Alto Boquete $550 Furnished 3 Bedroom

The allure of a better, more affordable lifestyle drew Chuck and Debbi to make a life-changing decision to leave the United States for a tranquil retirement in Panama.

Their choice is echoed by an increasing number of North Americans looking for a more affordable lifestyle and fantastic weather!

Alto Boquete is in the highlands of Panama, so you don’t need an air conditioner or a heater. But you’re only a one-hour drive to the Pacific Ocean.

The last straw for Chuck and Debbi was the $2000 a month they paid for health insurance in the United States. In Panama, their health insurance is only $175 for BOTH of them. It’s an additional $63 a YEAR for cancer insurance.

The savings in health insurance more than pay for their lifestyle in Panama .. with money left over for savings! They could both retire six years early because of the lower cost of living in Panama.

Watch this video to learn their thoughts about living in a $550-a-month Panamanian-style furnished three-bedroom, two-bath house in Alto Boquete.

Panamanian-style houses usually have tile countertops, drop-down ceilings, and smaller kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

North American-style houses are also available in Panama (at a much higher price) that have granite countertops, larger bedrooms and bathrooms, and maybe even a dishwasher!

In Panama, you have CHOICES!

In Alto Boquete, you can walk to grocery stores, affordable restaurants, fruit/veggie stands, bakeries, pet supplies, doctors, dentists, and more. Alto Boquete is less crowded than downtown (Bajo) Boquete. And it’s more affordable too.

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Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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  1. michael stevens says

    Hey please can you tell me what the example of a 5 bedroom 4 bathroom home would rent for in santiago /house in atalaya-I’d 3855 that’s the type of home I need to move into in May 2024.where am close to the private hospital and pricesmart,wife getting out of nursing school in El SALAVOR. Please can you give me example of the down payment deposit to rent and mly rental 🙏. DIRT FARMER MICHAEL USNAVYRETIRED ORG.FROM GA LIVING IN THE COUNTRY OF PANAMA.TILL NEXT TIME BE GOOD TO YOURSELF AND TO OTHERS, (GOD AND COUNTRY)BE SAFE AND TAKE CARE PLEASE 🙏 😊.

    • Jackie Lange says

      HI Michael. Your wife can NOT work as a nurse in Panama unless she is Panamanian. Nursing is a protected profession.

      • Briseida Herrera says

        Maybe she can’t work as a nurse but in the field of medicine Maybe in a doctors office or taking care of an elderly person at home

        anyway nurses don’t get paid in panama as much as they do in the states. Just a suggestions !!!

        • Jackie Lange says

          Briseida, She would not be able to work in the medical field at all in Panama.

  2. Julia Schwindt says

    There she is my beautiful tour guide Debbi! She’s a gem, a treasure! Love Ya Debbi!!! Julie :-)

  3. Kenton Chance says

    Good night Jackie. My wife is a retired Correctional Manager with extensive training in Mental Health management in a Correctional Setting. What are her job prospects in Panama. She does not speak fluent Spanish.

    • Jackie Lange says

      hi Kenton, all health related jobs are protected professions for Panamanians only. with no Spanish, it would be difficult to get any job in Panama. She may want to check out online job opportunities on

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