situation 12 years ago.

Even with income from investment properties, and eventually Social Security and a good pension, we realized that living in Texas was just going to keep getting more expensive. We were concerned about what our cost of living would be like in 10, 20 or 30 years so we weren’t sure if we would ever be able to retire and maintain a quality lifestyle.

Retire Early in panama So, one summer, when we had 100+ degree weather for 90 days straight and $400+ monthly electric bills, we decided that it was time to look for some place with a lower cost of living where we could afford to retire on just our pension or just Social Security. We were also looking for a place where we’d never need air conditioning or a heater again.

After almost two years of research and exploring several countries, we discovered Panama. Panama ticked all the boxes for what we were looking for.

My husband and I were able to retire 10 years sooner than most Baby Boomers because of the lower cost of living when we moved to Panama in 2010. We actually could have retired 20 years sooner but unfortunately Panama was not even on our radar then.

Moving to Panama was the best decision we ever made. We significantly reduced our cost of living and were able to live well on less than $2,000 a month including rent.

Moving to Panama may be the best…or only… option for Baby Boomers who want a stress-free, happy and fulfilling retirement.   You could retire now and live in Panama on just your Social Security or pension even if you don’t have any retirement savings.

♦ But how do you move to Panama?
♦ Where do you start?
♦ What do you need to do?
♦ What should you avoid doing?

Retire in Panama A 6-day all-inclusive Panama Relocation Tour will take away all the guesswork and confusion. A Panama Relocation Tour will lead you step-by-step to knowing how to retire in Panama with confidence. And now, we offer the Complete Panama Relocation Guide so you can learn how to relocate to Panama without taking a tour.  Previous tour client Jim Barber said, “The biggest takeaway was that the tour gave me the confidence to make the leap to being confident, even excited, about retiring in Panama.” We will help guide you to the kind of retirement you deserve like:

♦ A comfortable lifestyle on a Social Security budget
♦ Afford luxuries like a housekeeper, gardener, weekly massages and more
♦ Perfect weather (no snow, no hurricanes, no tornadoes)
♦ Qualify and affordable health care and health insurance
♦ Eat out as often as you want for $5 a meal
♦ Make friends fast and have a vibrant social life
♦ Live a stress-free lifestyle without worrying about money


Many more North Americans than ever have begun to realize that they can live better for less in Central America with a healthier and less stressful lifestyle. Let Jackie and Panama Relocation Tours show you exactly why Panama may well be your best choice” says tour client Eric Weiss.

Panama Relocation Tours has the Experience You Can Trust! We’ve been offering Panama Relocation Tours since 2010!  As of March 2020, we’ve completed more than 120 relocation tours and we’ve helped 1000s of people learn how to relocate to Panama the easy, stress-free way!

Joe and Lori, from California, can retire EARLY by moving to Panama! This is what they had to say about their Panama Relocation Tour experience:


Jackie delivers an emotional connection to Panama that is unparalleled.

panama rental gorgona Our pre-tour experience of Jackie, Melissa, and Dustin re-defined “customer service” in a way we have not seen in the United States. Thorough and rapid responses to our questions coupled with a superb organizational aptitude characterize the PRT team. Logistical excellence and deep knowledge of Panamanian culture, economy, customs, language and social norms are the hallmark of Jackie and her professional team. The care and feeding of everyone on tour exceeded our expectations because of Jackie’s consummate commitment to deliver a complete Panama experience. Attention to detail, and unlimited patience are natural aspects of Jackie’s personality that impart caring and empathy for all because of her absolute passion for Panama and her love of life and the vitality that this country exudes.

boquete panama We quickly formed emotional connections with our fellow “kindred spirit” tour mates and the Expats who joined us for meals further cemented our relationship to this wonderful country abundant with natural beauty and life that only Mother Nature can deliver. Jackie’s knowledge and drive for maximum value in all things economic make Panama an irresistible choice for our retirement because we can’t live as well for less in the beauty of this wonderful burgeoning seat of life. The local residents of Boquete were warm and welcoming, helpful without obligation, with useful and friendly offerings that astounded us “Gringos”.

If you cherish friendship, honesty in communication, and sincerity of feelings accompanied by a passion for life and abundance, then book your Panama Relocation Tour today. Let your soul fly and dance with the Spirit of Panama as you are cradled in the arms of a warm and welcoming Nature that graciously delivers Happiness and “Tranquilo”. I wish we had taken the PRT sooner!

Joe K.
June 2019 PRT

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN! Come see how you can live better for less in Panama – even retire early! Join us for a 6-day all-inclusive Panama Relocation Tour to get the knowledge and confidence to relocate to Panama OR order the Complete Panama Relocation Guide for INSTANT ACCESS to the information you need to know to relocate to Panama the easy way.

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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  1. Peter Altmann says

    I was on the June 2019 tour and Joe is spot on on everything that he says about the tour. Jackie gives the whole picture. I will be going back to Boquete in the near future.

    • Jackie Lange says

      Hi Peter, thanks for the kind remarks. So glad you enjoyed the June 2019 tour! Let me know when you move to Panama!

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