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Grocery Shopping in Panama

Watch this video to learn what grocery shopping is like in Panama.

Depending on where you live in Panama, you’ll find there is a large variety of foods and products available. Most people buy fruits and vegetables at the local farmer’s market because it’s fresh and more affordable than buying at the grocery store.

Fish mongers bring their fresh catch to local towns to sell fish, lobster, and shrimp at super affordable prices. Fresh tuna is about $4 a pound, sea bass is less than $2 a pound.

fish monger in panama

Some areas have large North American style grocery stores with anything you could possibly want or need including imported items. And some areas have a store called Organica which is similar to a Wholefoods.

Pricesmart is similar to a Costco. It’s available in some areas in Panama and is just like shopping at Costco. You’ll need a membership to shop at Pricesmart. An annual membership is $38.

When you come to check out Panama, be sure to check the grocery stores to see if they have the items you buy on a weekly/monthly basis are available. Be aware that any foods that are imported will always cost more than Panamanian brands.

When you come on an all-inclusive Panama Relocation Tour or a Private Tour, we always take you to a grocery store so you can see if your favorite foods/brands are available.

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