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Where is Panama?

A few weeks ago I returned to the United States for the first time since I moved to Panama.  It was a weird experience.  Within 12 hours I was completely home sick FOR PANAMA.  I attended a 3 day conference then got back to Panama as fast as I could.  Surprisingly, many people at the seminar asked, “Where is Panama?”

Panama City, Panama
Panama City, Panama

Traveling to Panama from the US takes approximately 4 hours and 20 minutes. The distance covered is 2074.8 miles or 1801.7 nautical miles if you’re travelling from the US capital, Washington DC to Panama City. Panama is located in Central America, making it an accessible destination for US tourists, expats and retirees. It is bordered by two countries, Costa Rica and Columbia, and two bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Panama has attracted so many retirees from around the world because of its booming economy, natural beauty and low cost of living. In fact, it is currently considered as one of the best places to live in the world.

Where is Panama? Looking at a world map, you will see that Panama is exactly between 7 and 10 degrees north latitude, and between 77 and 83 degrees west longitude. It is right on the Isthmus of Panama, an S-shaped isthmus that connects North America and South America. People living in Panama often travel to Costa Rica because it is found on the west of Panama. Columbia, on the other hand, is a neighboring country on the southeast.

Panama CanalSince Panama is bordered to the north by the Caribbean Sea and to the south by the Pacific Ocean, the Panama Canal has been created to make international maritime trade and business easier. The canal connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean via the Caribbean Sea. This famous canal contributes significantly to Panama’s positive growth and development. It is slated for a billion-project expansion, offering more opportunities for Panama and its people.

It would be interesting to note that people nowadays have varied responses to the question, “where is Panama?” While most would reply the country’s geographical location, some would say “Panama is where many American and European expats can be found.” Tourism in Panama is growing at a fast pace because it has opened its doors to the world. The country offers the pensioners visa that allows expats from around the world to retire in Panama. With a valid proof of monthly pension from a reputable source along with certain documents, a foreigner is allowed to retire in Panama and live there for good. Expats in Panama have kept growing for the past 5 years because of the many incentives the country provides to foreigners particularly those from the US and Europe.

Another interesting response to the question, “where is Panama?” would be, “it’s a place where you can get quality medical treatment at a low Punta Pacificacost. Unknown to many, Panama is quite famous for its medical tourism. Many Americans go to Panama for quality and state of the art medical and dental treatments because the standards are comparable to that in the US or Canada. Most Panamanian doctors are US trained specialists who can give you the best medical treatments available. You can receive top quality medical treatments at a far lesser cost than what you’d have to spend in America.

Lastly, a growing response to the question, “where is Panama?” would be, “it’s a place where one can truly live BETTER for less!” A couple with retirement funds of $1500 – $2000 a month can live a comfortable, enjoyable life in Panama. It’s a country where the basic necessities are very cheap, allowing you to still have extra money for your other needs.

Panama Mountain FlowersTo answer the question, “where is Panama?” Panama is the gem of Central America, bordered to the north by the Caribbean Sea, to the south by the Pacific Ocean, to the west by Costa Rica, and to the southeast by Columbia. It is also home to numerous expats who are having a fun, comfortable retirement. Panama is a place where you can see picturesque views, experience tranquility and get quality healthcare. Panama is one of the best places to live in the world; you have to consider it for your retirement.

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Map of Panama

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