Panama’s Weather and Seasons

Because Panama is only 9 degrees from the equator, the temperatures are consistent all year. July weather is the same as January weather. There are no extreme temperature changes. For every 1000 foot increase in elevation, the temperature drops 4 degrees. So you can pick your ideal temperature based on the elevation.

There is a difference in the weather in Panama based on the season. Panama only has two seasons, the dry season and the rainy season. During the dry season, December to April, there is less rain and it’s windier. During the rainy season, April to December, there is more rain but it does not rain every day or rain all day. Listen to the replay of the October 9th, 2021 Conference Call to learn more.

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See the photo below to see what January looks like in Panama:

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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  1. Abayomi says

    Hi Jackie, I’m very happy to hear that Medicare is now accepted in Panama
    Do you still need to have Panama insurance if you’ve Medicare? I’ve few more years to go before retirement
    I’ve been watching your videos and following
    Everything “Panama Relocation Tour”
    Yes, I’m.. I would very much like to visit
    Panama before that time comes. but
    I’ve a few concerns and questions
    I’m a widow , receiving pension that is
    Not enough right now. I’m pretty sure that it will be enough by time I’m ready
    to retire . One of my question is, can open an account in Panama and send
    or make deposit from the US or do I have to be a resident of Panama before
    I can open account there? Is the relocation book an e- book?
    Concern: I’ve a grandson who’s physically disabled. I’m his legal guardian . I’m considering taking him
    With me when I retire. Is Panama the place for disabled person/people? Is there caregiver who you can pay to come to your home during the days to
    care for him? Is Panama wheel chair friendly? Are they disabled friendly? How about hospitals care for the disabled? If I get a resident visa, can I later apply for a work permit to operate an assisted living? I’m great full for the
    Wealth of information that you’ve given
    about working online. I just don’t want to retire and sit if I’m still in good health and of course, I will need all the extra cash to live a decent life. In the near future I’ll buy that book and do a private tour. This is all for now , thank you so much for the wealth of information that you shared . May God
    continue to bless, guide, keep and protect you.

    • Jackie Lange says


      If you have a special Medicare account, you will not need Panama insurance.

      Panama is not very handicap/disabled friendly unfortunately

  2. Abayomi says

    Sorry Jackie, I mean the Panama Relocation guide(is it an ebook?)

  3. Brenda says

    You said in one of your videos that a gardener is almost a must if you have a large yard. How much does a full time gardener cost?

    • Jackie Lange says

      A gardener is about $30-$40 a day. I have a gardener two days a week and pay $300 a month

  4. len bloomberg says

    Hi Jackie.My name is Len Bloomberg.My wife and i are thinking of retiring to Panama for a few months every year.I love the rain and a bit cooler temps.Also really like my privacy.We are both retired.Not a really big fan of travel cause i dont like crowds of people around me.As retirees we have the usual medical issues.Type 2 diabetes, sometimes high blood pressure as well.Both are fairly controlled for both of us.Considering a tour.Any comments from you would be very greatly appreciated.

    • Jackie Lange says

      HI Len.

      Thanks for your interest in Panama Relocation Tours. For 14 years, we’ve been helping people just like you find their “happy place” in Panama. Since you prefer the cooler weather, I’d suggest that you do a Private Tour of Boquete and Volcan. We always recommend that you just rent for at least a year or two to make sure the area is right for you. It’s easy to buy but not so easy to sell. See details about Private Tours at

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