Quality UPSCALE Living in Panama

I talk a lot about how you can live better for LESS in Panama. And you can!

But some people are more interested in the LIVE BETTER part and not so concerned with the living for less part. Some prefer quality upscale living surrounded by the natural beauty of Panama and far away from the chaos of the country they are leaving behind. Some are even interested in a way to move money overseas by investing in real estate. Panama can help with both!

There are many very wealthy Panamanians. Because Panama is the most developed country in Latin America, it makes sense that it attracts wealthy people worldwide.

See some samples of upscale living below. I searched the internet to find samples of upscale living for this article. I provided links to the property listings I found so you can see more photos and details.

Note: Panama Relocation Tours does not sell or rent real estate. The listings below are some I found online. I don’t know anything about these properties. We do not get a commission, kickback, or any fees if you decide to contact these owners. These are simply samples of upscale properties in Panama.

Panama City has its fair share of high-end rentals and homes for sale. One of the most impressive is Ocean Reef, a man-made island with apartments, villas and a marina.

Ocean Reef, Panama City Panama

Or how about this $3,500-a-month furnished three-bedroom, three-bath penthouse in the San Francisco area of Panama City.

San Francisco area of Panama City, Panama

El Valle de Anton is where the rich and famous from Panama City have a weekend home. Every Thursday and Friday there is a steady stream of helicopters bringing wealthy people in from Panama City (vs the 3-hour drive). There are plenty of multi-million dollar mansions in El Valle. This $20,000,000 Casa Blanca estate was across the street from where my house was when I lived in El Valle for a few months. With 30,000sf on two+ acres you’ll have plenty of room for privacy.

El Valle de Anton

Coronado and the surrounding communities of Gorgona, Chame, San Carlos, and Rio Hato all have upscale real estate. If you’re looking for oceanfront real estate on a private estate, check out this $1,700,000 property in San Carlos.

San Carlos

Bahia is the epitome of luxury living in Panama. Bahia is a gated community west of Coronado. It has a beautiful golf course and amazing ocean views.

Sprawling 1100 m² of land, offering ample space for your desires. 🏠 A stunning 350 m² building with two levels, embodying elegance and sophistication. 🛌 Four spacious bedrooms, each equipped with a private bathroom for ultimate comfort. 🏊 Dive into luxury with your own private pool, perfect for relaxation and recreation. 🏞️ Enjoy the scenic views as this property is located in front of a delightful recreational park. Indulge in various sports activities such as soccer, basketball, tennis, and paddle, all just steps away from your home. And the Pacific Ocean is just a few blocks away. See more details of this furnished 4 bedroom, 4 bath 3700+SF house which rents for $4000.


Boquete has several gated communities, where you’ll find some of the most expensive homes. Even though you can spend $2,000,000 or more for a house in Boquete’s finest neighborhoods, there are great deals, like this $975,000 house in Lucero, a golf community about 10 minutes south of downtown Boquete.

SEE THE BROCHURE OF THIS HOUSE – click the link below to watch a video and see the owner’s contact information.

Bocas del Toro, in the Caribbean side of Panama, offers a unique lifestyle attracting tourists worldwide. Bocas is especially popular with boaters because that’s the main mode of transportation. Bocas has some amazing restaurants too. See this $1,300,000 modern house built over the water. It comes with your own private island.

There you have it. This is a tiny sample of the quality UPSCALE living available in Panama.

Since 2010, Panama Relocation Tours has been dedicated to providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision about moving to Panama. We’ve helped thousands of people move to Panama the RIGHT WAY.

We have the experience you can trust!

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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  1. Bruce A Parker says

    Thank you for the upscale tour! Keeping with your recommendations of NOT buying for at least a year, do you lnow of any upscale rentals in bouquta? My wife does not want o libe in a high rise and she likes cooler weather, soI am thinking boquete woud be the best location…
    As far as upscale living do these same areas have upscale resturants and shopping as well?
    Thank you
    Bruce Parker
    [email protected]

  2. Bruce A Parker says

    Jackie, on your main page of Panama RElocation tours if you scroll down a bit there is a title that says Move to Panama with total confidence, and there is a picture of a one story house with a big lawn out front. Is that an example of a home one could rent? Are there nice homes like that for rent occasioanally or always? what would be the price range for a 3 bed in Boquete for a home like that?

    • Jackie Lange says

      HI Bruce, I have received many emails from people who want to see upscale rentals added to the article. I will work on that this weekend. There are some upscale restaurants in Boquete but you’ll need to fly to Panama City for any upscale shopping. Shopping is very limited in Boquete and David.

  3. Ana Rita Barretto Santiago says

    Hello, Jackie
    I’m Ana, from Brazil. I’ve gotten in contact with you a few months ago. My husband and I are planning to visit Panama in September, but we don’t think the full relocation tour will be useful for us, as his English is not good enough to do business conversation, as I told you in my previous e-mail. We thought that we may book a private tour for a couple of days, mainly to talk to lawyers and get to know the basics about the country and rent a car to visit the places we’re interested in. Is it possible to have a consultation with you for general information? How much do you charge? And how long in advance should we book both the private tour and consultation? We don’t have the dates for the trip yet.

  4. Patrick LYNCH says

    The homes are very good for retirees, which I will soon be one.
    I still need college information near a good neighborhood.
    It has been a bummer finding information even when we went to have a look at the schools
    . Now we are considering central Asia, since I retire with two kids needing University training.
    Unless you fluently speak Spanish, Panama University information is hard to sort out.
    I suspect not many retirees with this circumstance.

    • Jackie Lange says

      Hello Patrick,There is a Florida State University in Panama City, Panama at the City of Knowledge. It’s near several great neighborhoods.



    This is breathtaking:)

    I watch you on YT every Saturday and am really looking forward to coming on one of the tours very soon.

    PS: would really LOVE a sauna(IF) if there are any houses/condos with one?

    Thanks from a fellow Texan:)

    • Jackie Lange says

      Hey Alicia. THANKS for watching the Livestreams on Saturdays!
      I have a sauna at my house. I bought it from SaunaSpace and had it shipped to Panama. It’s portable.

  6. Kevin says

    You should do an article on “Mid Scale” living … somewhere between living for less and the upscale properties would be interesting!

    • Dustin Lange says

      Thanks for the suggestion. What do you have in mind? What is “Mid Scale” living to you?

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