House Sitting = Free Rent

Robert and Rene are house sitting at an ocean view house in Playa Uverito in the Azuero peninsula. They lived in Boquete for a while but the cooler weather was not for them. They prefer the beach community. Azuero gets less rain and humidity than anywhere else in Panama. During the video, they talk about what they think of the vibe in various areas in Panama.

There’s a perfect place for everyone in Panama! Some prefer the beach, some prefer the mountains and some like living in Panama City. House sitting is a good way to test drive different areas to find your perfect place.

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Usually, with house sitting, you are taking care of someone’s house while they are away on vacation or while they are waiting for the house to sell. Normally, you get free rent in exchange for taking care of the house, perhaps taking care of pets, and showing the house to potential buyers. The downside to house sitting is that you may not know how long the gig will last so there could be a gap between one house sitting job and the next one.

If you are not getting paid to house sit, you do not need a work permit to work in Panama. Foreigners must have a work permit to work in Panama.

Because so many people in Panama know about Panama Relocation Tours, owners contact us when they need a house sitter. Our members are the first to get notice of house sitting opportunities in our private community.

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Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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  1. Rickey Satterwhite says

    Hi Jackie,
    I am Rickey and wife Reta, we are 67 years old, retired. We have been in Panama going on 5 years house setting two houses for four years. Owners coming twice a year, we stay with friends and travel, I am a writer, surfer, my wife paints. The home has sold we have been sitting, we love it here and would like to stay. If you can help, We would love it

    • Jackie Lange says

      HI Rickey

      Did you get a visa? You know tourists can only stay 180 days in Panama. When we get house sitting opportunities we post them in our community forum for previous tour guests.

  2. Richard and Xiomara says

    Hello Jackie, love your articles and today saw this post about “House Sitting=Free Rent”. We have recently purchased the Panama Relocation Guide and we are also scheduled to meet with attorney J. Perez next year and also scheduled a private tour in the David area next March 2023, but we may come sooner.

    Our background includes Apartment Management, previous house sitting and 10 years with Disney in Guest Services.

    Your previous comment mentions house sitting openings are listing in the Community Forum for previous tour guests.

    So it appears people cannot access the Community Forum for house sitting unless they have attended a previous tour. Is this correct or can we access House Sitting opportunities prior to that? Thank you, Richard

    • Jackie Lange says

      when you buy the Online Guide, you also get access to the private Facebook Community where house sitting opportunities are posted.

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