Health Care Costs and Medical Emergencies in Panama

One of the biggest concerns about moving overseas are health care costs, the quality of service and the availability of affordable health insurance.  You’ll be delighted to know that in Panama healthcare costs are low, the quality of service is excellent and affordable health insurance is readily available.  Of course, like anything in Panama, it can vary greatly depending on where you go.

Your health insurance probably won’t travel with you outside of your country, and Medicare does not work overseas.  So, you’ll need to get health insurance in Panama unless you decide to self-insure.  Luckily, healthcare and health insurance are very affordable in Panama as you will see below.

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Following are my personal experiences, the experience of tour guests, and the experiences of friends who have come to Panama to seek medical care.

Doctor Visit in Panama

About 3 months after I moved to Boquete Panama, I experienced a lot of pressure in my ear so I went to one of the local doctors.  No appointment necessary.  After a thorough examination, he told me I had a sinus infection and an ear infection.  He gave me a 7 day supply of antibiotics and ear drops.  Plus he told me to take a teaspoon of local honey every day for a month, then at least one teaspoon per week after that.   He also “prescribed” eating 2-4 kiwi fruit every day for 7 days because they are high in Vitamin C. Total cost for the doctor visit and meds…. $10.  That was in 2010 price.  But now, he charges $15 unless you have a Visa, then it is only $12

That’s $10 total.  Not a $10 co-pay for insurance.

One time I had to go to the emergency room at Hospital Chiriqui in David because I had sharp pain in my right side.  I thought my appendix was busting. I was seen right away.  They took blood tests, urine tests and got an IV started with pain meds.  I was there several hours.  The doctor determined that it was not my appendix.

The total cost was $44.80.  Not a co-pay!

The reason medical costs are so affordable in Panama is because the price is based on what the average Panamanian can afford to pay.  Malpractice lawsuits are rare because Panamanian law doesn’t allow frivolous lawsuits so malpractice insurance is very low cost.   The doctors don’t have to spend a fortune on insurance.  Many doctors in Panama live a simple life. Most doctors in Panama don’t live in a McMansions or drive Mercedes like the US doctors who charge a fortune for their services.  Most doctors in Panama have a no-frills office.

In Panama, a routine doctor visit is $15 – $25 depending on where you live.  A specialist is $40-$50.  Many of the doctors were trained in the United States and speak very good English.

It’s $40-$50 to get your teeth cleaned.  My daughter got a crown last year, it was $495 total costs.  To get a crown in Texas would have cost $1500 minimum.

Affordable and quality healthcare costs in Panama are one of the many reasons people move to Panama.  And it is the reason some expats who do not have preexisting health problems decide to self-insure instead of buying health insurance.

Unlike other Latin American countries, Panama does not require foreigners with a Visa, or Panamanians,  to pay monthly fees to use the public hospital.  Instead, you just pay when you go.  At the public hospitals, also called Social Security hospitals, it is $2 for a doctor visit or $5 for a specialists.  You’ll likely see the same doctor you would visit at a private hospital because doctors in Panama are required to work a certain number of hours each week in the public hospitals.

However, even health insurance is affordable.  I have worldwide medical insurance which covers me in Panama, in the United States, and any other country and any hospital.  I paid $2500 a year with a zero deductible in Panama and a $1000 deductible outside of Panama.  My insurance also covers $750 a year in prescriptions but I rarely take any medications.  To keep the costs down, you could pay a higher deductible.  International health care companies will allow you to sign up if you are under 74.

WorldWide Medical

There are a variety of different international health insurance companies.  Their prices vary greatly!  It pays to shop around.   We will give you a list of companies during the tour.  If you buy health insurance through a broker, it will cost much more than buying directly from the insurance company.   Therefore, I recommend buying directly from the company instead of using a broker.

I used my worldwide medical insurance for two eye surgeries in Panama.  Prior to the surgery, the $40 eye exam was the most thorough eye exam I ever had.  The doctor’s office filed all the insurance paperwork.  I had zero out of pocket expense.

