9 Reasons to Check Out Punta Chame

By Janet Sussman

Punta Chame is a narrow peninsula located only about an hour and a half drive from Panama City, about 25km off the main highway. Punta Chame is different than the town of Chame. Punta Chame offers a unique and attractive destination for those considering an affordable retirement move. It is a convenient, great day trip, a weekend escape, and a refreshing change of pace for city dwellers, or for a more extended stay, maybe even your very own happy place and where you choose to “anchor.” See the map below to understand where Punta Chame is located.

Chame and Punta Chame, Panama

Reasons to Check Out Punta Chame:

  • Natural Beauty: Surrounded by the open ocean on one side and only a short walk
    around or across the bay on the other side, Punta Chame is a paradise for beach walkers and bird watchers alike. No matter where you live in Punta Chame, you are never far from the beach as it is only one quarter to one-half mile wide (.4 to .8km). Its undeveloped charm and pristine beaches attract those seeking tranquility and those oh-so-special “ah-ha” moments. Beyond the beaches, you can explore the nearby wetlands, mangroves, and nature reserves. At the very end of the peninsula is a preserve catering to the safe release of baby turtles. Watching them being released and magically racing to the sea is a thrill. These Lora turtles are released back from the water line to carry out their “imprinting,” which is the process that will bring them back, in 18 to 20 years, to the beach where they were born. Nature is SO fascinating!!!
  • Pristine Beaches: Punta Chame is renowned for its beautiful, unspoiled beaches
    with soft white sand and warm Pacific waters. The area is less developed compared to some of the more touristy beach towns in Panama, making it a tranquil and serene location to relax and enjoy the beach.
  • Water Sports and Outdoor Activities: If you’re a fan of water sports, Punta
    Chame is a popular windsurfing spot along the Bahía de Chame. Its position at the
    end of this long, thin peninsula makes it an ideal location for adrenaline-seeking
    water sports enthusiasts. You can also engage in activities like paddleboarding,
    fishing, and bird-watching.
  • Relaxed Lifestyle: Punta Chame offers a laid-back and peaceful atmosphere,
    ideal for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s a rustic place
    where you can unwind and enjoy the tranquility of the beach and surrounding
Punta Chame, Panama
  • Proximity to Panama City: While Punta Chame provides a quiet and rural
    setting, as we mentioned, it is still relatively close to the capital allowing for easy
    access to the city’s amenities, healthcare facilities, cultural events, Malls, and
    Panama Pacifico, Albrook, and Tocumen international airports.
  • FRESH Fish daily! Punta Chame IS a fishing village by nature. Its
    fish farms and mangroves flank entrance and the multi-generational fishing families work hard to provide some of the most delicious and reasonably priced fresh fish around.
  • Growing Expat Community: Punta Chame is delightfully international and
    is becoming increasingly popular among expats, so you can connect with a
    diverse and welcoming community of like-minded individuals. This can make the
    transition to a new country smoother and help you build a social network. It is also
    within close proximity to Coronado, Gorgona and many other popular expat beach communities.
  • Affordable Living: Compared to the capital, living in Punta Chame can also be more cost-effective. Housing options are often more affordable, and the cost of
    living may be lower, providing an attractive option for retirees and those on a
  • Eco-Tourism Opportunities: If you have an interest in eco-tourism or
    conservation, Punta Chame offers opportunities to get involved in protecting the
    local environment and wildlife.
Punta Chame Sunset

But what’s there, you ask?

Ok, so down to the nitty gritty. It’s all in the details, as they say.

In many ways, Punta Chame is a get-away-from-it-all destination, as there is little
at the end of the peninsula other than a windsurfing school, a few accommodations,
a few eateries, some kite surfing schools, a turtle rescue, and a handful of
residences. However, there are just enough local restaurants, bars, and mini-
markets to make it convenient.

Photo credit Janet Sussman

Many visitors come to Punta Chame to practice windsurfing. Especially just prior to
and during the summer season, the area has regular gusts of strong wind, making it
an ideal location for this sport. Windsurfers of all ages and skill levels navigate the
choppy water during this time, which runs from mid-November to late April. There
are both beginner and advanced courses for those interested in learning. While the
wind can fuel kites and adrenaline for those in the water, it creates strong waves
that are often too strong for swimming. Also, at low tide, the water is notorious
for being full of stingrays, so it is recommended to refrain from swimming during
these times of the day. Just prior to windsurfing season is the famed Festival of
the Virgin del Carmen asking for protection for the fishermen. This event is
celebrated around the world in fishing towns and dates back to biblical times.

Kite surfing photo from PanamaKiteHouse.com

The seafood here is to die for! In the early morning, you can watch the boats come
in with their catch of the day, enthusiastically greeted by the trucks with tanks to
take their loot to the restaurants. Leftovers from these catches can be bought
right off the boat or from local vendors for a song. Langostino (large shrimp the
size of your hand) can be found for only a few dollars per pound.

