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If you’d love to check out Panama but not comfortable with a group tour because of the pandemic, you will love our new Private Tours!  During the September 26th conference call, we revealed our new Private Tours in Panama.  These tours are for specific towns or areas and only cost $200 per tour per day. That price is per tour, NOT per person, so it’s a bargain!  Private tours are only 1-2 people on the tour plus the tour guide so it’s a safer environment than a group tour.. at least for now.

We recommend that you take at least two days for a private tour to explore the area that could be your new home.  The private tour guides we work with know every square inch of the areas where they live so they can help you explore the area and discover the perfect place to live.


Listen to the replay of the conference call to learn more about private tours which will be available starting October 12th when Panama opens their borders to tourists.

After the private tour information, this was a two house Q & A Conference call.  We have a record 457 people on the live call with a lot of great questions.. and answers!  I guarantee you’ll learn something new about living in Panama when you listen to this call.

Jackie Lange

Jackie Lange is the founder of Panama Relocation Tours and lives in the highlands of Boquete Panama. She has helped thousands of people relocate to Panama.

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  1. Terry says

    We have listen and asked a question on your Sat. evening calls. We are looking at a private one day tour for Boquete with my husband and adult daughter for second week of April 2021. Do we make our flight , hotel and car rental? Guide picks us up at our choice hotel in Boquete? Want to visit Panama City for two days fly to David and onto Boquete. Any helpful tips on where to stay in Panama City?

    • Jackie Lange says


      Here is information about Private Tours. Our Online Panama Relocation Guide has details about where to stay in each area, who to contact for a private tour, etc. You could make your own hotel arrangemetns or the privte tour guide can help with that too. The Online Guide has a recommendation of an excellent travel agent in Panama who can arrange your flights to Panama.

  2. Joy Russell says

    When is the next tour( group tour).How much it’s going to be for one person,And what is included on the tour.Thank you!

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