To get lab work done you do not need a doctor’s prescription.  During the recent tour, I needed to meet some of the tour guests at the bank so they could open a bank account.  I didn’t have time for breakfast or coffee.  The lab is on the same street as the bank.  Since I had been fasting, I decided to get a complete lab work done.  I got the 25% pensionado discount.  See the costs….
Affordable lab costs in Panama

If you are a woman over 55 or a man over 60, you get a 10-20% discount on most healthcare costs including prescriptions, doctors, dentist, lab work.  Even tour guests, who do not have a residency visa, have been able to get these pensionado discounts by simply showing their passport (which shows their age).

You can get health insurance which covers you only in Panama.  This is more affordable than international insurance.

Many of the private hospitals offer a a medical reimbursement plan.  If you are 60, it will costs about $90 a month.  This plan does not cover 100% of most medical costs but they do cover 85%.    Preexisting conditions are not covered the first year but they are usually covered after the first year at about 50%.  There is no age restriction.  With this plan, you have to pay for the service first, then submit the paperwork to get reimbursed.

I’ve been told by people who live in Volcan that the new hospital in Volcan offers a healthcare plan for $10 a month and 50 cents a doctor visit or $1.50 for an emergency room visit.   Sorry, but I have not been able to find any information online to verify these details.

Every medical specialist is available in Panama but they may not be available in the town where you live.  You may need to to go David or Panama City for certain specialists.


Veteran Healthcare in Panama

Are you a US Veteran?  You’ll be pleased to know that some hospitals and pharmacies in Panama work with the VA to provide medical care and prescriptions for Veterans.  If you’re a retired Veteran, Tricare or TriCare for Life covers most inpatient and outpatient care that’s medically necessary and considered proven.

Learn more about Veteran Medical Benefits in Panama.

If you are a Veteran, but not retired from the military,  you could be covered too.  I have spoken with several veterans who are not retired but get mostly free healthcare and prescriptions in Panama.


Affordable and quality health care is the reason some of my friends have come to Panama for medical care even though they don’t live in Panama

After a Panama Relocation Tour a few years ago, Brian Mann came back to Panama for hernia surgery, dental implants and some dermatology work.  YOU CAN READ ABOUT HIS EXPERIENCE HERE.

This year Christina Poodt broke a bridge then wanted to get dental implants but it is cost prohibitive in the USA.    She said the cost for implants in Panama is 90% less than what it would have cost her in Atlanta Georgia.  She also added that the doctors in Panama consulted together in the same location and did everything they could to save as many teeth as possible to help reduce her costs.  The dentist in Panama had to pull 3 teeth. The dentist in Atlanta wanted to pull 7 teeth.  Big difference… in pain… and costs!

Another friend from Texas reported …

Just got back from a family reunion.   2 of my cousins went to Panama in April for stem cell therapy.   It is not permitted in the US but legal in Panama.   One had rheumatoid arthritis and he says he is 1000% better.     The other cousin had back pain for the last 20 years and it was GONE!!    It cost $17,000 for each of them.   Insurance not used.   Best money they ever spent.    The hospital where they were said the Mel Gibson’s dad, who is 93 was treated there about a month earlier.   He got out of his wheelchair that he had been in for 4 years !!!

A good friend in Florida had to pay $125,000 to have a stent put in his heart last year.   The same procedure is less than $15,000 in Panama at Hospital Punta Pacifica, the Johns Hopkins affiliate!

Tim moved to Gorgona Panama last year.  In Tennessee, he suffered from severe arthritis which made it impossible to work some days.  But since he has been living near the Pacific Ocean, his arthritis has almost completely disappeared.

Just yesterday, January 2019, a lady who came on a Panama Relocation Tour, and who lives just down the road from me, fell and broke her wrist.  Another neighbor took her to Hospital Mae Lewis in David which is 30 minutes South of Boquete.  This is how she explained her experience:

The service and care that I got at that hospital was absolutely phenomenal. I walked in at within five minutes I walked into the triage room and then about five minutes after that I had my x-rays and 10 minutes after that I saw the orthopedic surgeon and he put a cast on me and set an appointment for me for a month from now gave me my pain med prescriptions, which I was able to go and fill right there at the hosptial pharmacyShe was an x-ray technician in the US and said that Mae Lewis has better x-ray equipment then she had in the departments in the US.   TOTAL COST, without insurance, was $212 for the ER and $30 for pain medications.



