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Panama Pensionado Discounts
July 3, 2014
Panama Pensionado Discounts – One Way You Can Live for Less in Panama
Panama’s Pensionado, or also called Jubilado, discount are one of the many ways you can live better for less in Panama.   These discounts are available to all Panamanians who...
Panama Immigration Office at Costa Rica Border
June 3, 2014
The Border Hop for Perpetual Tourists
Instead of getting a visa, some people become perpetual tourists by doing a border hop every 90 days.
Beware of Imitations
May 30, 2014
Beware of Imitations
If you thinking about signing up for Panama Relocation Tour make sure you are getting information and a phone number from our website.  Call 972-496-4500 or email us. Otherwise,...
May 13, 2014
Exploring New Areas in Panama
My daughter, Melissa,  flew to Panama last Sunday so we could spend more time exploring various areas in Panama and also see some of the tourist things we thought...
what is an apostille
May 7, 2014
What is an Apostille?
Apostille is a word I had never heard of until I was ready to apply for a visa in Panama. To get any visa in Panama it is necessary...
April 2014 Tour Group
April 30, 2014
April Panama Relocation Tour Revisited
Every tour is just a little different.  Part of that is because of the make up of the people on the tour.  Part of it is because of the...
April 5, 2014
Panama City Timelapse Amazing Video
I found this amazing video of Panama City…  
wall in Boquete
March 27, 2014
Another Success Panama Relocation Tour
The mural in the featured image is a painting on a wall in Boquete.  The painting is a good way to describe the people who come on the Panama...
March 20, 2014
Exotic Birds of Panama
According to Wikipedia there are 978 bird species recorded in Panama. The avifauna of Panama includes a total of 978 (Angehr & Dean) species, of which 12 are endemic,...