3 Reasons Why Life in Panama is Less Stressful

One of the many luxuries of relocating to Panama is a lifestyle with less stress. While no fairy godmother is waving her wand as you exit the airport, something very magical happens when you arrive in Panama.

And, it all has to do with less stress. For many reasons, the new life you’re about to embark upon will allow you to have less stress in your daily life. We’re going to discuss just a few of the reasons below.

Lower Cost of Living

Ok, yes, it might sound a bit cliche, but, there’s truth to it. Sometimes less is more. And, it’s most definitely the case when it comes to a lower cost of living.

In Panama, you’ll enjoy a lower cost of living. This means that you won’t be stressed about needing to make more money in order to cover your basic needs, such as healthcare and food.

Your rent will also be shockingly low compared to rent prices in the US and Canada. In fact, you can easily live off of $1,500 a month in many places in Panama.

The low cost of living is a huge bonus for retirees. For many, it means you can retire earlier than you’d thought possible. Your money will go much further. And, we all know that in retirement, it’s important to be able to maintain a budget so that your savings last. This is quite easy to do in Panama, and you won’t have to sacrifice quality of life either.

Imagine going to a restaurant where two freshly cooked meals including drinks are less than $15! Or spending $15 to see a doctor without the need for insurance. Would you prefer a $22 electric bill? How about 25% airfare to anywhere in the world? It’s all possible in Panama!

So, without a doubt, the lower cost of living in Panama is one of the biggest reasons you’ll lead a less stressful life in Panama.

Outdoor Living Lifestyle

A huge stress reliever is getting outside and embracing nature. Likewise, the more connected to nature we feel, usually directly correlates to our happiness and stress levels.

Your life in Panama can easily be centered around this way of living. For example, many areas have comfortable weather year-round. You can leave your windows open and enjoy the sounds of the birds just outside. And, your terrace, patio, or backyard will always be in use. You won’t have to wait for that time of the year because it will never end!

Additionally, Panama is a nature lover’s paradise. Beautiful coastlines, lush mountains, and magnificent vistas can be enjoyed in every corner of the country. You’ll have no lack of options when it comes to choosing a ‘nature-forward’ place to settle down.

And, even if this isn’t at the top of your priority list, it will happen naturally when living in Panama. You’ll be outdoors more often than you probably currently are. In fact, the pleasant weather leads to many restaurants having outdoor seating and events being held outdoors.

Additionally, your town will almost certainly have a main plaza and park. This is one of the signature qualities of most places in Latin America. These squares serve as a meeting point and hang-out spot for many.

Fresh air is good for your health and your soul!

Embrace this part of life in Panama because being outdoors and connected to the natural world lowers stress levels. In turn, it will make you feel happier and more fulfilled.

A Slower Pace of Life

We’re often sold a lifestyle in North America that motivates us to make more money to have more things. This idea is largely referred to as the ‘American dream.’ Working hard, producing, and making money is the key, they say. And, once you’ve made it, you’ll be happy.

However, there doesn’t really seem to be an end in sight once you are stuck in this mentality and lifestyle. In the end, everyone feels like they’re on a treadmill that never turns off, just trying to get to the finish line.

And, once you make more money, you often want more things, leaving you less satisfied by the little joys in life. However, the problem is that appreciating these little joys is what leads to a much happier life.

In Panama, you will be forced to slow down. The culture and lifestyle are much more relaxed than you’re probably used to. Panamanians stay chatting with one another for hours after a meal. They stop in the middle of the street to catch up with a neighbor. Basically, even though Panama isn’t an island, the people there live on ‘island time.’

What a luxury that is to live a stress-free lifestyle!

You’ll be able to savor your morning coffee, enjoy the small talk with the woman at the juice stand, and notice the little pleasures in everyday life that you’ve been overlooking for so long.

Being grateful for the present moment and experiencing it fully is the greatest gift that Panama will give you. So, be sure you embrace this part of the lifestyle! If you do, it will be impossible to stay stressed for too long.

Many report being able to get off their blood pressure medication within a few months of moving to Panama.

Less Stress is Just a Plane Ride Away…

The process of relocating to another country can be stressful in itself. You may not even know where to begin. You don’t have to do it alone.

We have decades of experience in helping people make the move to Panama. And now, they are all enjoying a less stressful life!

We can help you too!

We’re sure that if you embrace everything Panama offers, you’ll have less stress and enjoy a happier life. And, who doesn’t want that?!

So, if you’re curious about what life would be like in a less stressful location, then sign up for our Free 15-Part Email Series where we’ll give you everything you need to know about moving to Panama.

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This is what Susan had to say about her Panama Relocation Tour:

Jul 2023 • Solo
Awesome trip – great value for the money. Our Tour Guides were amazing and not only kept us really informed but also entertained!

I am a 66 year old single lady and had some concerns about going “alone” but I was never alone for a minute (unless I wanted to be) The accommodations and meals were above average in fact really good – they were great! The bus was very clean, air conditioned, cool bottled water was always available and the driver could turn that thing on a dime lol. Hats off to Jorge.

From pick up at the airport, to the transfer to the beautiful hotel, to the entire trip everything was beyond my expectations. I really got a well rounded look at the different destinations from Panama City, the Azuero Peninsula to Boquete and in between.

We did meet with an Attorney, we visited immaculate hospitals, pharmacies, we saw rentals – PRT came through on every one of their promises and then some!
I am on a small retirement income but I can honestly say that the price would have been cheap at twice the price! Upon completion of the tour we were granted access to the private Facebook Group AND also to the “Online Tour” including all the phone numbers, emails etc., we would need to relocate.

Did I mention I met a bus load of amazing people? We were kindred spirits all with the same hopes and dreams of a better life in Panama…

Thanks to PRT for a life changing journey – I am in the process of applying for my Pensionado Visa.

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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  1. Jeff Sprunger says

    Hi Jackie,
    My wife Rhonda and I were scheduled to take your PRT in October of 2020. During the lockdown we were rethinking the move to Panama because of what seemed to us, the unreasonable rule of men and women not being able to go outside together. We hoped to go on daily walks together as part of our retirement.
    But, in the three years since then we know that in order to live a better life, we need to move outside the United States. We are conflicted emotionally by this, but also look forward to the adventure. After a total of 7 years of research of many different countries, and thousands of YouTube videos, we keep coming back to Panama. You are the biggest reason for this decision because of your simple honesty about the good and not so good aspects of living in Panama. We are scheduled for the PRT the first week of September, and are doing this as celebration of 50th wedding anniversary, which is August 17th.
    We look forward to meeting you and our tour guides, expats, lawyers and the others on the tour.
    We feel like we will know within the first few days if Panama is for us. And hope to move before the end of November. We have already given away and sold almost everything that doesn’t fit in our 4 Runner, and hope to get rid of the vehicle and the rest of it after coming home from the tour. There is so much more to our story, as with everyone else’s.

    Hopeful, and grateful for this opportunity,
    Jeff Sprunger

    • Jackie Lange says

      Jeff. Thanks so much for your comments. We really look forward to showing you how amazing life is in Panama and helping you celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary!

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