How to Watch US and Canadian TV Shows in Panama

A question that always comes up during tours is “how can I watch_____ TV shows in English in Panama?” ( fill in the blank with your favorite shows)

There are several ways you can watch your favorite shows:

  1. Cable TV – Tigo has good internet and cable tv packages which you can program for English language.  Some channels are in English and some are in other languages like Spanish, German, Italian, French.  News shows like Fox, CNN, and BBC are available.  Many of the movies are in English.  And the weekly shows like Animal Planet, History Channel, A & E, TLC, FX, Warner, ESPN, Fox Sports, NFL Network, Golf Channel National Geographic, etc etc… It’s about $50 a month. But honestly, an Amazon Firestick is a better option.
  2. Roku in Panama USTVNOWcom – has all most of the US TV channels, including network news like ABC, NBC and CBS plus Fox and CNN. This was initially created for military people stationed overseas but can be used by expats too.  Some of the channels are free, or they have two subscription options. One includes a DVR to record your favorite shows so you can watch them later.
  3. ROKU is a great way to get access to your favorite shows too. Some of the programs are subscription based.  You’ll need a TV with an HDMI cable port, then just hook up the Roku to your TV for easy access to various English shows.  I use Roku to get access to Netflix and Youtube on my television.

4.  AMAZON FIRE STICK will give you access to all the Amazon Prime movies, music, and tv shows.  It also can be connected with your NetFlix account, Hulu,
Pandora, all US TV channels, including sports apps.  With a Fire Stick, you’ll have instant access to 200,000 movies and TV shows, and more.  If you don’t know how to set it
up, someone in your Panama community usually will set it up for you for a small fee.   Bring an Amazon Fire Stick with you when you move to Panama, or you can purchase it in Panama.

Amazon Firestick

Bottom line, there are a lot of different way to get access to English TV shows, movies, sports, and news when you live in Panama.  You won’t have to give up watching TV or movies when you move to Panama!

5. Sports Bars are a good place to watch sports and meet others too.

When you move to Panama, you will not need to miss out of your favorite TV shows, movies, or sports!

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Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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