Langostino photo credit Janet Sussman

The gray-sand beach here is quite pretty, with long stretches mostly
deserted except for fishermen fixing their nets or setting them up during low tide
in hopes of a jackpot catch when it rises. Services are sparse and only include a
few accommodations and their adjoining restaurants.

The town of Chame, out along the Inter-American highway, however, has a bank
with an ATM and some basic grocery stores. A quick drive to neighboring towns like
Coronado and Gorgona offer just about any of the activities and services you might
need or want.

Further up the coastline in Chame is the upscale Playa Caracol development, which includes apartments and single-family houses. It has really white sand! When it was first being built, the developer, Grupo Los Pueblos, flew Jackie Lange there in a helicopter to check out the development.

Playa Caracol, Chame Panama
jackie in helicopter in panama

Rental prices vary in Punta Chama. In high season, between December and April, prices can be higher. If quiet is what you are looking for, you can surely find it here.

Contact the recommended real estate agents in the Online Panama Relocation Guide to find rentals in the area.

A car is unnecessary as the small buses go in and out from the main highway all day but end around 6 pm. Taxis are also available for a very reasonable fare. There are a few bike rental places in Punta Chame.

Things To Do, Places To Stay:

Here is a little potpourri of places to stay and things to do. After leaving the highway from Panama City, you will turn left to go to Punta Chame but a quick right will take you to Caracol.

Playa Caracol is primarily private residential area but at the entrance, there is a public beach club, Sandpiper. The prices are a bit high for locals but normal to only slightly expensive primarily private to tourists and residents of Caracol. There is music on weekend days, and for $10 for the day, you can make use of the beach facilities. There are also sectioned-off areas with tables, chairs, and BBQs for $50/day for up to 8 people.

Playa Caracol, Chame Panama

Some places you might want to check out in Punta Chame:

⦁ Pink House/Palace https://www.pinkpalacepanama.com/

⦁ Tortuguies: https://www.tortuguias.org/
Punta Chame Eco Beach Resort

Punta Chame Beach View

⦁ Machete Foil, Tortuga beach https://www.machetekites.com/
PH Bahia Punta Chame Beach access club
⦁ Nomada: https://nomada-republic.com/es/nomada-hotel-punta-chame/
⦁ Coco’s Restaurant https://www.instagram.com/cocospubbar507/

Coco’s has live, DJ, and recorded music, however there is no set schedule. It just
depends on the capacity at the moment. They are generally open for lunch and
dinner and their drinks start at just $3. They do accept credit cards. It is one of
the few air conditioned places on the peninsula.

⦁ Just before Coco’s on the right is a mini-super where you can find just about
anything you might need to basic food supplies, beer, wine, alcohol, and even PVC
for your home improvement projects.
Pencas Bambu Restaurant
El Eden: At a fork in the road is a cantina which does have alcohol unlike
most who have mostly just beer and maybe Seco. There is a fonda just next to it
but, again, the hours are random. The drinks are VERY inexpensive ($1 beer/$2
small “trago” and the lovely Dominicana proprietor is the entertainment all by
herself. She argues with the chickens, keeps the regulars from getting too tipsy as
she mixes and mingles with the crowd. (no website or social media)
Cevicheria Punta Chame is along a side road and next to a very well stocked
“Chino” (convenience store). This is the local hotspot! You can sit and have a beer
(no alcohol is available for sale but you are welcome to go next door to the Chino
and buy your own and they are happy to provide you with a glass and ice. Now the
draw here is not only the camaraderie but, absolutely, the fresh fish and their
namesake, Ceviche! The ceviche Camerones (small shrimp….but here they are not all
that small) are to die for! They also have a menu del dia for $4 which can be
anything from Ropa Viaja to chicken to FRESH fish with a salad and papas
(potatoes) or patacones (fried plantains) to yuka. They are open for breakfast,
lunch, and dinner; however, if they may close by 6 pm. (no website or social media)
Bar Parrillada los Hermanos: food truck right on the beach and both sides of the access road has a menu del dia and they also sell the fresh caught fish. Here you can get the largest langostina you have ever seen for $5/lb. There is generally music
playing, and shots are only $2.50 (no website or social media)

While Punta Chame has many appealing qualities, like anywhere that you are
considering making your forever home or even your temporary happy place, it’s
essential to visit the area, do thorough research, and consider factors like
healthcare accessibility, legal requirements for residency, and local services
before making a move.

Punta Chame may be a great weekend spot but it will not have the modern conveniences of nearby Gorgona, Coronado, or San Carlos.

As with any international relocation, planning and understanding the local culture and regulations are key to a successful transition.

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    • Jackie Lange says

      Hello Sara. Thanks for following Panama Relocation Tours. TripAdvisor has recommendations for places to stay in Boquete. Some are close to town, so it will be more noisy. And some are further away from town so you’ll need a taxi or a rental car. pros and cons!

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