During the Panama Relocation Tours, we rarely have a medical emergency but they do occur occasionally. These are the emergencies we have had…

Water Taxi Bocas el Toro Panama
Water Taxi Bocas del Toro Panama

About 10 years ago, when we still went to Bocas del Toro during the tours, Soup Campbell cut his finger on a sharp screw on the water taxi.  I didn’t even know about it for 24 hours.  He went to a doctor who cleaned up the area and stitched it up.  The total cost was $50.

Speaking of Soup….about 6 months after Soup moved to Volcan Panama from Fairbanks Alaska, he had a stroke.  He was in Hospital Chriqui for 5 days.  He had CAT Scans, MRIs, 3 different doctors including a neuro-surgeon.  His total cost was a little over $3000.  With no insurance.

Sandra had a tooth fall out of her partial.  This is what her experience was..
While on tour and dining in a restaurant eating Pad Thai, I bit down on a peanut and broke the eye tooth off my partial. The next morning Jackie took me to a dentist in Bojo Boquete but her lab is located in David so she referred me to Dr Rivera in Boquete.

Dr Rivera’s office and lab are located in a building next to his home. He took one look at the bridge and the tooth and said no problem. The tooth had to be fused back onto the bridge and I was only there one hour.

He did a perfect job and the cost was only $20! I would not hesitate to go to him again.

After moving to Boquete, Jim was visiting a friend’s garden when a pet parrot bit his ear.  It was bleeding profusely.  He went to the local social security medical clinic where it was cleaned up then stitched up for $1.50

On another tour, a man had been quoted $9000 to get his bridge replaced in Florida.  After the tour he went to my dentist in David to see what the cost would be.  The dentist told him he could fix it for $50… the dentist said no need for a replacement.  That’s a $8950 savings!!  Why didn’t the US dentist offer to fix it?

Panama Ambulance

During the February 2015 tour one of the guys enjoyed a little too much free booze at one of the resorts where we stay.  He then took too many Ambien which caused him to have a very rapid heart rate and faint feeling.  The resort called an ambulance to take him to the emergency room in Coronado.  It was $50 for the 15 minute ambulance ride (which included taking him back to the resort).  His 5 hour emergency room visit was $128.  No insurance.

On the June 2015 tour, Melanie had a crown come lose.  This is what she experienced

While on the Panama Relocation  tour, my husband and I had rented a car to explore Boquete. Suddenly a crown just fell out! We called Jackie and within 10 minutes she had us in a local dentist office. Unfortunately, they were very  busy. She then lead us to another office. The female dentist came out and greeted us in English and apologized  because  she couldn’t see me for another 45 minutes. We came back later and she took me into a very modern and extremely clean room.  She was so friendly and actually sang to me while working on the crown! Thirty minutes later she was done. She walked me to the front and charged me $30! No paperwork,  no forms, no insurance..nothing but great service! How refreshing!  Back home, I’d spent that much time filling  out the same forms I  filled out the last visit, and spending more than that on my co-pay!
Melanie  Beighle

Hospital Patilla

Tim Fong came on that June 2015 tour too.   He had not been feeling well ever since the day he arrived in Panama.  He thought it was something he ate but later found out it was kidney stones.  Read about his almost daily experience and costs for emergency room visits…NOTE… he got a pensionado discount even though he does not have a visa yet….

Clinica in Panama City: Emergency visit with MD: about $26.00 with senior discount plus meds.

ER in Coronado (extremely modern and clean facility, ER doctor spoke perfect English)  costs: $52.91 after senior discount.

ER in Santiago (not as modern as Coronado, but I felt the care level was acceptable) total costs for x-rays, blood tests, IVs, and doctor’s exams: $44.00.  Taxi ride to ER was $2.50.  The hotel employee stayed with me the entire 2 hour visit and made sure everything was taken care of.  I expressed my deep gratitude for his kind attention towards my needs and tipped him $100.00 (I asked him to buy something nice for his children)

Visit with Doctor Chen in Boquete for stomach pain: $10.00

Blood tests at modern lab in Boquete: $26.00 after senior discount.

ER in David: ER exam, blood tests, and x-rays, total costs: $75.36 not including meds.  Private car service by Elmer was top notch.  We got to David in less than 20 minutes.  Elmer was apologetic when he requested $75.00 for the round trip fare to David and back to Boquete.  He also stayed with us during the entire hour or so at the hospital.  I expressed my gratitude to him and tipped him $25.00.

