Panama Relocation Tour or the Online Guide?

We are often asked which is better, an all-inclusive 7-night Panama Relocation Tour or the get the Online Complete Panama Relocation Guide. The answer is… it depends.

Since 2010, we’ve helped 1600 people relocate to Panama and completed 136 Panama Relocation Tours. We have the experience you can trust and need when moving to Panama. ​​

This article will help you decide which is better for you.

The Online Complete Panama Relocation Guide is perfect for you if you like to learn at your own pace or if you are ready to move to or come check out Panama ASAP and need reliable relocation information now.

The Online Guide has information about how to do a self-guided tour and has contacts for Private Tour Guides in the most popular places to live in Panama. If you’d prefer a fully customized tour to only see and do the things YOU want to do, then a Private Tour would be better for you.

If you know you want to live by the beach, then it makes more sense to do Private Tours of only beach communities. Based on your budget and personal needs, we can help you decide which beach communities would be the best fit.

If you know you want to live in an area with cooler weather so you don’t need an air conditioner, then a Private Tour of those areas only makes more sense.

We recommend that you do at least a two-day Private Tour in each town(s) you are considering so you can get a good understanding of the pros and cons of the various neighborhoods, shopping options, hospitals, doctors, plus the opportunity to see many different rentals that match your budget. You’ll get to meet other expats who live there too!

The Online Panama Relocation Guide then either a self-guided tour or a Private Tour is better for you if you’d prefer NOT to be on a bus/car with other people.

The Online Panama Relocation Guide is perfect for those on a tight budget or if you want to save your money for relocating to Panama.

The Online Guide has the same information that you’d get on a Panama Relocation Tour including:

*Health insurance companies, plus a little trick to save an extra 30-40%
*Details about what documents are needed for a visa and how to get them
*Step-by-step CHECKLIST of things to do BEFORE you move to Panama
*Visa options
*How to find a rental.. and things to watch out for
*17 Important things you need to ask before you sign a rental contract
*How to get BIG discounts on many purchases in Panama
*Reliable and Affordable Immigration Attorney recommendations
*2 Ways to Get a Panama Driver’s License
*Shipping and moving companies (Tips for saving money, too)
*What it takes to start a business in Panama.. and which businesses are off-limits.
*Pet relocation (my step-by-step guide for a smooth transition)
*Trustworthy real estate agents and property managers (they are hard to find)
*How to get online orders (Amazon) and mail delivered to you
*Selling on Amazon – Without touching products
*The best way to take title to a property if you decide to buy
*Titled versus Right of Possession (ROP) property in Panama
*Typical budgets in various areas (some are less than others)
*How to get phone calls to/from your country in Panama… for free
*Learn the #1 thing you need to do after you relocate to Panama
*Best cell phone and cable tv companies
*How to watch sports and other TV shows from your country
*How to ship precious metals into Panama.. tax-free!
*Where to buy precious metals like gold and silver in Panama
*Learn How to Fund Your Life Overseas… Little Ways to Make Big Money
*List of honest real estate agents
*Private hospitals, Doctors, Dentists, and specialists
*Best place to buy or rent a car,
*** and much MUCH

A Panama Relocation Tour is Better If….

An all-inclusive 7-night 6-day Panama Relocation Tour is ideal for those who would like to see many different areas of Panama before they make a decision to relocate to Panama and where to move to. There have been so many times that people have told us on the first day of the tour that they know they want to live at the beach but then by the end of the tour, they decide that the highlands would be a better fit or vice versa. There are many advantages to seeing a variety of different areas in Panama

A Panama Relocation Tour is perfect for someone who is not in a hurry to relocate to Panama and willing to wait to go on the #1 tour of Panama. Unfortunately, we have very few openings for tours this year but you can get on the BackUp List to be notified of any openings. Don’t settle for less than the best!

A Panama Relocation Tour is ideal if you’d like someone else to make all the arrangements for hotels, where to eat, where to go, and to explain to you in detail how to relocate to Panama the easy way. We even have a bi-lingual driver who picks you up a the airport when you arrive in Panama.

A Panama Relocation Tour is better for you if you don’t want to read about it, you prefer someone to teach you about the important things you need to know to relocate to Panama the easy way.

A Panama Relocation Tour is best for those who prefer that someone else, who is fully bi-lingual, does all the driving. You’ll never need to worry about not being able to communicate when you go on a Panama Relocation Tour. Leave all your worries behind, let us take care of everything for you.

Panama Relocation Tours attracts people from all over the world. If you’d like to be with a really fun group of like-minded people then a Tour is best for you.

Either Way You Get Ongoing Support

Whether you buy the Online Complete Panama Relocation Guide OR you come on a Panama Relocation Tour, you still get our ongoing support for before, during, and after your move to Panama. And you’ll need it! There are so many little details that you will need help with. Just knowing you have someone to ask will help take the stress away!

You’ll also get all updates to the Online Complete Panama Relocation Guide as needed.

We’re here to make sure you have a smooth, hassle-free move to Panama.

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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  1. Andrew says

    Newbie question: Is the Relocation Guide included as par of the tour?

    • Jackie Lange says

      Yes, for anyone who takes a tour after January 2021, you get the Complete Panama Relocation Guide after the tour and access to the private alumni group.

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