Now Is The Time to Move to Panama

Moving to Panama doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s easy to get a residency visa. Panama is often considered to be the top retirement destination. Let’s explore how to move to Panama the RIGHT way!

Panama wants you! It has the best retirement visa in the world, the Pensionado visa, which comes with discounts on dining, entertainment, travel, utilities, and much more. You can get a permanent visa within six months.

Panamanian people are friendly and welcoming.

Moving to Panama means a great deal of planning. Yes, that is true. I’d like to assure you, though, that moving to Panama is easy and simple. I made that move myself, so let me share some tips to make the process easy and uncomplicated. During an all-inclusive 6-day, 7-night Panama Relocation Tour, you’ll receive a complete “checklist” of everything you need to do to relocate to Panama. We’ll also provide lists of reliable and affordable immigration lawyers, real estate agents, insurance brokers, and more.


Visit Panama and see it for yourself.

Coming to Panama and experiencing what it offers is very important in your decision-making process. It is essential to have that “boots on the ground” experience so you will see, hear, feel, and taste what living in Panama would be like.

You can read about Panama and watch videos of others living there, but nothing beats visiting Panama and seeing for yourself what your life could be like living in Panama.

Coronado Panama
Coronado Panama

The 6-day, 7-night all-inclusive Panama Relocation Tours are designed specifically to educate you about relocating to Panama. During the tour, you are taken to the most popular places to live. You’ll see rentals, meet immigration lawyers and real estate experts, and learn all the important things you need to know to have a hassle-free move to Panama.

A Panama Relocation Tour aims to provide an objective “boots-on-the-ground” experience so you can make a well-informed decision about relocating to Panama. There will be no sales pitches, no sugar coating, and you’ll hear about the good and the not-so-good aspects of living in Panama.

This is what one tour client had to say:

Whatever you decide about relocating to Panamá, I can’t imagine a more time-efficient way to evaluate your various lifestyle and climate options in this country. Not a moment is wasted, and Jackie is always available to answer questions.” Daniel O-Brien

Then, if you decide Panama is right for you, this is the NEXT STEP IS…

Decide where you want to live in Panama.

Research the best places to live in Panama and then get to know these areas better during a Panama Relocation Tour. You have many beautiful options, such as bustling Panama City, the beach town of Coronado, the Azuero Peninsula, and Boquete and Volcan, a popular retirement destination because of its beautiful views and spring-like weather all year. There’s also Bocas Del Toro, a small town where you will live near the ocean and see frequent sightings of dolphins. Whether you’d like the beach life, the city life, or a peaceful life in the mountains, a Panama town is right for you.

Check out the videos on the Panama Relocation Tours YouTube Channel to familiarize yourself with different areas of Panama. Subscribe to the Channel to receive instant notifications when a new video goes live! We also offer monthly Retire in Panama Q&A Livestreams to answer your questions.

The key is to do your research to create a “short list” of places that are a good fit for you. Panama Relocation Tours makes doing your research easy.  We visit all the most popular areas during a tour. By the end of a Panama Relocation Tour, you will probably know exactly where you want to move to!

You may be surprised, too! Many who thought they wanted to live by the beach decided to move to the City. Or, those who wanted to live in the mountains decide to move to a colonial town near the beach. You won’t know which area is best for you until you SEE Panama up close and personal.

Once you decide Panama is right for you and you know where you want to live, the NEXT STEP IS…

Pick the date you want to move and consult with an immigration attorney about getting a Visa and the paperwork you will need to gather in your country.

Also, decide if you will sell everything before moving to Panama or if you want to ship some things. Most rentals come completely furnished, so you don’t need to ship all of your household goods. Either way, we can help!

You may want to make an additional trip to Panama to find a place to live and get your residency Visa.

Or, when you arrive, you could plan to stay in a hotel or Airbnb until you find a suitable rental property then apply for a visa.

We strongly advise that you rent for at least six to twelve months before you make a buying decision. Or, perhaps you should not buy at all and enjoy your retirement without the obligations and liabilities of ownership. Rentals are affordable.

Prepare the necessary paperwork to get a Pensionado Visa

To live in Panama, you must prove that you can support yourself. To be eligible for the Pensionado visa, you must earn a lifetime income of at least $1,000 per month ($1250 for a couple). Proof can be a pension, social security, or military retirement confirming the amount of money you will receive.

However, you cannot work in Panama if you get the Pensionado Visa. If you plan to continue working in Panama, other visa options allow you to get a work permit.

All visas will require a national criminal report with no felonies.

After your Panama Relocation Tour, you’ll get FREE access to the Online Panama Relocation Guide and our private Facebook group where we offer ongoing support.

The Online Panama Relocation Guide or the immigration lawyers we recommend will list the necessary documents to get a visa. During the Panama Relocation Tours, we will introduce you to an affordable attorney with very reasonable fees. 

The immigration attorney will guide you through the Visa process to ensure everything is done accurately.


Learn a Little Spanish.

While there are many Panamanians who can speak fluent English, it would be to your advantage to learn Spanish. Simple phrases and sentences that can help you buy food in the market, ask for directions, and have a nice conversation with the locals would help you adjust quickly. Panamanians love it when they hear an expat speaking their language. Learning a new language, in itself, would also be to your advantage since you have an added skill. is a good way to learn a little Spanish every day.  It is free and available online or as an App for your phone.

Moving to Panama is simple and easy because PANAMA WANTS YOU.

Panama offers the best retiree visa in the world.

Come see how you can LIVE BETTER for LESS in Panama!

Now is the time to move to Panama.   Join us for an all-inclusive 6-day, 7-night Panama Relocation Tour and see how amazing your life could be in Panama!

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Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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