Follow-up visit with Dr. Chen to review blood tests: $10.00

Tim said….Like many others, I was curious about Panama’s medical system.  Be careful what you wish for.  I feel the level of services and care ranged from good to excellent.

Medical care in Panama

To be fair, I’m sure you can find articles about people complaining that the medical care in Panama is not so good or that it is not customer service oriented.  You will probably find people who have not received good health care in Panama. Bad healthcare can, and does, happen in the United States, Europe and Canada every year too.

Before seeing a doctor, it is always best to ask other expats who they recommend.  You will usually hear the same doctor’s name come up over and over again… that is the doctor you want to go see.

It has been my experience, and the experience of my friends and all tour guests,  that the customer service and medical care in Panama is as good, if not better, than the United States.  The cost is certainly a LOT better!

Doctors in Panama really put the CARE back in healthcare.  They listen to you,  do a thorough exam, and spend as much time with you as it takes to diagnose your problem.  After any visit to a doctor office or an emergency room it is common for the doctor to give you their cell phone number or home phone number so you can call them directly if there is a problem.  If they have a business card, their cell phone is printed on the card.

Of course it is best to PREVENT medical problems!  That’s easier to do in Panama because there is less stress from all the high costs of medical care and health insurance in other countries.

When you move to Panama, if you switch to a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and fresh fish… you can improve your health, reduce your waistline, and keep health care costs to a minimum.

Many who have moved to Panama have reported improved health, weight loss, and getting off all the medications they took prior to moving to Panama.

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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  1. Terry Campbell says

    I spent a week in Panama touring around with Jackie about two years ago. Visited the hospital in David just to see what it was like and I was really impressed. It was clean and about as modern as some of the hospitals you find here in the US. Their in house insurance plan was very cheap and affordable.

    I really need to get back to Panama for some dental work and so that I can write an article about my experience there so I can post it on my medical tourism website. Also I really need yo get the ball rolling with my site because I have seen and can see the excitement in Jackie about medical tourism. It is really nice to know that I am on a good path to help inform people about the benefits of medical tourism.

    I see it more and more viable in Panama the more I follow what Jackie reports and I just wanted to say thanks to Jackie for all the sharing of information. BTW Excellent article Jakie!

    • Anna R Brown says

      I saw a cardiologist in David panama, had 1st visit. He had a Holter device for me to use. Saw Dr. a second time where he said he did an Echocardiogr..I didn’t have a dye it was more like an ultrasound and me looking at it in a large screen. 1st the bill was for $1200. Went to pay half, didn’t accepted. Said they were going to bill Global Cigna for it. Next, asked me to come in to sign a second claim form . No one contacted me for 5 mo ths. Now the bill is up to $4200? Insurance don’t want to pay and I ended up with a large bill, no invoice of exolanations, no Holter or Echocard..test results in my hands x a second opinion?? What can I do? 😱 thank you

      • Jackie Lange says

        contact your insurance company

  2. Diane says

    This information is very helpful. I’m a retired veteran with spouse looking to relocate from Florida in a couple years. I am just now 60 yrs Los and hubby will be 61 soon.

  3. Pat Auge says

    Could you please tell me if there are any doctors or clinics that deal with the mentally ill? Thanks

    • Panama Relocation Tours says

      Yes at the hospitals there are doctors who specialize in mental health issues

  4. jim says

    we wanted to come to panama and try the tour have been looking around oct early or later.does tour include air fare. also what about one pet 6pd we have to leave in pet compound for so many days or what thinking more about traveling there first.i am a retired vet 75 wife is 70 have been reading alot different area”s panama same like the beter place
    we live in okla hot in summer

    • Panama Relocation Tours says

      The tour includes airfare from western Panama back to Panama City but does not include airfare to Panama. Sorry, no pets allowed on the tours

