Life After Covid-19

This Covid-19 pandemic and the stay-at-home orders have many wondering what life will be like when the pandemic is over. We’re all anxious to know when it will be over so they can get back to a normal life.  There is so much uncertainty about the future that it makes the the pandemic even more frustrating!

Unfortunately, life, as we knew it, may not get back to normal for some time.

Twenty-two million people have filed for unemployment in the United States… so far. Many millions of people all around the world have lost their income source because their job was eliminated or their business has been shut down.

The reality is that our world has changed, and we may need to change too.

This may be a good time to reevaluate what you want your life to be like when this pandemic is over. Maybe you’d like to NOT go back to normal and create a new life in a new place where your cost of living is less.. like Panama!

If you don’t have Social Security or a pension to rely on, it may be necessary to look for other ways you can develop income from things you already have a passion for.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

There has been a surge in sales of information about being self-sufficient including living off-grid and learning how to garden. Some of my friends who live in condos in Panama City or the beach are asking about land to buy in the highlands so they can be more isolated from the crowds and grow their own food.  Smart real estate agents worldwide would be marketing these kinds of properties now.

Some enterprising people have started YouTube channels to teach people how to live off-grid, how to grow food or teach other things they are passionate about. Did you know you can monetize your YouTube channel? Some YouTube channels are making $5000 per month or more.  Some well established YouTube channels are earning six-figure incomes. You can teach just about anything on YouTube!

If you have access to some land, you can grow food to resell too. The people who are doing the best in Panama during this pandemic are the people who are growing and selling food to vegetable stands, grocery stores and to restaurants. There is always a demand for food!

I read about a couple who is making $10,000 a month selling micro greens. Micro greens grow in about 7 days. Instead of planting seeds far apart and waiting until they mature, with micro greens you plant the seeds close together and harvest when the plants are only a few inches tall. There’s actually much more nutrition in micro greens than a full-grown plant. Growing micro greens is a business you can get up and running really fast with minimal expense. And growing micro greens for your own consumption is a good way to have fresh food all year.

Last year I met a lady who makes dog clothes. Her business was booming so much that she could not keep up with the demand. But she was exhausted.  Then she got the idea to sell downloadable patterns for the dog clothes on Etsy. She’s now the #1 seller on Etsy making a 6-figure income per year.

A lady who came on a Panama Relocation Tour was planning to retire at the end of 2020. But her job was eliminated because of the Coronavirus. She was really counting on the income from her job to finance her move to Panama. I suggested that she check out online job opportunities on and other freelancer websites. Within a week, she was hired! Now she gets to work from home (or anywhere in the world) and makes an equivalent income doing the kind of work that she loves. There are millions of jobs available right now on freelance websites.  Check it out, you’ll be amazed at the kinds of jobs available to you as a freelancer. If you’re an employer, you can hire freelancers on Upwork too.

A good friend was a brilliant real estate investor.  He started a subscription based monthly newsletter to share his creative ideas.  As word got out about this newsletter, mostly by word of mouth, he was able to get to 25,000 subscribers in less than two years.  $97 a year X 25,000 subscribers was a nice income of $2,425,000 a year. You monthly newsletter could be about any topic that you are passionate about.  A few ads on Facebook could grow your subscriptions fast.

What about you? Have you thought about ways that you could reinvent yourself to avoid having a global pandemic or similar situation take your income away?

With a good internet connection, or a plot of land, you can earn income from anywhere in the world!

My friend Gary A Scott has a great 250 page e-Book, Live Anywhere – Earn Anywhere, that shows you how to live so you can take advantage of the good times but are protected from the times like this when almost everything can go wrong. Gary has 50 years of experience as an international entrepreneur and investor. In his e-Book, he shares many ways to make, and saving, money from anywhere in the world… without getting a job.

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Even if you have a good income now, or even if you have a good pension, it might be a good idea to create a Plan B income stream… just in case. Be prepared.

Because of the Coronavirus, we have all learned how quickly everything can change.

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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