  5. Bonnie says

    After two weeks of totally immersing myself in websites & blogs about retirement in Panama; I am more confused than when I began this quest! One article or post I read will tell me what I can do while another, referring to the same thing, will tell me that it’s impossible & just hype! For ex: MEDICAL COVERAGE: Many blogs, websites etc. say there IS an age limit while I’ve just read that there is NONE? RENTAL HOMES: Many say you CAN rent a decent, somewhat comfortable (perhaps not US style) but quite livable house in Chiriqui areas for about $600 Others tell you NO, don’t expect any creature comfort for that…or even hot water!
    There are countless articles by expats who tell you of the perils & not the pleasures of life as an expat. I’ve always been a “glass-half-full” person & wish I could find bloggers with realistic, but positive input.
    DOGS: I’ve read that Dogs are welcome with the proper paper work & ARE accepted by many rental properties…then I read that this is a myth & renting with four dogs is NOT possible (Our dogs are better behaved than a lot of children. They are housebroken & best of all, they listen & obey).
    Which is it? I feel like I’m in a seesaw that’s on a merry-go-round.
    All my husband & I want is a simple life where he can enjoy his likes & I can work on my novel. We want to have decent health care, healthy food, our dogs & peace of mind.

    • Panama Relocation Tours says

      Some health insurance companies do have an age restriction. Some do not. Most all will exclude pre-existing conditions the first year.

      My tour clients rented two houses in Chiriqui this weekend. One was $350 a month furnished one bedroom with hot water. The other was $550 a month furnished two bedroom with hot water. I saw these properties. They are both very nice.

      Some landlords will allow pets. Some will not.

      There is not one right answer to your question.

  6. George Postell says


    I am so wanting to leave the USA, because of the high cost of living, increasing prices and our political situation. I am a 66 year old retired combat disabled war vet and want to live out the rest of my life in comfort. I have read so many blogs and even subscribed to International Living, really did not help. Then I stumbled on your program and after reading it seems that you are focused on the relocation part and all that goes with it. How do I get to go on one of your tours and what is the cost, so that I can start saving my Social Security checks to make the trip for me and my wife.


    • Panama Relocation Tours says

      HI George

      You will LOVE living in Panama! There are a lot of retired military people here. Retired military gets free medical and prescriptions too. Learn more about the tours at

      email [email protected] if you have any other questions or call 972-496-4500


  7. Orlando Rodriguez says

    Great article. You answered my main question about my insurance since I am a veteran and have Tricare. Hope to see you soon.

  8. Luz Nadeau says

    How cost a day to be in the hospital and you hafto stay a week or two or so

  9. [email protected] says

    Wonderful info, I look forward to my trip there next August. Your dedication is impressive and much appreciated.
    Jerry from Reno, NV

  10. Robert Smith says

    I read that one can use Medicare in Panama for Urgent Care and Emergencies but one needs a “Special Acct”. How does one obtain this acct? And what is the process for filing the claim from Panama?

    • Jackie Lange says

      Only certain advantage plans allow you to use Medicare for emergencies in Panama. Most medicare plans will not work in Panama. To file a claim, you need the receipts for the services from the hospital and bank/credit card statements for proof that you paid the bill. We have a medicare expert in the Complete Panama Relocation Guide who can help you select the “right” medicare plan to use in Panama.

  11. Cory Brown says

    Hi Jackie. I am looking at moving to Panama City from the states (Las Vegas specifically). Do you know someone in Panama City who does what you do? Thank you.

  12. Lisa says

    Good day. Do you know were we can find the medicine Trikafta in panama?
    Thank you

    • Jackie Lange says

      the pharmacy websites I checked show it is not available in Panama. You might try hospital pharmacies.

  13. Will Mathieson says

    Good Evening Jackie,

    Wondering if you could direct me to where I could find out if there is a medical clinic in or close to Boquete, where they give chronic pain injections of LIDOCAINE

    Thank you in advance

  14. Don says

    Just wanted a video and a lady stated she was over 70 so she did not or could not get health care. Is that accurate ? Stated she paid $6500 for a broken wrist. I wouldn’t care for that kind of out of pocket expense. Are there options for older travelers or expats ?

  15. Nelson Torres says

    Muy interesante su informacion tenemos planes de mudarnos a Panama muchas grasias Jackie

    • Jackie Lange says

      Nelson, gracias!

  16. Trent Denney says

    If already here in Bugaba, can I get all necessary documents without going back to the states,? 66 and retired, with a pension ea month. Also interested in health Ins Panama only.

    • Jackie Lange says

      To get the documents for a VISA, you will need to go back to the US.

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